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Product Link: Music: “Aerials” from LIGHTS & MOTION “Reanimation” (Deep…

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  • Matt Donahue 3 years ago

    I love the grouping on the wall behind you guys. What are the sizes? Also,
    who did you order from? Are they CGPRO? Thanks

  • Smokin07ram 3 years ago

    So painfully true! I used a local girl from Mac years and always got great
    looks. Then she moved away. I sent my next client down there assuming all
    MUAs were good and sadly 642 images and no out of camera keepers! Rather
    than fix it all in post I suggested a re-shoot to my client and went down
    to Mac with her and stood over the process until they got it right. 340ish
    images later and 150 greats and 10 killer shots. I wish Teresa Huang lived
    near me! If the eyes don’t pop you don’t have a shot!