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The last 2 times I had this process done, it was wonderful! Silky smooth hair! This time, I went with someone who had much less experience. See me remove dam…

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  • Jay and Mia 4 years ago

    So I did this process yesterday at home, bought it online and yes you
    should have used a protect on the highlighted hair, i read that lol they
    sell it online as well. I loved the results actually , Sorry that happened
    to you:(

  • Rhetoricalmuse 4 years ago

    Coconut oil.

  • Maria Caldwell 4 years ago

    How much Did the Professional hair stylist Charge you

  • shania356 4 years ago

    Hmm glad I found this video. I was considering trying a different way to
    relax my hair. My hairdresser uses no lye. I’m tired of the bone
    straight…stick look. I want some thickness and not so harsh on the scalp,
    probably going to go with eden relaxer once my hair reaches the 9 month

  • dontmesswivme 4 years ago

    Thanks so much gna try it! 

  • dunsa123456 4 years ago

    I unfortunately had the exact problem as you! My hair was so screwed up by
    the Japanese thermal straightening! I will NEVER do that again!

  • Brandon Rios 4 years ago

    Just shave it all off and start over with your natural hair, and keep it
    natural. I bet it doesn’t look half as bad natural as what you did by
    straightening it.

  • KtoTheSquared 4 years ago

    I would be careful with thinning shears, dragging them down your hair like
    that will most likely cause more breakage than damage. I would seek out a
    more experienced professional to thin out your hair. Or if you still would
    rather do it yourself, just concentrate more toward the ends and instead of
    dragging it, cut into it once and then use a comb to get out the hairs.
    Also, if you do it on wet hair, it causes way less damage.

  • Rima Machhour 4 years ago

    Oh wow
    *face palm* 

  • KtoTheSquared 4 years ago

    I meant..Cause more breakage and damage* sorry

  • blasphemousboy66 4 years ago

    I am certified and I understand what youre saying but using sun in is
    probably the worst product you can use, especially since you have relaxer
    in it ;o

  • Brianna Collins 4 years ago

    you are so pretty never thin your hair again it is A HORRIBLE THING TO DO
    TO YOUR HAIR expect tons of breakage.