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This is a simple makeup tutorial for party or night. I will list all the products used in the video below. Dont forget to Subscribe :D and Thanks for my boyf…

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  • NycRose 3 years ago

    bravissima!Ragazze!Aiutatemi a far crescere il mio nuovo canale!!grazie!!
    Ecco un video dedicato al mio compleano!Con outfit make, up e spunti per un
    compleanno romantico! Enjoy it!NycRose Pink B day Party!-Party’s

  • maryannesxoxo 3 years ago

    Can you please make a neutral makeup look using the Sephora Color

  • BethsBits 3 years ago

    You definitely inspire me to try playing around with darker eyeshadow
    colors like black!! This make up look is gorgeous!! :) 

  • TaYa Sunaz 3 years ago

    i love ure eye makeup here babe! nice work! x

  • Mustache lover 3 years ago


  • tanti riyan 3 years ago

    Thank you, your videos are really helpful :-)

  • Gracie Gallegos 3 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE this makeup look! Perfect for homecoming!

  • Mustache lover 3 years ago

    What part was supposed to be beautiful was she blocking the beautiful
    person or was it just her cause none of it was beautiful 

  • Cindy Palacios 3 years ago

    this look is so pretty:) I subscribed! i hope you check out my channel

  • Joana Teixeira 3 years ago

    love it :) you look gorgeous 

  • Thalita Makes 3 years ago

    Hello girls ^^ I have a video that I didn’t share it with you yet. Its a
    Party Makeup! Hope you enjoy it <3

  • Janet M. Garcia 3 years ago

    ah i love your accent and how you talk your perfect!!

  • Dmc Yukito 3 years ago

    Why will it be? I was healed very much.<3

  • silvia hugo 3 years ago

    I loooooooove ur eyebrows <3 I want more makeup tutorials 

  • beautybymg 3 years ago

    hey everyone! I am a new beauty youtuber and if everyone could check out my
    first two videos and subscribe that would be awesome! 

  • MyLifeinonetime 3 years ago

    I love it! ur really pretty and the makeup is beautiful!

  • lee jun 3 years ago

    love it love it (:

  • naTYbeautyoside 3 years ago

    I love it! your so perfect <3

  • juliana feabrio 3 years ago

    can you make a video how to style your eyebrows? i love it

  • jusara yuny 3 years ago

    good job! make a valentine’s day makeup (:

  • bewahtyouARE2 3 years ago

    I like ur eye makeup… Great job :) 

  • silvia hugo 3 years ago

    I love your accent <3 u should make more videos talking :) 

  • MyLifeinonetime 3 years ago

    your eyes are so beautiful! i love the makeup. Great video!

  • bewahtyouARE2 3 years ago

    great video!

  • Vivianlaughter 3 years ago

    woooo… ur hair is perfect! make a video talking about how you take care
    of your hair. Great video!

  • korikorikori1 . 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness, you look so nice, I love the make up