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I hope you guys enjoy this Spring Makeup Look perfect for Beginners. To check out the Paste Power Collection from LISE WATIER and more products, you can go t…

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  • Ramya Rajneesh 4 years ago

    Hey beauties, just uploaded an easy pop of color tutorial for spring :)  Please subscribe & support my channel

  • Ammy Valdez 4 years ago

    love the lipstick

  • Rishita Sagi 4 years ago

    Omg you look so much like megan fox

  • Fariba Nafissi 4 years ago

    LOVE your work!! You’re amazing!

  • cjohnson98 4 years ago

    love this tutorial very simple yet looks so beautiful
    ps: how old are you?

  • cris69415 4 years ago

    actually way prettier than MF

  • TheMobileMakeup 4 years ago


  • Turtle Love 4 years ago

    you do look like Megan Fox i noticed the first time i saw you

  • MissChromerX 4 years ago

    Has anyone ever told you, that you kinda look like Megan Fox o.o 

  • Tina Standish 4 years ago

    You are one of my favourites and I haven’t been watching long. You are a refreshing change

  • MelYaraMel 4 years ago

    very easy to re-create :) please accept my idea is also easy :D

  • kehaulani1140 4 years ago

    i just received my lise watier make up. I ordered everything on this tutorial except tge nail polish. Can’t wait to follow your tutorial and see results.

  • bobfryfish 4 years ago

    You are beautiful no matter what they say…

  • ofbeautymatters 4 years ago

    lovelies if you have sensitive/problem skin and like DIYs and all natural ways of treating your skin, stop by my all natural beauty channel :)

  • bobby singh 4 years ago

    I don’t like her way if talking

  • comicoune 4 years ago

    WOW you are beautiful :) Im going to buy the Spring collection from Lise Watier for sure! Thank you!

  • SukiVaraich 4 years ago

    Im not gonna say the typical like “I know everyone hates these comments, but please check out my channel” tho I just said it.
    I work my ass off to make my videos likeable and I’ve been trying for months and months so I would truly appreciate if you just give me a chance by checking my beauty channel and maybe subscribe :) I highly believe that you will like it! Thank you for reading!
    I’ll love you even more if you would give this a thumbs up :)

  • Yuma SanIba 4 years ago

    I like this look, I have only question!!. Can you do video about natural makeup?

  • Golddusttwin1 4 years ago

    I like this look but what are some comparable eye shadows to use for darker complexions to achieve a similar look?



  • jloves4ever21 4 years ago

    your eyebrows are amazing

  • Loo Yen Yen 4 years ago

    I’m a CD and is trying to makeup myself as pretty as I could. How or who can help me to makeup myself as pretty as I could ?
    Please help me to become a pretty woman. That is my dream.

  • hannahleestyles 4 years ago

    Omg, without makeup, you look like Kourtney Kardashian!

  • ofbeautymatters 4 years ago

    Ladies check out my channel if you are looking for an all natural and affordable beauty channel. I have great DIYs to get your skin glowing the all natural way :)

  • JcJane22 4 years ago

    Hello beautiful, Yes I’m talking to you! Just an average girl looking for support, If you could please spare a few minutes to check out my beauty channel it would really really make my day :) I know its not much but its all that I have. Hope you come by and check it out oh & dont forget to subscribe! thanks for reading!!

  • QCMakeupAcademy 4 years ago

    Thanks to you we’re now super excited to try Lise Watier’s new spring collection!

  • emma dia 4 years ago

    You look amazing omg

  • Stephanie Lodewijks 4 years ago

    @makeupbyeman how do you keep your eyebrows looking so groomed and perfect? :) 

  • ajuuuuuu4 4 years ago

    Gosh youre so pretty

  • makeupbyjujubee 4 years ago

    nothing from that makeup line really “pops”, like “oooh i wanna buy that!” when you use it…looks sponsored :-/

  • sandra valdez 4 years ago

    Love this video your great your the best

  • hotsutff11 4 years ago

    I can’t believe how much your hair has grown. Will you do a hair video? what you put in it etc.