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2 cute and easy hairstyles for short hair, as well as long! Please visit our site for more hair ideas: Our video tutorial this …

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  • leftdaporch 6 years ago

    So talented!! Love your channel and I’ve been practicing on my little girl! Thank you so much!!!!

  • blancanievelily 6 years ago

    Love this, I’m loving the hairstyles this is a great toddler do. And I can’t wait to try this on my girls.

  • Zoë Hillcock 6 years ago

    Woah u actually showed her face

  • Betty Valenzuela 6 years ago

    Me gusta, porque a pensar que no se nada de ingles.. Le entiendo y comprendo

  • Erica Ceja 6 years ago

    This is super cute and simple :D I love it (^_^)

  • crazygymnast246 6 years ago

    How come her face is seen but not the older one so we can see how the hairstyle looks from the front

  • egymnast7 6 years ago

    could you do this on yourself easily?

  • patricia10020129 6 years ago

    Love this hairstyle!thank you for sharing :) 

  • jerrydeethaisong12 6 years ago

    She’s so cute .

  • BrattyJuno98 6 years ago

    your niece is so cute… and I think I wanna try that hairstyle on myself… even though I think I’m a bit too old for that sort of hairstyle… ;)

  • Sj Rose 6 years ago

    Aww such a cutie! ♥ love the hairstyle

  • asyikin31ml 6 years ago

    omg i have got the same toy as your daughter!!!!!lol

  • java53079 6 years ago

    Is she sitting in the corner?

  • Lililove1994 6 years ago

    She is so cute:)

  • Lililove1994 6 years ago

    Omg this s so cute love it:)

  • yenelly tejada 6 years ago

    Omg u finally showed her face I really wanted too see it she’s sooo cute

  • hair4myprincess 6 years ago

    It’s the same little girl modeling both hairstyles in this video.  She is 2… turning 3 next month!

  • Karla Zamora 6 years ago


  • viancareyes1101 6 years ago

    Cute then the last pig tails end up like 2 pony tails with accents on the hAir

  • TheOfficialMG 6 years ago

    This is pretty cute!! Too bad im too old(;

  • nicole bussey 6 years ago

    Whoever said that rude comment is so jealous that they prob wasn’t even as cute you so you need to shut that big mouth of yours and don’t watch anymore hair4myprincess hairstyles if you think there ugly and your just rude

  • LexiJane143 6 years ago

    so cute i can’t wait untill my daughters hair gets a little longer!

  • Vidya lakshmi 6 years ago

    Such a cute niece you have cute baby…♥

  • sparklesareperfect 6 years ago

    It is!lol

  • sparklesareperfect 6 years ago

    Keep your rude comments to yourself cause no one wants to hear them! This girl is adorable i bet your just jealous you didnt look like this!

  • cbacamartinez 6 years ago

    wow! first off i like this do. second i cant believe the aweful comment that someone said about the hair and little girl. shame on u!

  • Drea43218 6 years ago

    @jtayabhoo12jg how would u like it if some one said that about ur child if u don’t like the hairstyle don’t leave a comment just move along why would u say hurtful thing to people u don’t even know

  • jtayabhoo12jg 6 years ago

    This hairstyle is ugly and so is that baby thing. It doesn’t even look a baby. It looks like a…. Thing. An ugly thing

  • dancerchick47 6 years ago

    Wait… I thought it was different girls.

  • dancerchick47 6 years ago

    I love this one. So cute. How old are those girls?

  • hair4myprincess 6 years ago

    I agree!  She is lucky.

  • Stephanie Haase 6 years ago

    This is too cute :) 

  • Jordynn Loghry 6 years ago

    I LOVE the curls in her hair!! I am so jealous! I want them! My hair is completely straight and does not curl. :(

  • hair4myprincess 6 years ago


  • hair4myprincess 6 years ago

    Yeah, this little girl is my niece and her mom doesn’t mind if we show her face since she is so young.

  • hair4myprincess 6 years ago

    Fun! It won’t be long. ;)

  • mamafeyful 6 years ago

    oh i think i can do this one! perfect for summer!

  • elana sargent 6 years ago


  • Macey Schweller 6 years ago


  • Agi Wivi 6 years ago

    love it :D cant wait until my lil sister gets older , and i can do this on her :D (she is only 7 months, and she has no hair.. yet :) )

  • Michelle de Brouwer 6 years ago

    it’s not her daughter. That’s why she didn’t mind showing her face.

  • glamiefever 6 years ago

    so cute. you can see her face, idk if that was by accident or not but yh x

  • 123graciepoo 6 years ago


  • hafsa syed 6 years ago


  • Tori B 6 years ago

    Your daughter is so precious! Great hairstyle too :)

  • macmaresa 6 years ago

    not first.
    It looks really cute!