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Hi my love-cakes! Click here to see more BEFORE & AFTERS and links for everything:…

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  • xGinaaaaaa 4 years ago

    looks great, having my prom makeup like this:D

  • Amine Skousgaard 4 years ago

    This look is beautiful. But you should have worked with her eyecolor. She has beautiful green eyes! And yeah Busted is a bit purple, but when it’s blended this much it just looks grey.

  • vuginar 4 years ago

    She looks beautiful

  • malinamih 4 years ago

    Dark red brown? Thats purple…

  • idaanoren 4 years ago

    I think the makeup was perfect without the makeup on the eyebrow!

  • alicescottx 4 years ago

    her skin was sooo nice didnt need any foundation!

  • IcedTeaAZ 4 years ago

    You are amazing!!!

  • Mackenzie Dewey 4 years ago

    Judy got me here and I am so happy she did!;!

  • negisoni 4 years ago

    Judy got me here:))

  • polarbear442 4 years ago

    Kandee, you are very talented!

  • Ash R 4 years ago

    exfoliate and lipbalm

  • jetz4r 4 years ago

    Finally, a gorgeous look for young people without too much make-up and being cakey.

  • lbrosas 4 years ago

    She has nice skin

  • AmandaOliviaxo 4 years ago

    i just uploaded a smokey eye with the naked 2 palette, it would be so cool if you could check it out :) loved your vid kandee xx

  • bobfryfish 4 years ago

    I agree, she applied it so sloppy.

  • DaisyAlicex 4 years ago

    she looks like elle fowler:D

  • قمرية الوادي 4 years ago

    plz more before and after vedio

  • carriej22 4 years ago

    How do you do the makeup you’re wearing? Please make a video!(:

  • MariaANDCassBieber 4 years ago

    Why does Kandee have the dots by her eyebrow? :)

  • Jen Reed 4 years ago

    So pretty, you do fabulous makeup. A perfect smokey eye and an already gorgeous model.

  • tristanhorsets 4 years ago


  • tristanhorsets 4 years ago

    Tachel shut up

  • Elizabeth Schexnayder 4 years ago

    She is so pretty !

  • heidinwright07 4 years ago

    She is sooo beautiful!!

  • rachel burgess 4 years ago

    I feel bad for her. That makeup looks sloppy and horrible!

  • Jcandy Bacon 4 years ago

    so grog

  • Elle Van Owen 4 years ago

    it’s perfect!

  • lalashley 4 years ago

    hi kandee, i have a question to ask you,or maybe a request for you to make a video about it? i have really broken lips, (sorry i don’t know the exact word to describe it..). i mean,like dry, and also, i have this bad habit of biting they get really soared, and then when i wanna put lipstick on, it looks awful, because of all the lines and the skin falling, my question is, if you know tricks or tips to make my lips softer and healthier? thanks. kisses from Argentina!

  • klainiffbastian 4 years ago

    Morgan is actually so beautiful.

  • Kay Matsumoto 4 years ago

    she looks so different after you put the makeup on. so beautiful, i could watch you all day every day. :) <3

  • meli2wish 4 years ago

    I just did this makeup look for my cousin’s wedding (where I was a bridesmaid), and it was a hit! Thanks so much Kandee!!!!

  • Meghan Hughes 4 years ago

    Probably my favorite makeup and hair tutorial I’ve ever seen! I’ve never liked the sock bun because it looks a little too preppy, but this version is totally my style. Amazing!

  • alexis19947 4 years ago

    Andddd I have the naked 2 pallette too!