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Sulema Doing Sulema’s Lips Part 1 of 2 @ Boca Raton’s Office (Instructional Video)

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  • Rob Bart 4 years ago

    wooow great :-)

  • playerjake12 4 years ago

    i just did my mom’s lips but for some reason her lips turns purple when i was done. i only used a regular red lipliner because i did not have any blueprint lipliners but i was really careful so her lips are perfectly symmetrical. also, the color lip that i used on her was a warmer red because she’s asian with darker yellowish color. what did i do wrong? why didn’t her lips turn red instead it’s purple

  • playerjake12 4 years ago

    so would you recommend pink lip colors for white or light skin (caucasians) and warmer red colors for yellow and dark skins (asians and african americans)?

  • hipretty 4 years ago

    me??? or Sulema?

  • HannaH021 4 years ago

    It would be great if you can answer this question.. please

  • Betty10371 4 years ago

    What kind of pigment do you use? What tipe of machine do you use?

  • Starbodies 4 years ago

    Hi Sulema. Wow, I can’t believe you are doing your own lips, here. You are the bomb. I was just googling you to show my Aunt because I told her you were the best, and then I came across your videos. Love ya girl, Priscilla

  • SungWook82 4 years ago

    Wickedly impressed.
    Big Up Sulema

  • mouleagateau 4 years ago

    hello i realy like your video but can i ask you a question
    can we do it all by ourselves, at home and if it’s possible can you tell me please what kind of cream do i have to buy and wre cause i don’t think tha we can have it in france

  • hipretty 4 years ago

    Pls give me some input on my color questions, I am interested!! I like Ur work, & I like what U said:
    Ur getting excited 2 fix that line! U don’t want a line around the mouth! U want 2 blend it out towards the inside. That’s what I want! But I want to know how much lighter it gets. I want rosey not red. Sometimes I may want 2 wear red, pink or bronze color, but for everyday I prefer more natural color-my own-showing thru gloss. But- w/more definition & w/that lower line-raised! U know! Thnx

  • hipretty 4 years ago

    I LOVE U’r results! I want less lipstick look 24/7. U say it’s more red here. How much will-or has) it lightened from the results? I too have one side lower & although I don’t mind some asymmetry of the mouth-it often gives character to the face-it seems on 1 side I have no lip at all. I hate drawing on a lipline on 1 side & then being self conscious about it wearing off, because really I prefer no lipstick at all, just gloss which smears the liner. Mine are very much like Ur natural color.

  • silentalien 4 years ago

    Wow! Sweet lips. That looks very painful, but beauty must suffer.

  • I recently made an appointment with a permanent makeup place and they called me and called it after they found out that I am from India. They said Indians and Blacks have purple undertones and permanent makeup won’t work on them and the lips will end up looking black. She was rather rude with me too. Is this? I am so disappointment. The color of my lips is more like your upper lip, maybe a tad bit darker. I am hoping that you can respond to this.

  • sulematrevino 4 years ago

    Thank You!
    Very Grateful!!

  • sulematrevino 4 years ago

    sorry for the late reply
    my laptop was ill & i’ve been disconnected.
    thanks for the advice.
    i particularly don’t love pink for my lips. Any lipcolor with a blue undertone (pinks) tend to heal purple or bluish on dark skin in my experience.
    i like the warmer shades on me and anyone with dark skin.
    please share your feedback and thanks for your comment!

  • Caramella007 4 years ago

    I have heard that dark skinned women should not have permanen makeup done on their lips because of Hyperpigmentation..Is that true? What good anesthetic creams can you recommend? The one I use on my customers doesnt seem to numb the area as much. Is the Emla cream the first anesthetic you used? great work!

  • DNITIN2002 4 years ago

    I am fascinated to see your video. Why dont you try Magenta, Deep Mauve, Cherry-Brown, Silver-Pink shades on Lips? Just let me know your opinion….

  • StefDiamond 4 years ago

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BarbaraOnTheTube 4 years ago

    I give you an A+ for effort.
    lips on yourself are a major undertaking,
    a little training on this and you would be able to get the color to stay, somtimes your angles are right and then worng.Healing must of been a real bummer.Maby you know how but got wrong angles becuase of working in mirror
    anyway A+

  • sulematrevino 4 years ago

    I’ll give it a try, thanks!
    what kind of q-tips do you suggest, regular?

  • pcbyfran 4 years ago

    You could get that anesthetic to work better if you massaged it in with a cotton tipped applicator instead of those micro brush things that scratch up the lip tissue. It’s a pretty color and nice shape but you are working the lip far too much trying to get color into it with that little needle grouping.