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Conceal your Eyebrows :Michelle Phan’s Nana video : How to be a Vampire without getting bit ??!! LOL I thought thi…


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  • CutieGurlsz420 4 years ago

    i will try this next halloween

  • Cristy Smilez 4 years ago

    U guys r rude

  • Jayden schouten 4 years ago

    No not sexy a transvestite

  • ian flanagan 4 years ago

    oh shut up you big fat idiotic dummy

  • Gurl315 4 years ago

    You are the most illiterate person here,but no one’s complaining.

  • gabypatino511 4 years ago

    In 2:25 my lil brother got scarde. Lol

  • kiara Carolina Gutierrez 4 years ago


  • Thatsanawadi Phromutha 4 years ago

    Uggliest thing I have ever seen in my life.

  • Thatsanawadi Phromutha 4 years ago

    You is very Ungly

  • sitinadiahmy 4 years ago


  • Taylor Long 4 years ago

    you really should put in contacts first

  • julietbeneke72 4 years ago

    Wtf going on with the spider eyebrows lol gross

  • whitney m 4 years ago

    Kinda looks like a bug

  • aslgirl516 4 years ago

    Pretty!! And scary!!! But still pretty! And maybe I’ll do that on next Halloween..

  • Robert Black 4 years ago

    Don’t mean to be mean but you say founbation in stead of foundation.

  • ggarciabarcelo 4 years ago

    Love the makeup you have a talent for makeup

  • Philip Comberg 4 years ago

    What the hack is wrong?
    That is awesome and if you don´t like it look at this:

  • ohwowtotallylovely 4 years ago

    ♡hi guys, I’m taylor.♡
    I just started making beauty related videos & it would mean so much to me if you’d check them out and maybe subscribe.
    I know comments like these are annoying, and I apologize. it is just rather hard to get your videos & channel noticed when you first start out. thank you so much(:

  • DracoDeamon 4 years ago

    really ugly makeup

  • CountryPeach13 4 years ago

    Could you please make a Cruella deVil makeup tutorial?

  • Nicki Maxwell 4 years ago

    can you do some cosplays as different anime characters?

  • xuzme720 4 years ago

    We used fake nails filed to the right shape and put them on with a denture adhesive for fangs. If you can’t find fangs…

  • Meghna Aggro 4 years ago

    please watch my – how to grow longer lashes without vaseline, mascara, castor oil or vitamin e :) thanks subscribe too x

  • 430cortney 4 years ago

    Jdjxhfhchfbhbdhxhdbchhbdhhbb cock bbhxbhhxbxhhxbxbxhhhxhxbsbhhhbxbhxhhhhhh bbhh Dr hhhhhhhhbhxhhh

  • Jason Shanks 4 years ago

    Sailor moon do sailor moon!

  • Jovi Shemaya 4 years ago


  • Shanon Lankster Johnson 4 years ago

    very sexy and vampire like ^ _ ^

  • GameServage 4 years ago

    lucky guy :)

  • kjkandelify 4 years ago

    She is very pretty

  • liana livels 4 years ago

    DAM she is married

  • divanurse25 4 years ago

    Do hello kitty

  • Natalee Babb 4 years ago

    Love it

  • Elizabeth Alarid 4 years ago

    Will u please come to my house and teach me that n i live in rosamond city

  • 0075jeffrey 4 years ago

    i do not thank she looks verer good

  • 0075jeffrey 4 years ago

    your ibrows look awesome.

  • Bryanna Laborico 4 years ago

    Thats stupid and scary I’m so scarred

  • KittyCrafty2349 4 years ago

    I have that midnight blood thingy but I’m from the philiphines

  • mojch90 4 years ago

    hello Promise! you should do a transformation for Kayako Saeki. would be an awesome idea for halloween!

  • Douglas Renderos 4 years ago

    You look scarey

  • ZafrinaShadows 4 years ago

    you look like Liliana Vess from Magic: the Gathering

  • ZafrinaShadows 4 years ago

    Vampires probably find that hotter than the sun they burn up in

  • silje nguyen 4 years ago

    Um no offence but how is that sexy?..

  • rey joseph ablao 4 years ago


  • Amber Ramirez 4 years ago

    i saw u somwhere

  • meshaeilm21 4 years ago


  • GameServage 4 years ago

    DAM you fine…

  • Cece5086 4 years ago

    I love vampires and your good at make up can I learn more about your make up

  • ajla ramic 4 years ago

    she was fuckin pal after she did tht thing holy fuck!

  • Beccah Moret 4 years ago

    Amei *—*