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Smouldering Smokey Eye Here is what I used: Brushes by ( IB136,C416,Smugger, Blending) The highlighter…

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  • Angela Huizeling 2 years ago

    you look like katy perry :O

  • Bianca Benavides 2 years ago

    Ohh my glob!!! She gorgeous. She looks like Katey Perry alot. Who agrees?

  • melissa merritt 2 years ago

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:

    Who doesn’t like smouldering sexy eyes!! No one that’s who- especially as
    #valentines day coming!! I would use Younique all natural eye pigments
    devious, corrupted possibly precocious and curious for highlighting. And or
    course our best selling 3D mascara to add 300% volume and length with no
    falsies or glue!! Just £23. CLICK LINK to get urs:-

  • Liz Rodriguez 2 years ago

    You are excelllent and beautiful

  • Nooneh Noonza 2 years ago

    ur eyes look like Hifa wehbi eyes here :D 

  • NikkiUHadMeAtHello 2 years ago

    You make it look so easy, here’s hoping I do not look like a raccoon or
    heroin addict. :/

  • SabrinaJadedreamer 2 years ago

    GORGEOUS My mom has puke green eyes like you and my dad is blackwith green
    eyes and mine are blue but oh u must drive the men there crazy wit ur eyes

  • Ника Лимонова 2 years ago

    Потрясающий макияж, я часто его использую. Очень нравится мне он. Только
    ресницы растить пришлось, покупала Magic Glance. Что бы ресницы на фоне
    Смоки не терялись. 

  • Jenny Mendoza 2 years ago

    Thanks to you I made up my mind on my eye make-up for a concert. I loved it :) !

  • Gianna Nickelsen 2 years ago

    OMG that topaz silver color you used is beautiful

  • Camille Lake 2 years ago

    Everyone is right…. you DO look like Katy Perry. Your tutorials are

  • bessie boop 2 years ago

    I’ve never been a fan of make up or should i say i really don’t know how to
    put make up because I’m not used to it :/ I even have problem lining my
    eyebrows :3 i tried but i suck on this. I just wanna ask if it is too heavy
    on face like when you put much make up?

  • Chloe Charles 2 years ago

    Amazing I love this technique thank you so much I now know what to do for
    beautiful smoky eyes and look awesome would love to see more. I am going
    into collage to do beauty so this is so good :D xxx

  • hailey macleod 2 years ago

    You look exactly like katy perry!! Omg!!

  • Philippa Wright 2 years ago

    i like the look on ur smokey eye i am going to hv a go 

  • Godfrey Tapnio 2 years ago

    your video is really great! Ihaop you could help me out, im just starting
    my beauty channel, please check it out! thanks lovelots xx.

  • Farzana Husna 2 years ago

    *I have no idea that I was so ugly until I found you*

  • JOAN SMITH 2 years ago

    This is so beautiful. 

  • mimi hrahsel 2 years ago

    This tutorial helped me a lot thanks a lot

  • Mercedes Garrido 2 years ago

    Que es lo que te echas cuando acabas de pintarte el ojo en el contorno? 

  • DENISE "Lipstick lips" SISSY TRANSVESTITE 2 years ago

    Maya Mia, you do apply shadows with surgical skill & the eye-shadow
    formula’s are so illustrious whether they are pressed or. loose or creams(
    Not big on them)in trays or eye color tube & wand type some I like.Even
    after 40+years of x-dressing as ,makeup was my 1st love.yes even for some
    I apply the stuff like a bricklayer and the canvas I paint is mere boot
    leather ,think steel toe and worn work boots,now how many girls can makeup
    an old boot into Cinderellas you know.As anyone can Mia you do it VERY well
    have a sweet neice of 8 or 9 named MiA. bye :-) 

  • Silver Jenson 2 years ago

    Maya, did it hurt to get your nose pierced? I want to get mine done as well
    as my belly button but I’ve heard to many horror stories! Also can u tell
    me what products will work the best to do a fake beauty mark near the lip
    area? I’m in the USA and girls get that part pierced and it’s been dubbed ”
    Marilyn” since Marilyn Monroe’s Beauty Mark is like the most famous of all
    time, I would love to wear that look at times but have no clue what
    products will stay put and not run or smudge. Thanks! Great Vids and Bless

  • Princess Po 2 years ago

    Amazing video! I’ve just uploaded the easiest smokey eye tutorial to
    achieve on my channel!

    Any starting/aspiring youtubers here who would like to support each other?
    (I’m sorry if this annoys anyone. It’s just really difficult to get noticed

  • MariamTalks 2 years ago

    Can somebody please tell me what eyeliner brush that is! I need it ! Help 

  • jenny mayer 2 years ago

    You’re my new favorite YouTube makeup artist! I look forward to looking at
    your videos!!

  • ash bush 2 years ago

    so good …..please send make up videos
    thank u ……ash bush..india

  • Виталий Чуйков 2 years ago

    есть вещи которые хочешь объяснить,но не будешь,глаза просто сами все

  • Elizabeth Perez 2 years ago

    I love your makeup so beautiful

  • Vivicita Nuñez Pedriel 2 years ago

    Hermosos ojos 

  • madzia6610 2 years ago

    You are very beautiful :) 

  • Aisha Nasreen 2 years ago

    maya miya please guide me a foundation for dry skin.. i have wheatish skin
    and i need full coverage foundation for my wedding.

  • 黃酷德 2 years ago

    This is even better than those cosmetic cover !

  • Pascale Lefebvre 2 years ago

    Your eyes are so green it’s making it hard to focus on anything else!!

  • sophieacapella 2 years ago

    Soooo pretty! It really makes your eyes pop!!

  • Prachi Shah 2 years ago

    Looking like a cattyyy

  • Juliette McDavyd 2 years ago

    Hey! Great video!
    Would you mind checking out my channel, please? :) 

  • Triparna Roy Chowdhury 2 years ago

    You’re so freaking gorgeous ♥

  • aquafina2u 2 years ago

    Beautiful! I think this is one of my favorite looks that I’ve see you do.

  • zeinab srour 2 years ago

    Beautiful! Love it! Am going to do it next time

  • Тапу Джоги 2 years ago

    I am sorry I mean BEST

  • lata murshed 2 years ago

    nice and beautiful.

  • Giselle Pineiro 2 years ago

    Beautiful for a night out, can’t wait to recreate this tonight!

  • LC Rey 2 years ago

    Where did you get the Tarte set with the detachable palate & when?

  • Shaunagh Doyle 2 years ago

    Loved this, it turned out fab on me :) xxx

  • Keri Hartleb 2 years ago

    Instead of those Shadow Shields she put on her face, just take a panty
    liner and cut it to fit you face

  • Alisha Tanisha 2 years ago

    Could you improve your English please

  • AdeelaX Belle 2 years ago

    So beautiful! I have to try to this look