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For the list of products used, please go to my site: Keep in touch with me via face…

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  • Kazouchan 4 years ago

    You are beautiful :-) 

  • Eeel Eee 4 years ago

    yes easy very easy
    uma are u doing something special in ur face routine???? it s v healthy,, koyi nazar na lag ga

  • SagittariusBlue12 4 years ago

    Quick and easy just the way I like it, thank you.

  • Yv Cambridge 4 years ago

    You look so nice!

  • YazmineBabee 4 years ago

    Oh my god you are BEAUTIFUL

  • MissBride09 4 years ago

    i love how u makes faces wen puting on lip liner and gloss…its very cute :-)

  • BrittanyBUTTER 4 years ago

    so Pretty , love all your vids

  • fde roge 4 years ago

    Hi, Uma! happy new year. May I please know the detail of the bennye banana powder you’ved use? I went to buy one but there were several of them and I do not know which one you’ve used. Thanks!

  • fattygirl218 4 years ago

    gosh you are really pretty

  • 101BeautyBook 4 years ago

    Hey everyone! I have some well edited videos up on my channel. I would really appreciate it if you took some time to view them! Please leave me some feedback and possibly subscribe :) thanks so much!

  • Hatsukohana 4 years ago

    great job! Beautiful!!! ;)

  • Emmsonish 4 years ago

    You are so pretty!’

  • UmaPreve 4 years ago

    Thank you dear!

  • UmaPreve 4 years ago

    In Singapore long long long time ago! :)

  • UmaPreve 4 years ago

    Aww. thank you!

  • UmaPreve 4 years ago

    Your welcome dear… Yes, my lil one was very vocal!

  • UmaPreve 4 years ago

    Thanks Deb!

  • debbick1 4 years ago

    Great job, but have to say you are no plain jane before makeup. You are beautiful both ways :) ))

  • Brena1971 4 years ago


  • Pam Lin 4 years ago

    Really pretty!! :)

  • snootus0722 4 years ago

    Naturally beautiful.

  • bluegotme 4 years ago

    Hi Uma, the eyeliner sealer that you used is it as good and smudge proof as gel eyeliner? Also please do a video on setting powders for oil control…this look is so simple yet pretty :)

  • bluegotme 4 years ago

    strange this video didn’t show up in my subscription but appeared in the recommended videos

  • sjk33068 4 years ago

    Uma, ur soooo beautiful!!!

  • M.K Doreschild-Outland 4 years ago

    -M.K Outland, pioneer/establisher of Trance(genre fiction)