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Brought to you by high demand! The Smokey Eye tutorial using the Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette palette is finally here! I hope you guys like the video! Comment, like, subscribe and tell me what…

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  • AngelicaPolished 5 years ago

    Manny Manny Manny… how in the world do you make me go from “Damn he is
    HOT” when you have no makeup on to “Damn I wish I was as pretty as he is”
    with makeup on?! You are PERFECTION, thats how! My body has never been more
    confused lol… 

  • La Gioia di Bellezza 5 years ago

    Roses are red, violets are blue. If you don’t find Manny’s work inspiring,
    then you haven’t got a clue. With his mesmerising green eyes that sparkle
    so bright. I find myself daydreaming & fantasizing about him at night.
    With the face of an angel, and the lips of a model. He is so strikingly
    gorgeous , it makes one’s mind boggle. If only I could have him for solely
    a night. With or without makeup, he always excites. The sky’s the limit
    on his way to the top. He is a man of great talent, and he’s on a mission!
    Jaclyn, Nicole & Goss had better watch out…. With Manny G on the scene,
    you’ve got some fierce competition!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Manny! Ily!!

  • ellabeautyxo 5 years ago

    Manny, you could make a video about plastic bags and I’d still enjoy
    watching it <3

  • nellywellyful 5 years ago

    lmaoo out of the box song from disney? omg i loved that show lmao thats so
    random that song was stuck in your head

  • isaacjamesx 5 years ago

    I think because of you, women are gonna start putting eyeshadow on their
    boyfriends/husbands. Something about your androgyny when you put makeup on
    confuses the hell out of all of us lol

  • Shivani Devaguptapu 5 years ago

    “Mac prolong wear has the technology in it to not crease!” Same thing
    jaclyn hill says. Did anybody else think that???!!!! 

  • Lisa957 5 years ago

    Your turning yourself into a male Jaclyn Hill , she’s the bomb!

  • makeup momma 5 years ago

    Do you find the tarte shadows blend easy? I have heard they are a bit hard
    to blend out. Omg i am so scared when I use a lash curler that im going to
    rip my lashes out. I love this eye look. xoxo

  • Marisa Pinto 5 years ago

    The Milkshake color is gorgeous over the lip pencil color! Also, I love how
    you blend the darker shadow in with the transition colors which makes for
    absolutely no harsh lines whatsoever. Very nice work and I can’t wait for
    you to do a review or tutorial on the KatVonD makeup you received (saw the
    pic on IG).

  • Nicole Ellis 5 years ago

    Finally a tutorial that’s not almost 20 mins long. I love his make-up ..
    he’s very talented. It’s just hard to watch a video that long. Manny has
    only been on YouTube for a couple months so I’m glad to see he is coming
    along and learning as he goes 

  • Angel Bug 5 years ago

    Manny! I love your signature disclaimer….”if you don’t like it don’t
    f*cking watch “….

  • Abigail Medina 5 years ago

    Gorgeous .. I think the eyes and lips go well together . :) 

  • Bárbara Lorenz 5 years ago

    Brow game so strong I’m intimidated.

  • Kassi Wizner 5 years ago

    “I want this to be smoky as fuck”

  • iloveYouhSike 5 years ago

    Hi bae, can you recreate Rihanna’s grammy look or ANY rihanna look??

  • AMANDA COUCH 5 years ago

    Your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Yassssss boy work it!

  • Michelle Jones 5 years ago

    Yasss Honey!! Great look! I got milkshake in the mail the other day and
    tried it on & was like “Whoaaa! Super Light!” But we can both make it work ;) 

  • arlindadelija 5 years ago

    My little sister (9 years old) just walked in the room and was like “is
    that a guy? He’s gorgeous and really good at makeup!” Goes to show that
    kids are way more open minded, nice and respectful than a lot of the adults
    that comment nasty things on social media.

  • Maria Ison 5 years ago

    I live for your damn bloopers! Seriously! They give me life! And your
    disclaimer “don’t f*cking” watch” makes me laugh so hard every single time!
    I just love you!!

  • Briana Coulter 5 years ago

    Mannyyyyyy, you kill me with your looks! And by that I mean you’re PERFECT
    and so is your makeup! Haha :) I love the lip color on you, it stands out
    beautifully against your skin tone and with the smokey eye. I hope you have
    a wonderful Valentine’s Day! I’ll be spending mine at work. Who knows,
    maybe I’ll wrangle up a date for the evening time! lol <3

  • Artsy Becca 5 years ago

    And once again you have made a fabulous video! I love my tartelette
    palette. I love how versatile it is! I’m not super daring, but I did wear
    the darkest purple as a winged eyeliner today for work, which was something
    fun and different from black liner! Your videos make me so happy, and I was
    cackling over your bloopers.

  • Lichelle Dancel 5 years ago

    Did I hear right?? “Fuck it. Thug life.” Hahahah. Oh and “spoke too soon”
    LOL. Omg I got my abs workout in for the day watching your bloopers! I
    absolutely LOVE this look. My birthday is next month and these Sigma &
    Morphe brushes, along with the Tartlette palette, will be going on my wish
    list. I want to try this look for my bday hehe. 

  • Miranda Garcia 5 years ago

    My husband bought this palette for me for Valentine’s Day and I recreated
    this look. Thank you for posting! Love ha Manny!!

  • Blanca Reyes 5 years ago

    “One of these days I’m going to hurt myself” *pokes eyes* lololol made me
    laugh. Love your videos manny!

  • Alex G 5 years ago

    Jesus Lord, your boobie dance hahaha, I laughed so hard I literally cried.
    Annnddd your lips definitely do look like you’ve had injections – I’m so
    fecking jelly! Every time I try to overdraw my lips it looks like I’ve been
    aiming for the forehead or something or haven’t wiped my mouth after eating
    an ice cream… 

  • Ratree Lunwong 5 years ago

    You are so funny !, even my eye was hurt I was try to watch your video with
    one eye thank god I found you well I mean thanks to Jaclyn and Kathleen 

  • Lauri Tropea 5 years ago

    You really ARE the male version of Nicole ( ywp) love you both!!!!! 

  • Brenda Kollarikova 5 years ago

    You don’t have idea how fucking happy you make me with your videos! You are
    one of the most hilarious, genuine and beautiful people in YouTube. I
    fucking love you Manny! ❤️

  • Kei Nicole 5 years ago

    Usually I skip some parts of videos… but on your videos I want to see
    every second because you always do something funny or something happens

  • Summer H 5 years ago

    “One of these days I am going to hurt myself.” 2.5 seconds later… “I
    spoke to soon.” *gigglesnort* 

  • Jo Wayte 5 years ago

    Is it just me or does any one else want to say to the 24 who give this
    video the thumbs down “what the hell are u thinking!!?
    Love u Manny!!

  • Abby Myers 5 years ago

    And and and you truly do have the most rosey beautiful lip color…..thanks
    for this tutorial!! Love my Tartelette palette!!

  • Chelsea Lyons 5 years ago

    I seriously love you. I don’t laugh out loud at anything, but every time I
    watch your videos I chuckle like an idiot!!! Keep being your charming self ;) 

  • Mzqpon57 5 years ago

    Omg!!! Is that McDonald’s Diet coke (of course it is!!)

  • Chelsie Kelly 5 years ago

    I think it would be really cool if you tried a “punk/grunge” inspired look

  • DanniLmusic 5 years ago

    manny you kill me everything i freaking love you.. “if you dont like it
    dont fucking watch it” you humor is hilarious!!!. 

  • Karla Ochoa 5 years ago

    The bloopers…… Are EVERYTHING!!! I love them! I’ll sit here literally
    laughing out loud! Don’t ever stop adding them in your videos! 

  • parrotthd4evr 5 years ago

    Could you be more fabulous?!? I think NOT!

  • Alexandra Leon 5 years ago

    Love your videos especially because you’re so down to earth and you’re

  • Tracey Colombo 5 years ago

    I was terrified to use a lash curler for YEARS because my mom ripped out
    her eyelashes with one when I was young. She turned her head real fast but
    neglected to move her hand with it. It was awful!! I think about it every
    time I try to curl my lashes. Love your videos! 

  • Stephanie Cruz 5 years ago

    I love the bloopers at the end! I think alot of makeup gurus dont want to
    show their silly side and this is why you deserve all these subscribers
    plus more!!!! 

  • Deaira Graves 5 years ago

    is it weird i love you more when you have a beard and a full face of
    makeup….? you’re flawless either way but i love the facial hair. 

  • Poptart kirby 5 years ago

    Can we start a ship name for manny and alex faction? 

  • Brandon Eska 5 years ago

    Love this look so much! Gorgeous as always manny! lol funny cause I just
    filmed a video on this palette as well! Great minds think alike :) 

  • Polished By Amy 5 years ago

    I really do love that super light pink shade on you! And that smokey eye is
    gorgeous! :) 

  • MakeItUpWithSamantha 5 years ago

    “So lets go ahead and create that smokey shit, hmm?” “::whisper::I want
    this bitch smokey as fuck”
    I just….I adore you. Done. 

  • Ashley Webb 5 years ago

    you can rock a pale lip!!!

  • mariacolin 5 years ago

    I see where u replied to everyone else but me

  • Sabra Scott 5 years ago

    You should do a pinky gold look xp