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  • Diego Sanchez 4 years ago



  • Fred Suero 4 years ago

    hmm u r hot no matter what

  • Angel W 4 years ago

    Have you heard of Rezz-A-Rect? Its great for bald spots, split ends, damaged and thin hair. I made a few videos on the products. One video is called, “Rezz-A-Rect and the Hair Stimulant Before and After.” Another video is called “My Reviews on Several Hair Growth Products and Rezz-A-Rect”

  • Relina Alvarez 4 years ago

    it sucks so bad :(

  • Relina Alvarez 4 years ago

    Im 19 and I have thin hair. Some women in my family have thin hair as well. It really makes me sad to have thin hair. I wish I can grow out my hair and have beautiful, long, thick mermaid hair… And when someone points out that I have thin hair, I feel so ugly.

  • KQJEH 4 years ago

    Yes this is the same for me… 8 Month ago, i noticed i loose a lot of hair… since then i am stressed about my hair thinning… i see new hair growing, but i am still afraid it might get thinner…

  • gricel84 4 years ago


  • Caroline Teaz 4 years ago

    There are no solutions for diffuse thinning hair loss right? Even hair transplant is not adequate.

  • MsAnneThrope59 4 years ago

    Women of child-bearing age need more iron than older women. IRON is key for healthy hair. Have a doctor do a blood test and check your FERRITIN level. Some doctors will tell you your level is “normal” but if it’s less than 50 there’s a good chance your hair loss is due to low iron. Iron is essential for proper thyroid function as well and an improperly working thyroid is also related to hair loss. RESEARCH DIET AND HAIR LOSS.

  • IcedCupcakes 4 years ago

    my hair is naturally thin, no patches. just thin. VERY THIN. people think im sick ugh i hate my myself.

  • getmeakitkat 4 years ago

    I think some of it is stress related. Some of it hormonal. It’s very complex. The internet is a good reference, but you have to be really vigilant about analysing the information objectively. Hope things get better for you soon xxx

  • Kittywhiskers1000 4 years ago

    You poor thing. May I ask if you know what the cause is? I’m just curious to know if it’s stressed related. My hair has started to thin as well, so I can sort of relate to you; though mine is stressed related. The problem is, I get stressed about my hair thinning so I’m caught in a vicious circle. Is it the same for you?

  • Mikayla Armstrong 4 years ago

    She is very pretty

  • jibberingjon 4 years ago

    This makes me feel ridiculous for having thin hair as a guy. I feel terrible for any woman that has to experience this.

  • TheHairaccount 4 years ago

    Hey guys you should see my journey with hair loss i can guide you on what exactly to do to stop thinning and hair loss 

  • odellbland 4 years ago

    Stimulate blood flow to your scalp to stop hair loss

    A massage will send ample blood supply and nourishment to your hair roots stopping any hair lose

    You might also want to brush your hair gently with a wide toothed wooden comb to increase hair growth.

    To avoid hair loss be sure to never brush the hair when it is wet.

    A regular trim will also give you healthy hair and prevent further breakages and hair lose issues

    Tips from makemyhairgrowfaster (dot) org

  • iamrichlol 4 years ago

    she’s beautiful

  • jest544 4 years ago

    Many men who have used Propecia have suffered permanent impotence… avoid it like the plague!

    The videos that claim that Propecia is great are ALL using COMMENT PENDING APPROVAL to filter negative-posts from victims of Finasteride.

  • concerned11 4 years ago

    FINASTERIDE causes: impotence, insomnia, rosacea, edema, chronic fatigue and depression !
    These side-effects are common, severe and many time PERMANENT !
    The FDA has issued a BLACK-BOX WARNING against this drug !
    Merck has also been caught posting FAKE VIDEO TESTIMONIALS on youtube!
    If you have hairloss, just shave your head and work-out ! Don’t destroy your life by going on those poison-pills!

  • robynmo25 4 years ago

    you are downright beautiful!

  • getmeakitkat 4 years ago

    My thinning hair causes me great depression. In a way, I wish mine were bald patches that would grow back, but mine seems diffuse and permanent. I get really paranoid about it.

  • suprajazz 4 years ago

    I had alopecia areata and male pattern baldness, I have loads pictures all my hair grew back by going to the belgravia clinic in London.

  • 13topich 4 years ago

    you would look good with a pixie. i think you could totally rock it.

  • labonneruerouge 4 years ago


  • qamar4755 4 years ago

    glad you find a solution for getting your hair to grow out. would you please be kind enough to tell me what medications you took thanks

  • john smith 4 years ago

    shut up idiot

  • gostate009 4 years ago

    im glad its not just men

  • COULDNTthinkNAMEOFa 4 years ago

    I also had this. It’s called Alopecia areata. Mine started comming back in after 9 years!! I started to pray about it and a month later people were commenting that my hair looked thicker and “different”. God is able to do ANYTHING. I always felt like “why pray? God doesn’t care about things like this..I should be happy I have hair” but God does care about the seemingly smallest things. He has numbered the hairs on our head after all.

  • nolls888 4 years ago

    So did viviscal work for you? o,O

  • EIRIYUKILOVER4EVA 4 years ago

    I have really, really, thin hair. It’s even thinning and not patches like this poor girl but still….it affects the self-esteem and it’s frustrating trying to style it. So iknowthatfeel.jpg :(

  • squarcitto 4 years ago

    I would bang you with or without hair

  • bambi3614 4 years ago

    @lallaurla43 Couldn’t agree with u more. I’ve also tried the hair loss treatment of the site HairLoss101. net (remove the space), and while I’m usually skeptical about “ebooks solutions”, it turned out that was the only one method that gave me results, and we are talking of GREAT results. Glad it worked for u, too! :) )

  • Callum Martin 4 years ago

    Hey this was my bday nice and I’m a guy with longish hair and like hair falls out when I use hair straightners good or bad?

  • DrAnchorActor 4 years ago

    how did it all grow back?