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  • makeupgirl157 4 years ago

    I love your vidos xoxo

  • Hannah M. 4 years ago

    i started practicing makeup when I was about 11. im 13 now and very skilled. all my friends and family come to me for hair and makeup advice. age doesn’t mater if you take it off properly. that’s m opinion anyway.

  • Nicolette Voskericyan 4 years ago

    that sounds very creative. i think i might actually do that since i don’t have anywhere to put my eyeshadows half the time

  • Nicolette Voskericyan 4 years ago

    When I first started wearing make up which was in high school, I didn’t have as much stuff as I do now. I still don’t think i need that much anyway. I started out with POWDER and not foundation because I would use some lotion and then top it off with powder and it worked fine. Then I would recommend some EYESHADOW, and you can use some creamy-brownish colors to start with. Then you can use some MASCARA if our parents let you and you don’t have very long eyelashes. You also need a nice BLUSH.

  • Bri S 4 years ago

    I’m in high school as I wear shimmer blusher, lipgloss and SOMETIMES cream eyeshadow but teenagers seriously don’t need foundation it’s bad for spots

  • malolo159 4 years ago

    how old are you? lol jw

  • AmishuCpfanAgetha 4 years ago

    I always N.Y.C instead of nyc

  • AmishuCpfanAgetha 4 years ago

    Going to middle school (In Canada middle school is grade 7)

  • Rylean .P 4 years ago

    Going to middle school :3

  • amber haworth 4 years ago

    And I went to target and got a lot of elf things

  • amber haworth 4 years ago

    I took a compact mirror with the top mirror there and the bottom gone and I went out and bought some easy nice  eyeshadows and glued them to the bottom part of the mirror

  • Jada1998dancer 4 years ago

    I just wear powder mascara blush and lip balm or lip stick I’m going into grade 10

  • Jada1998dancer 4 years ago

    I really liked how you what looks good on every skin tone

  • toad0720 4 years ago

    Blair’s her sister

  • ASadButSweetDoctor03 4 years ago

    elf has palettes that you can stick mac eye shadows in :)

  • karabelleanne 4 years ago

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    I make videos about hair, makeup, and vlogs!!!
    If you are interested at all please come check it out!
    xoxo Kara

  • unofficallyalice1 4 years ago

    At NeonSharpiexoxo yes! They are sisters!

  • Conny Ramirez 4 years ago

    Lol I’m a junior in high school and all I wear is mascara and Chapstick

  • Ruby Pisec 4 years ago

    uhm, what if you have a natural rosy red cheeks, do you still need a blush ?

  • Briley Jessika 4 years ago

    My top 6
    1. Foundation
    2. Concealer
    3. Setting powder
    4. MASCARA!!!
    5. Eyeliner
    6. Bronzer

    Top 3
    1. Foundation
    2. Setting powder
    3. MASCARA!!!

  • NyxFaceAwardsFan 4 years ago

    No, we’re stuck in 1900′s. T_T

  • Lyssa St. James 4 years ago

    MAC eyeshadows fit into the 1$ palette from elf at Target

  • Billie Reyes 4 years ago

    thank you! :-) 

  • VivirAmarReir 4 years ago

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  • Kia569 4 years ago

    I’m starting high school next year… My mom still won’t let me wear makeup…

  • exoticbeautytips 4 years ago

    ah, didn’t know that. Thanks for the clarification.

  • lottiepretty 4 years ago

    Billie reyes comment. It was powder and highlights.

  • Taylor K 4 years ago

    i love my paint pot so much but mine was 25.

  • kalina johnson 4 years ago

    @makeupbyriley16. Same for me exactly

  • Billie Reyes 4 years ago

    What did she say were the six? Foundation, blush, lip gloss, eye shadow…?

  • Hannah Thompson 4 years ago

    1. Primer, 2. Foundation, 3. Concealer, 4. Blush, 5. Mascara, 6. Eyeliner

  • Mizuki Hayashi 4 years ago

    OMG!! It was so helpful.. :) ) Thank you!!

  • Blondie092697 4 years ago

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  • Wizz Holl 4 years ago

    Natural Collection make up is great quality and great prices! I mean like its all about two pounds maybe 3? Its really good quality! I’m not a huge fan of their foundations, i tend to use them as concealer instead as they’re the same price, do the same thing and you get more of it! I LOVE their mascaras and will never ever change to a different one! Their eyeliners are great to although the brush for the liquid one can get a bit tricky! All in all i highly recommend them!

  • Bianca C 4 years ago

    she didn’t for get , it got cut out of the video

  • genathais 4 years ago

    My most haves for qnd every day ar:
    1- powder( if your oily like me)
    2-liner ( I started using makeup with yous liner lovee it)
    3- mascara ( opcional I dont use it every single day)
    4- LIPSTICK ( it is a most for me I really like lipsticks more than eyeshadows)
    5- lipgloss
    AND DOES AR MY 6 every day makeup must haves………

  • exoticbeautytips 4 years ago

    You forgot mascara. Most important IMO

  • katrina salyga 4 years ago

    the color tattoos are a cheaper option

  • Inga Petry 4 years ago

    I only wore mascara and sometimes a little bit of Eyeshadow and Eyeliner

  • Inga Petry 4 years ago

    I started wearing makeup to school in fifth grade more towards the end though

  • 284Vicky 4 years ago

    Im in 8th grade and I wear bb cream mascara lipgloss and eye shadow

  • mimi ahmed 4 years ago

    my parents keep me free cuz i am independent