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2 simple ways to do top bun for extremely thin hair. This is an ideal hair style for work / back to school! Link to top bun for short thin hair: http://youtu…


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  • AkuZeku 3 years ago

    You’re really cool :D Thanks for the video! I don’t really think your hair
    is very thin though. When I try to do any messy updo or anything messy, it
    doesn’t look good, it just looks messy as if I’m too stupid to make it look
    right :( I hate my thin hair so much. 

  • LPSKendall475 3 years ago

    your accent is pERFECT

  • Paula Kokko 3 years ago

    Your accent is the best! I love it! My hair is super super thin. I hate it,
    can’t do nothing with it.

  • tomhulcelover 3 years ago

    girl you are so gorgeous!! and thanks for this video, my hair is no where
    near as straight or shiny but i’ll try

  • Bailey Smith 3 years ago

    The first 10 sec I knew I liked you and I pressed subscribe :) you make me

  • nicole hicklin 3 years ago

    Your perf oml

  • Ellis reilly 3 years ago

    Wow! Ive had thin hair my whole life and this is the first style I’ve ever
    been happy with. Very helpful, thanks!

  • Katelyn Anais Baez 3 years ago

    Finally a vid that helps

  • Bella Luna 3 years ago

    1:12 oh my gosh, you would totally cute with a bumper bang :) 

  • HARMONY LING LING 3 years ago

    I love your accent. : )

  • jasmine mercado 3 years ago

    lmfao her cat looked like a racoon for a min

  • littleblondemop 3 years ago

    You are pretty and have nice, soft looking hair. I like the first version.
    But my hair is a LOT longer and ponytails tend to hurt after a while on my
    head, so I’ll have to play with this.

  • Lorelei Tyce 3 years ago

    It’s not fair how thin my hair is.

  • Moe Lust 3 years ago

    Lol you remind me of princess jasmine! Beautiful hair 

  • Lexi Hay 3 years ago

    I seriously love you right now! Your (2nd version) is the answer to my hair
    prayers. I have full hair, but it’s shoulder length and still very
    difficult to put into a cute top knot bun. I just tried it with a hair clip
    and it looks ah-mazing!! Virtual hugs to you! New sub just after one video.
    THANK YOU!! Yay!! 

  • shiji sujith 3 years ago

    Happy 67th Independence day Mr Jovitha !!!!!!

  • MissBollywood4eva 3 years ago

    Time to go buy a sock bun!! Bt my hair is like long and thick and heavily
    layered…so dont know if it would work for me?

  • deepikamakeup 3 years ago

    you looked like a runway model after you finished rolling the bun and when
    your bangs are still up. the second way might not work for me but m gonna
    try the donut

  • robsessedddxoxo 3 years ago

    my hair cant cover the thing because i dont have much hair

  • Makeover Obsessions 3 years ago

    thanks for the tip…. i suffer from thin hair…and it became even thinner
    due to severe hair loss :( Btw how did your link to the other video show up
    as a picture in your video??? (1.02)

  • 916SFGiantsFan 3 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks for your videos. I love the way u talk. Indian people are
    way cool! Waiting for your next video! =)

  • Kasandra P 3 years ago

    hey where do you live uk/usa or any other country btw I love this way to do
    the bun

  • abigailxsanchez 3 years ago

    Hey ladies!! I am an aspiring beauty guru!! I hope you guys are able to
    check out my last 2 videos (I’m posting once a week for now) .. I’d
    appreciate the likes, comments, and if you subscribe!! Thanksssss <3

  • rubi1813 3 years ago

    use vitamin E and almond oil for your hair spa at home…lovely

  • Dheedhify 3 years ago

    So very cute :D

  • jsschill05 3 years ago

    Sorry if its a repeated quest but why is ur id Mr???

  • Nikita Patel 3 years ago

    Hiiiii MrJovitageorge….I’m a huge Deepika Padukone fan and am looking to
    create her bouffant. I can’t seem to find anything on youtube :’( I also
    had a link to some of the variations of the bouffant she has sported but i
    couldn’t include over here. Please, please could you make a tutorial!! :)

  • rt9785 3 years ago

    At 1:55 you look like Wilma Flinstone :)

  • MrJovitageorge 3 years ago

    Hi nikita, please send me the pic to my facebook or twitter. the links are
    in the “about” section just underneath this video. or post it on instagram
    with #mrjovitageorge so i can see the pic. :)

  • MrJovitageorge 3 years ago