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Hello my ninja babies, For this Girl Talk episode, a lot of you requested for a video on ‘Beginners Guide to a Starter Makeup Kit” so I hope this video will …

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  • Ramie Zhango 3 years ago

    oh my god the most frustrating thing is when I apply pencil eyeliner (and I
    apply it quite thick), it doesn’t make a single difference because my
    eyelid folds down right over and completely hides the eyelid section with
    the eyeliner. is anyone else going through the same problems? any

  • MegaFade3 3 years ago

    I’m eleven and for everyday I wear a stroke or two of mascara and a lightly
    tinted lip balm. I plan to start ‘adding’ to my makeup collection at maybe
    13 or 14. Is that ok?

  • Lis Huerta 3 years ago

    I want to wear mascara and my mom doesnt let me :( 

  • Juliana Indrajaya 3 years ago

    well, it’s quite sad reading the comments below mostly talk about “what age
    i should wear make up”. and even saddening that mostly under 14 y o baby
    girl asking about that. 

  • Mikaela Mangila 3 years ago

    I dont wear foundation or concealer on my face cos my skin is quite tanned
    and dark so i just usually do my eyes and sometimes use blush and lipgloss

  • Kelsey Smith 3 years ago

    Is it just me or does she sound Scottish? (I’m a new subbie Lol)

  • issabelle 3 years ago

    im 14 & im not allowed to wear makeup until im 18. how can I convince my
    mom to let me wear makeup?? I only wanna wear mascara and concealer!!

  • Maja Oponska 3 years ago

    My mom said I can’t wear makeup until I’m 14. What do I do?
    How do I convince her?

  • Angelica 15 3 years ago

    I’m 15 an still i don’t wear makeup thats sad.

  • Chanya Royal 3 years ago

    I’m ten and i wear makeup

  • Aldc_divass 3 years ago

    I have reddish skin and a few pimples here and there and it only use tinted
    moisturiser it’s really good and not as bad for your skin(and really cheap!) :) )

  • Alijah Macajig 3 years ago

    I want to wear but I don’t know how im only 12 on highschool can I use make

  • ChocolatinNerd 3 years ago

    From what age is it okay to wear makeup?

  • Nutmeg Jenny 3 years ago

    My mom let me start wearing make up when I got to High School. but I wasn’t
    allowed to use black eyeliner. So I got dark brown, black mascara and
    foundation. That was about it.
    I began to experiment more when I was older and added in eye shadow. I’ve
    never been much of a lip gloss or lipstick person. My lips are naturally
    pretty dark pink, so I don’t bother.
    I laugh when I see make up tutorials talking about brow make up…I have
    really thick black eyebrows…but I’m naturally blond. It was odd.

  • Tasimous 3 years ago

    you seem like a really nice person

  • Lily King 3 years ago

    I just started wearing makeup (19) and I still don’t go all the way. I only
    apply mascara and lip tints/lipsticks (neutral pinks and rosy tints). I
    don’t have perfect skin by any means, i still have acne and hormonal break
    outs, but I just can’t bother putting a full face on every time I go out
    and I’d rather not invest so much money into makeup. Id rather achieve
    clear skin through diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Just some food
    for thought for people starting their route into makeup :)
    I have been blessed with large round eyes, small lips, and double eyelids
    though meaning I don’t really have to “enhance” features as an Asian.. it’s
    just my acne that needs to gtfo. But in all honesty, makeup IS fun to play
    with.. I’m addicted to lippies as of now…… 

  • Joan Faustino 3 years ago

    wearing make up while you are not yet 18 is not recommended because it can
    break your face. and i am only 14 too and only wearing powder.

  • Nic Place 3 years ago

    I’m 10 and I have so many spots and acne but my mum won’t let me wear
    consealer or foundation what should not do

  • Chelsea Mercer 3 years ago

    I generally prefer how asian women do makeup as to how others do it (teens
    anyway) all the teens I know depend on black liner and mascara which is too
    harsh, no blush, but tons of cover up and thats it. It doesn’t look
    terrible but when I see it I think they could do a lot better. A little
    tinted lip balm brightens the face as does blush (if you are old enough to
    wear it, just tinted lip balm is enough if you are under 14 IMO)

  • NeveElllen 3 years ago

    I am 13 and I wear- Concelear, Foundation, Powder, Blusher, Bronzer,
    Mascara, EyeBrow Powder, Lipbalm

  • Olivia Brown 3 years ago

    As bad as it sounds, I just turned 13 and I wear foundation, concealer,
    powder, eyebrow pencils, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer and
    lipstick. My mum works as a mac makeup artist so I get discounts in the
    store. I know how to use it and obviously how to apply it so I don’t see
    the problem? But idk 

  • Zoe Mclain 3 years ago

    Baby Lips are also a great tinted lip balm

  • roselle flores 3 years ago

    Hi bubz. You look like sandara park in this vid.;) 

  • Cici Dunn 3 years ago

    I can’t hear a word you’re saying, because of your music.

  • violet zebra 3 years ago

    my mom says as long as I live under her roof I can’t wear makeup…. yeah
    right! as soon as I can drive ima get makeup….

  • arianna fedor 3 years ago

    what is your website. I would love to check it out. I am going to be 13
    next month and would love to look for some nice inexpensive makeup brushes
    so if you can let me know that would be wonderful. +bubzbeauty 

  • The Mass Murderer 3 years ago

    omfg shes so kuuuuuute!!!!!!!! ^-^

  • Yana Shikula 3 years ago

    I’m almost 13 and i don’t wear makeup, well i have some and i wear it for
    school but my mom doesn’t really notice. How do i tell her so i won’t have
    to hide it from her? All i want to wear is foundation, powder, and mascara.
    PLease help!! Thanks :) 

  • Ka Min 3 years ago

    i’m 14 but I don’t wear much at all. I always bring around a lip balm and
    sometimes maybe a lipgloss or lip stick. Other things like mascara or eye
    liner or even eye shadow I don’t really touch. Foundation and other
    stuff…I’m just too lazy to put on. 

  • Annie Lee 3 years ago

    is it okay to just wear mascara and lip balm at 12?

  • Anabelle Stark 3 years ago

    I’m 20 and I still don’t wear makeup.. Too lazy to put all that stuff on
    every morning haha~ 

  • rachel woods 3 years ago

    im 12 and wear eyeshadow and mascara

  • Juliana Indrajaya 3 years ago

    i have a problem with the expensive make up. lol :p

  • Aaron Ryuzaki 3 years ago

    Do you think you’ll come out with some sort of makeup line? That would be
    so cool but they’d have to be cruelty free :) 

  • Cuppacakesss 3 years ago

    16 and only mascara

  • Yifan tastic 3 years ago

    lol I’m 12 and i wear mascara lip products a bit of blush and thats it. i
    was watching how much makeup all the other 12 year olds own and i was like
    0.0 how

  • Rocky Blue 3 years ago

    Give this kit to baby bubz

  • ShadowfoxMCOO cruzerofUTube 3 years ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • Kee Jinying 3 years ago

    I’m actually thirteen, but I’m using skincare products at the moment, such
    as moisturiser, sheet mask, sunscreen, lip balm/butter. But I often uses
    cosmetics like lip stick/gloss, BB/CC cream, concealer, press powder, loose
    face powder, brow pencil, eyeliner and mascara(I barely wear eyeshadows and
    foundation coz’ i want it simple n natural). Do you think is ok that i use
    these products at this age?


  • Thalia Rodriguez 3 years ago

    I’m 14, a freshman!! I wear mascara and eyeliner! I’m going to start using
    concealer and foundation very soon since I just started wearing contacts!
    My huge glasses really covered my face so I didn’t really care how my skin
    looked but now that mask is off I need to take some tips.

  • Kat Z. 3 years ago

    I have very pale skin but have naturally red-ish pink lips. Is it okay to
    wear a more red color or no?

  • Bich Thao Kien 3 years ago

    I started to wear makeup when I was 24 cause I like without makeup 

  • Rey Fibra 3 years ago

    Hi! May I know what eyeliner your using?

  • Maja Oponska 3 years ago

    My mom said I can’t wear makeup until I’m 14. What do I do?
    How do I convince her?

  • Arianne Pelobello 3 years ago

    What age should you use makeup?

  • rachanae1 3 years ago

    LOL i buy cheap makeup xD i dont wear makeup unless its like interview or
    some kind of formal meeting * v * EMBRACING MY ACNE SKIN 

  • Rachel Barron 3 years ago

    V helpful thank you ^^

  • Jenny Espana 3 years ago

    - Girls , If You’re Under 13/14 I Suggest Don’t Wear Eyeliner Or Foundation
    Maybe Just Mascara , Lip Gloss &’ A Tid Bit Of Concealer . Usually Eyeliner
    Makes You Seem Older , Trust Me I Started Wearing Winged Eyeliner When I
    Started &’ I Came Off As 15-17 When I Was Only 12 . I’m Currently 13 Now .
    Young Girls , Don’t Wear Makeup . Keep That Natural Beauty For As Long As
    You Can (: .