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This intense look is perfect for a scary Halloween costume! Watch the Black Widow nail art video: Pictures and lis…

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  • Liliane Morais 4 years ago


  • Gemma McNicholl 4 years ago

    Are you from the Netherlands?

  • Sidiki Diarra 4 years ago

    Vou. D

  • hunter marchand 4 years ago

    So how do you get the glued spiders off your face?

  • Maddie Hrycyk 4 years ago


  • genevieve j 4 years ago

    Please come check out my punk ootn and my blue eyeshadow tutorial with purple lips! It would mean the most guys!

  • daddie463 4 years ago


  • sannepolmansp 4 years ago

    I love this

  • adscm00 4 years ago

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  • jkaye1169 4 years ago


  • Alexis Neville 4 years ago

    u could see the webs when u looked down

  • Melin Nur 4 years ago

    du laberst zu vieell

  • shannon mcdonald 4 years ago

    I did this look fr my daughters holloween party and fr holloween…she loved it and won a contest..she llooved it(wish can show u pics)…thank u thank…(i wanted to thnk u after holloween but im so busy)…btw i subbed:)

  • Michele Quinn 4 years ago

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  • Lacy May 4 years ago

    Super awesome !

  • Brandi Greg 4 years ago

    It’s so awesome

  • Zililela 4 years ago

    Super Makeup

  • ashleetasby 4 years ago


  • ashleetasby 4 years ago


  • Jody Obena 4 years ago

    I think this is a very cool look love the bugs!

  • Michele Quinn 4 years ago

    I absolutly LOVE this look!!!!

  • Tegan Mcgoran 4 years ago

    Say vampires three times say how long you want your fangs to be and post this on the two other videos and look in the mirror

  • Beatrice Stylinson Horalik Payne 4 years ago

    Say vampire three times. Say how long you want your fangs post this into two other videos look in the mirror

  • crise de jalousie 4 years ago

    it was good……… ………. ……………

  • 515christie 4 years ago

    The lip stick looks a bit like purple and navy blue colour! P.S. I love this idea I’m trying this for next Halloween.

  • PaulinaJolie1 4 years ago

    halloween is my birthday

  • B LURY GONZALEZ MUÑOZ 4 years ago


  • alyssa11softball 4 years ago

    Say vampire three times. Say how long you want your fangs .post this on two other videos .look in the mirror

  • melanie robl 4 years ago

    h ha ha ahh aahahahah ah a

  • zoikantinou 4 years ago

    Very nice ! ;)

  • mizzTwiztidSpike 4 years ago

    i love this ^.^

  • 04kparyse 4 years ago

    What’s the music for this? And beautiful art too!

  • nicholass downer 4 years ago

    Say vampire 3 times. say how long you want your fangs. then post this on 2 other videos then look in the mirror