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See the whole post here! Take a peek inside of our beauty bag for all of our favo…

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  • Katie Franken 2 years ago

    Idk how you guys don’t get tired of each other, all this time you spend
    together AND you live together! That’s true friendship right there! ^_^

  • elschumann 2 years ago

    I am surprised you gals haven’t tried Tarte’s “Brazilliance” tanner! So
    many people love it! I’m about to try it before vacation next week :) 

  • Jamie Antes 2 years ago

    You guys need to do fashion videos or ootw or ootd or at least tell us what
    your wearing in the description because you guys are always wearing cute
    clothes & jewelry!!! 

  • Summer Gieser 2 years ago

    I follow vlogwithkendra on YouTube and she recommends Chocolate Sun Organic
    Self Tanning Spray – Cocoa Fleur Atomizer. She got it from Ecodiva. It is
    natural and she seemed to LOVE it:). Thanks for sharing!!!! Love all the

  • Kristina K 2 years ago

    Josie Maran has an awesome coconut water cheek “gelee” that gives a perfect
    flush color for summer! It can also be worn on the lips. And Tarte
    Brazilliance self tanner is the best self tanner I have used! :) 

  • Joan Rickman 2 years ago

    Just ran across your videos. I’m 44 with 4 daughter and I’m trying to
    teach my girls the importance of exercise, health and taking care of
    yourself from head to toe. I work out often (and my girls workout
    sometimes too…Yea) so I’m going to order your video’s (and lip balm if I
    can find it) and get the girls to do it with me. Y’all are young and
    pretty and I think my girls could relate to you. Glad I found you. XOXO
    from Memphis, Tn

  • candyshop505 2 years ago

    okay Katrina’s shirt tho…….I NEED IT

  • Julia Gill 2 years ago

    Alba Botanica has a great natural sunless tanner and can be found at the
    drugstore, as well as Chocolate Sun, which is higher end. And, although
    Tarte incorporates more natural ingredients into their products, they are
    far from being all natural or organic. Zuzu Luxe is a great natural makeup
    brand and Pacifica now sells natural makeup. Indie brands like Silk
    Naturals offers the best lip products and eyeshadow. 

  • estoniaforever 2 years ago

    Try josie marant coconut watercolour cheek gelee. you can find it at
    sephora It is organic and vegan. Very nice blush. Last all day :) 

  • Eva M 2 years ago

    Hi Katrina! Can you tell me please where we can buy your bracelet? It’s so
    nice! Thanks!

  • Ladyluxswimwear 2 years ago

    Lovely ladies! We’re always looking out summer beauty tips :) 

  • Bianca Kartus 2 years ago

    I have feeling if you guys went onto the ‘eco diva beauty’ website you guys
    would drool over the beautiful organic skincare and makeup lines x 

  • Miranda Kelly 2 years ago

    Does anyone know where Kat’s bikini bottoms are from in the thumbnail?
    They’re so cute and i can’t find them anywhere ):

  • Catherine Crain 2 years ago

    I’ve heard Chocolate Sun organic self-tanner is great! You can get it (&
    tons of other amazing brands) on ECO DIVA BEAUTY! I haven’t tried it myself
    but it’s in my shopping basket haha! I’ve heard it is SO GOOD! 

  • heloise thom 2 years ago

    with what did you make the small part between 0:23 and 0:50 ?

  • Jess Zen 2 years ago

    Ladies you are awesome <3

  • AnnaBanana98 2 years ago

    I have always been jealous of their perfect glowing skin!!! :) <3

  • Sarah M-K 2 years ago


  • Gicelle Valdez 2 years ago

    Those Boots products are actually NOT organic they contain Parabens!

  • Brittany Paige 2 years ago

    I love Katrina’s outfit! Please do ootd!

  • Holly Sanker 2 years ago

    How to apply a sunless tanner video please!

  • Tatiana D. 2 years ago

    NARS tinted moisturizer is my fave!! Also Paula’s Choice which is online
    only, my fave for skin care. Affordable & great philosophy behind product.

  • Judith Baker 2 years ago

    If you dont mind me asking, how tall are they? Because of they look like
    Victorias Secret models! If they’re average height I think I will be
    motivated enough to work my ass of!

  • Rebecca Naeve 2 years ago

    Try the Tarte Maracuja Braziliance self tan — it’s amazing, looks natural,
    and smells like cake :) 

  • buckskinz321 2 years ago

    I have a suggestion for you guys since u love organic or natural makeup. I
    highly suggest trying Pacifica. It’s actually a vegan makeup company and
    they have really great stuff from lotions, perfumes, makeup and so much
    more! My fav would be the solar makeup set(includes highlighters, blush,
    bronzer, and eyeshadows) it’s a great palette. For a lip gloss I would
    highly suggest either nudist or opal which has a bit of sparkle but if you
    don’t want that then try the coconut kiss lip butter in Shell. I will tell
    u that these products are a bit shimmery and I usually don’t like very
    shimmery stuff but this brand has honestly never failed me and the solar
    palette has some fun colors for the summertime :) thanks for the video!

  • Natasha Thomas 2 years ago

    Organic self tanner that’s supposed to be amazing!: Chocolate sun :) 

  • rebamac10 2 years ago

    Check out my Beauty/ fashion tumblr! >

  • Samantha OLeary 2 years ago

    my favorite eye shadow is too faced, and for my lips I like Maybelline new
    York elixir. I def. want to try the coola sunscreen, botanics face oil,
    your beach babe lip balm, fresh soy face cleanser, laura mercier face
    moisturizer, laura mercier lip balm, and the Nars lip color. What is facial
    toner for?

  • Ryleigh Inman 2 years ago

    I feel like this is going to be my best friend Olivia and I in 10 years…
    Y’all even look like us!

  • kareer-fenty 2 years ago

    +Tone It Up You girls have to try the Marc Anthony’s Beach Waves Spray! It
    smells like coconut and it works amazingly well! It’s also affordable, I
    picked mine up from the local drugstore.

  • Veronica' C. 2 years ago

    U girls are awesome! I love watching ur videos and it makes me feel like we
    r besties! Haha every time my bf comes home n im working out with either my
    dvds or youtube he even mentions that im working out with my friends! Ur
    positive attitude is contagious and I love and adore u both! Much love!

  • Jenny Friz 2 years ago

    I would def recommend the Josie Maran coconut water cheek gelee in poppy
    paradise. Yes, I said coconut water! It’s wonderful and can be used on the
    lips as well. Fresh Sugar tinted lip treatments are gorgeous and super soft
    as well. :-* 

  • Lily Barton 2 years ago

    Fashion tips?!?!! Your guys style is AMAZING <3

  • Kaitlin o'connor 2 years ago

    You girls need to try RMS beauty! All of their products are all natural and
    contain coconut oil. 

  • Jackie Kollmar 2 years ago

    Have you tried the Tarte sunless tanner bronzer? ITs amazing and made from
    maracuja oil! It’s called brazilliance and it gives an amazing brown
    bronze! Just make sure to rub it all in!! And it’s all organic

  • SidneeLove 2 years ago

    Awesome! I agree with the girls who said they’d love to see fashion videos.
    K & K have such cute taste<3 Wish they would have covered what they do for
    leg hair removal.. hope that’s not weird lol. Maybe in the next beauty

  • Yvonne 2 years ago

    God bless Ladies, Thank you, for sharing your favorite products. One of my
    favorite lines is Josie Maran, her products are amazing and very natural as
    well. The entire line makeup and the skin care is amazing..

  • Sophi Silchuk 2 years ago

    I am new to this channel but are they friends or sisters 

  • Diana Pavlova 2 years ago

    Lol you girls are awesome and hilarious !! :) ) <3 and I too put coconut oil
    on my body and on my face especially every morning , I absolutely like it a

  • Jessie Deschane 2 years ago

    Love this! Thank you for doing this video :) Lots of new beauty ideas for

  • MsLll5 2 years ago

    what is the number of the makeupforver lipstick?

  • breanne holroyd 2 years ago

    You guys should try sun labs. There a para bean free tanner that lasts up
    to three days and is founded in ventura ca. My home town. It works great

  • NewBtoNursing 2 years ago

    I love make up forever! I am also 128 which is wonderful….I will try the
    Laura liquid with that and see how it works!!! Thanks for the tips ladies!
    <3 xo Arrian

  • dolphinlover1014u 2 years ago

    Love all of the products you mentioned! I’m definitely going to have to
    check out some of those products :)