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Song; Breathe Carolina – lovely.


Makeup Ideas


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  • jenny311095 4 years ago

    I really like the eye makeup at 1:05 btw…I have makeup ideas (pictures) on new video I made, check out:)

  • Toriie Drew 4 years ago


  • Dolly Chaiinsaw 4 years ago

    Every “scene” style of makeup I see looks the same…..

  • Emma Vinson 4 years ago

    x.x some of those girls’ mascara was aweful!!

  • Kaitie Gizawintt 4 years ago

    and raver lol

  • Kayla Klein 4 years ago

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  • HellokitydinoZ 4 years ago

    @ iwuvrusselbrant I put SCENE to gEt more hits lovee U.U I dnt label.

  • iwuvrusselbrant 4 years ago

    at 40 seconds thats my cousin 0.o btw  you hAVE EMO AND SCENE MIXED up boo

  • MindiBtchzgoRAW 4 years ago

    :D tried out the leopard print; lookz D’AWESOME! :)