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short hairstyles for black women with thick hair short haircuts for african american women with fine hair short haircuts for black women with fine hair short…


Thin Hair


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  • Twila Lewis-White 5 years ago

    You cannot see the hair it is not about a thin face

  • Michelle Carter 5 years ago

    Not a very thought out tutorial

  • Mzcreatif1neover21 5 years ago

    For those who have hopelessly thin hair and who want a “real” solution, I
    found a product that you can get from Walmart, Target or Walgreen called:
    “Shea Moisture Thickening Growth Milk!” It has Yucca, Biotin, and
    Baobab Oil in it. Due to heredity my family line has thin hair. I have
    tried a tremendous amount of products that did not work until I tried the
    Shea Moisture. According to the directions you are supposed to apply as a
    no-rinse protective and styling cream to damp, towel dried hair…however,
    I use it daily whether I wash my hair or not. Sort of like a leave-in
    conditioner. Within 2 1/2 short months, my hair was noticeably
    thicker. Even my husband commented on how thick it got. I was too happy I
    cried! Caution: Use sparingly and be sure it is blended in good unless you
    wear a wig or some other protective style. Don’t sleep on this…this
    worked for me when nothing else would! 

  • mshijinx13 5 years ago

    You can’t see the HAIR?!