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Here’s an updated video on how I straighten my hair! Check out my latest blog post about straightening my hair for more information about products used and m…

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  • Debora Rivera 4 years ago

    I wish I had your patience lol when I start I easily give up. I haven’t
    been successful at straightening my hair because my arms get tired. Im so
    lazy lol

  • Natively Natural (mcfarlingirl) 4 years ago


  • sheis suchadiva 4 years ago

    Wow,, your hair is long and you’re pretty ! You’ll be a hair guru in about
    a years time,, maybe sooner ! 

  • monicabluu 4 years ago

    Girlll, yahssss. Love it

  • bedroomeyes7933 4 years ago

    Wow beautiful woman with equally beautiful hair……new subscriber :-) …..I was hoping you showed the back though ;-) 

  • Alexis Umeh 4 years ago

    omg where di you get that blow dryer!? I’ve seen it used so much and I love
    that it has a brush attached. I need it!

  • shareckiaable 4 years ago

    Gorgeous :-) 

  • curvybody2 4 years ago

    What us your hair length? Are you waist length or tailbone length? 

  • Adriana Armiria 4 years ago

    U r so pretty

  • Jazzy Kai91 4 years ago

    what kind of blow dryer is that?

  • Gianeen Magno 4 years ago

    You are so pretty!

  • Love Desiree 4 years ago

    Hey Lovelies! Here is an updated video on how I straighten my hair! It’s a
    very simple process for me, and I hope you enjoy the video!

  • Shawntele Lewis 4 years ago

    love the video and hair