Added by on March 13, 2015

Excuse my borderline naked face in this video…as the end of the semester approaches, school is getting crazy! Have you tried this product? Do you love it? …

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  • dc2010ist 4 years ago

    I love this product! but is it discontinued? I couldn’t find it anywhere
    now in Hong Kong….

  • Wendy Allen 4 years ago

    God I loved this stuff so much

  • Janelle Olsen 4 years ago

    If anyone has ever tried “Magic” powder by Perscriptives, this has that
    same ‘wet’ feeling — just tried it now for the first time and I’m
    impressed! I’ve used almost every brand out there (high and low end) and
    this is actually really nice! :) 

  • jane lam 4 years ago

    i love this, i use this as a finishing powder

  • Trenten Conger 4 years ago

    They never discontinued it. I just bought it for 13 dollars and I hate it

  • MsRedVelvet 4 years ago

    I know I have this too it feels very weird lol

  • makeupmadness716 4 years ago