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Thank yall for watching! Sorry for sounding unenthusiastic again. I’m not in the greatest mood ever, and making this video helped me feel better. It makes me…

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  • Nini Mimi 4 years ago

    Hi :) what I find excellent against redness is the NYX Above & Beyond Full
    coverage concealer in green (the “paste”, not the one that looks like a
    more liquify concealer)-it works AMAZING!!! I don’t have to put a second
    layer of foundation anymore I couldn’t believe it. I do warm it up on my
    hand or fingers a little, before applying because it is sort of a paste,
    then it really goes on smoothly. Good luck :) 

  • Yaxin Duan 4 years ago

    What foundation did you use in this video? It looks so good on camera!

  • Brooke O 4 years ago

    Thankyou sooo much! I was I. The fence about buying this because I have
    very red skin and wanted a primer and a corrector, and I really didn’t want
    to spend that much. So thank you!

  • snshineegrl 4 years ago

    I can’t find a good primer for me i am fair skin

  • TheIchigoBunnie 4 years ago

    you’re welcome! I’m so glad I could help. That’s why I put up my reviews,
    hoping I can help someone out there :) And yes I’ve tried the Smashbox one
    LONGGG time ago. I can barely remember what it was like but it clearly
    wasn’t good enough since I’m currently not using it and have forgotten
    about it. Worse case scenario you can return it at a Sephora or ULTA,
    depending where you got it because they accept opened products back. Hope
    this helps some!

  • kristy kun 4 years ago

    super helpful, thanks a lot, glad I kept hunting around for reviews.. have
    you tried the Smashbox one / have an opinion on it?

  • TheIchigoBunnie 4 years ago

    I’m about NC20 ish so slightly fair but not quite super fair lol. I haven’t
    found an HG primer yet to be able to suggest you one =/ I’m only using
    Revlon Photo Ready Primer to get me by. It works about average the same as
    this MUFE one except for 1/3 of the price lol. I have yet to find that
    miracle primer! I’m so sorry I’m not able to suggest you one :(

  • snshineegrl 4 years ago

    when you do let me know please :-)