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Thank you all so much for watching and subscribing! Sheer Miracle Mineral Shadows Colors Used: Pass…

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  • crazycaits1996 2 years ago

    your eye makeups are GORGEOUS! where are you from by the way? you have a
    funny little voice :)

  • mueslikruemel 2 years ago

    that looks amazing. I’m gonna try it out tomorrow. I’m using the 80 colour
    palette though, but I think I have some similar colours in there. I like
    the technique with the eyeliner brush at the beginning. I always blend the
    colours from the lid to the crease so that’ll be something new to me.
    thanks for the tutorial!

  • kandiluvzu 2 years ago

    ur eyebrows r perfect. which makes the shadow look 100x better

  • Kay Bee 2 years ago

    Beautiful!!! =] Love the look!

  • precious00isra 2 years ago

    achually i dont hav all dez make up brushes ..i only hav two of dem .the
    brush nd the pointed one ,,so can i follow ur instructions using doze .. i
    do hav ol d colurz antway

  • Shariya Holliday 2 years ago

    A primer is something you put on as a base to help your eyeshadows stay on
    longer and not crease. One primer that I suggest is Urban decay primer
    potion, it works sooo good!

  • babidi12345678 2 years ago


  • LadyD3L 2 years ago

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    oct2010) PLEASE PLEASE. i need you to SUBSCRIBE now! today. yes lol. If
    your interested, to make sure that you guys get the info about the contest
    next week. Thank you for your time. =]

  • Jessie Nichter 2 years ago

    shut the fuck up

  • AriaRoseeXD 2 years ago

    Check out my channel and makeup tutorials! I only have 1 subscriber so
    please please please subscribe;D thanks:)

  • beyuo08 2 years ago

    Tus vdeos son excelentes, te felicito!!!!, espero que te decidas a
    subtitularlos en español, por favorrr :) un ciber-saludo de una admiradora

  • jennagunn10 2 years ago

    the nails u got on r not real

  • tubeyousped 2 years ago

    Do something about your crappy spelling and shitty attitude.

  • 6th Ranger 2 years ago

    ** Awesome!! **

  • kikiquack 2 years ago

    thats pretty :]

  • persephanie31 2 years ago

    i really like that look it is sooo pretty!=]

  • summerluviniam 2 years ago

    Very pretty, love the pink and purple eyeshadows.

  • 73TiffanyDry73 2 years ago

    ugh i tried this and it came out very different! I love how you do it.

  • Amber Duttry 2 years ago

    wow, i couldn’t even tell you had on falsies at first. how gorgeous! :)

  • diamondbutterflies 2 years ago

    OMG I loooooove it Jenn!!! Another line of makeup to buy lol…..I’m off to
    go shopping on that site now! Oh I love your nails too, they’re so cute :)

  • Krystal Lynn 2 years ago

    Beautiful Jennisse!

  • Lynnelovesyou123 2 years ago

    love your nails

  • Diksha k 2 years ago

    I loved make it seem way easy to do…

  • amanda marques 2 years ago

    muy bello !me quede con ganar de hacerlo…bss guapa

  • seekreceive 2 years ago


  • liannesan13 2 years ago

    this would look awesome with my cheshire cat costume!

  • MissNoodlez1 2 years ago

    you are amaizing at this :)

  • cns97 2 years ago


  • lightskinhottie1 2 years ago

    very pretty

  • simplysamxoxo 2 years ago

    love ur makeup! and ur nails are so pretty!! :)

  • Destiny Godley 2 years ago


  • Azize Gashi 2 years ago


  • kassandra martinez 2 years ago

    vvvv LOLOLOL right?

  • hapasweet 2 years ago

    Wow, the color pay off is INCREDIBLE! You did such a great job.

  • Lizbeth Trujillo 2 years ago

    my fave colors! very nice look Jenn! thanks for this new site i LOVE
    mineral makeup!

  • ladyjosephinelover 2 years ago

    thats absolutely beautiful it reminds me of a super star

  • sheridano2008 2 years ago

    omg gorgeous hunni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg the dramatic pink and silver was u know if u can purchase these eyeshadows at any local Beauty

  • lovelyfairy27 2 years ago

    I wish more than anything that I could work so I could buy make-up as
    beautiful as this. You are truly wonderful at you do, and your work is the
    most beautiful I’ve ever seen. :)

  • Bitter Cikolatam 2 years ago

    whats name of program plz say it

  • Megan Nodal 2 years ago

    What is the other look called

  • babes805202 2 years ago

    Are the shadows ad brushes available for sale? Is so, where can they be

  • becky33007 2 years ago

    i love this look i also love your eyebrows