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Niki and Gabi show you how to look super gorgeous for a summer party! SUMMER BODY! – SUMMER DATE NIGHT! – DRESS L…

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  • AwesomenessTV 3 years ago

    2:19 2:37 Dem vans doe

  • Kiera C 3 years ago

    guys really, I think Niki realized that she said vans. she obvi didnt mean
    it. Niki loves her vans and her converse. anyone can easily mix those up,
    stop making such a big deal out of it. 

  • Shaugnnessy Young 3 years ago

    “How to look pretty… ” …really? 

  • AleayiahBaby 3 years ago

    Guys I think she gets she missed up she doesn’t need hundreds of comments
    telling her! 

  • heyitsally03 3 years ago

    She made a mistake by saying Vans instead of Converse. That’s ok, everyone
    makes mistakes! :) 

  • lolipop9190 3 years ago


  • mblabezza 3 years ago

    I wear none of this, guess I’m not pretty. Why do kids these days annoy the
    shit out of me?

  • Kelli Willrich 3 years ago

    She called them VANS but they were Converse, get your shoe brands right.

  • Niki and Gabi 3 years ago

    Totally just realized I said “vans” instead of converse, haha my bad!
    Whoops -Niki

  • BeautyxvlogStyle 3 years ago

    The way she just draw her eyeliner was amazing. FAB

  • Girl that’s the biggest fashion mistake. But I’m not sure cuz they have
    Vans shape.

  • love pink 3 years ago

    Gosh i’m gonna sue you those are converse

  • Katie Sue 3 years ago


  • GlitterAndGlam08 3 years ago

    You should do a theme park looks video!! (You both look so beautiful)

  • Michaela Harkin 3 years ago


  • Michelle Lin 3 years ago

    The title seems a bit harsh ya know?

  • Ezana Vee 3 years ago

    Niki looks like bethany!!!

  • Joelle Tourangeau 3 years ago

    How to look pretty? That is a lame title in my opinion :/ nice content

  • stayoutofroom6277 3 years ago

    OMG she kept saying Vans 

  • Chantel Amber-Beth Amaral 3 years ago

    Converse… Awks. And she said it twice so it wasn’t a mistake lol

  • FrenchBulldog45 3 years ago


  • brianna ephriam 3 years ago

    Btw those r converse not fans

  • kylee de vries 3 years ago

    All stars not vans

  • Angelica Mcshan 3 years ago

    Am I the only that noticed she called converse vans?!?!

  • Shane Brydges 3 years ago


  • _Bekah B00_ 3 years ago

    Did she just call Converse.. Vans….oh my God… No

  • Neida Galvan 3 years ago

    They are converse !!!

  • Bharti Sharma 3 years ago

    Those are converse not vans. 

  • Anya Grace 3 years ago


  • Josie Reho 3 years ago

    CONVERSE NOT VANS!! everything from makeup to outfits in this video is just
    plain ew

  • Lauren Elizabeth 3 years ago

    those r converses not vans

  • AleayiahBaby 3 years ago

    Gabi is the eyeliner queen! 

  • Kera Lovesyuh 3 years ago

    I am so hatin on her calling her converse vans

  • Nayely Robles 3 years ago

    Lol everyone is commenting that there converse not vanz