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I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) MY OTHER CHANNEL instagram: thomasadrianna1 (this is M…

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  • iluvnyc07 4 years ago


  • DJ Sekar 4 years ago

    check out my youtube channel, if u have time :) xoxo

  • CutiEnatious 4 years ago

    Uptown music’s next ;) 

  • alexisisme98 4 years ago

    thank you so much for doing this !!!

  • stcgdm 4 years ago

    your makeup is very pretty do you arch your own eyebrows or someone else.

  • Ngandjui Cynthia 4 years ago


  • D Martin 4 years ago

    love it! whats your skin care regime, you got such beautiful skin

  • ayepo53 4 years ago

    Awwww i like it

  • DEEDEE mua 4 years ago

    Only thing i didnt like was your brows, but other then that it was gorg.

  • lalonniea 4 years ago

    Your make up is bomb af…an ur very beautiful make up or not..while u was doing it I was saying to my self an she already pretty..#nogaystuff#buttrue#thanks

  • WeddingPlanner00 4 years ago

    Sexy. I love natural also!! Keep’em coming hunni

  • Miss Goddess 4 years ago

    i love the shape of your eyesss

  • Ashley Washington 4 years ago

    Lol I know right!!!

  • 2niceso4q 4 years ago

    100th HATERS

  • jasonking2005 4 years ago

    i have purchased MAC makeup brush from aliexpress, everyone need, pls find uyang shop on aliexpress

  • Cafeolesista 4 years ago

    Just a thank you! You did that!

  • ladietno11 4 years ago

    Primer??? I don’t believe I saw it listed… Let me know

  • queentasie77 4 years ago

    Luv the look but this music is the worse!

  • Daphney Jean-Minter 4 years ago


  • DestinyAlanax3 4 years ago

    your eyebrows ! perfect!

  • Amanda smith 4 years ago

    your skin looks so flawless. Absolutely stunning!

  • Bre Miller 4 years ago

    Very beautiful n natural looking the skin definately glows

  • PhillyGirl2233 4 years ago

    Get rid of that stupid…music…???

  • Lareina Cooper 4 years ago


  • maylyn321 4 years ago

    bloody downtown music on the beat

  • amara destinee 4 years ago

    I love it! Beautiful work!

  • Sahraa Ayaan 4 years ago

    I put the sound on mute and played Beyonce’s album real low lol

  • paary baaby 4 years ago

    loved it ..

  • Alyssa Fraiser 4 years ago

    Very nice… Thank you!

  • MsEkundayo 4 years ago


  • Unya frierson 4 years ago

    U have nice skin. Looks like this process takes a while but looks worth it u look so pretty.

  • Nicole Parker 4 years ago

    Beautiful! Good Job! That song is annoying

  • TheBarbieDia 4 years ago

    This song is so annoying , But I love the tutorial

  • amanda precourt 4 years ago

    u are so pretty!!! I loved the video!!!

  • songzda1 4 years ago

    u have beautiful eyes

  • Lavish003 4 years ago

    love the video hun, i love nude colors all year round…GREAT JOB!!!!!

  • Débora Maximiano 4 years ago

    Ficou perfeito,
    beijos do Brasil!! ;)

  • cyncere sin 4 years ago

    I love this tutorial you did a amazing job. What a big different! beautiful.

  • Tiffanysmith21 4 years ago

    You are beautiful! 

  • barbararuiz899 4 years ago

    Omg!!! I luv luv wat u did here in this tutorial. U ARE BEAUTIFUL. … N im always lookin for a beautiful lookin summer glow this will b my new look thank u so much…Im loving ur other videos as well ….

  • xoxogossipgirlBARBIE 4 years ago

    this song makes me want to kill myself

  • Selena Colding 4 years ago

    love it! I will try it.

  • 123456789deja 4 years ago


  • Danielle Moore 4 years ago

    Very beautiful!!!!!

  • jada1234lovesyou2 4 years ago

    downttown, downtown, downtown… pretty make up, but i hate the word downtown lol

  • sassyyndsweet91 4 years ago

    Absolutely love this look! I have a birthday dinner tonight and ive been looking at so many different videos !!! Thanks for the help !

  • GlitterxoxPink 4 years ago

    i love this look plz do more

  • FromMilesAround 4 years ago

    Wheres this beat from? I love it