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  • Tyneesha Smith 4 years ago

    Can you make a video for short and thick hair

  • Olga Bee 4 years ago

    Curly hair should not be teased!!Also, this hairdo is NOT for party!! :( 

  • Michelle Baker 4 years ago

    Hahaha horrible! If she would have side parted it, it might have helped a
    little bit. 

  • Joy-Renée B 4 years ago

    That’s exactly the kind of look I want to avoid with my hair… :/ 

  • Carly Breagh 4 years ago

    that poor lady hope she plans on going home in a dark closet once this
    hairs done..

  • Tiara G 4 years ago

    This looks awful

  • LipstickLuvAffair 4 years ago

    Her hair looks like a birds nest. 

  • nc queen 4 years ago

    Awful ! I would never do my hair like that. 

  • martha mkapa 4 years ago
  • kristin bignell 4 years ago

    Dear god no

  • Dominique Mendes 4 years ago

    I liked it. I thought she did a good job

  • It looked better before!

  • sailorLN 4 years ago

    Teasing is horrible, tangling back there is what I DONT want

  • Wykd Lizzy 4 years ago

    That end results looked horrible. I have fine thinning kinky curly hair
    about shoulder length and the results you got is what I am trying to avoid

  • s taro 4 years ago

    It just look like a total mess!

  • Elena Ro 4 years ago

    Love the look….! I have also thin hair, I wish so curly, only on the
    beach, and I try to accomplish this with hot hair…Thank you