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  • Liv Horan 5 years ago

    Thank you for this. I’m in the seventh grade and figured it was time to try
    makeup. This helped a lot xx

  • beautybabe101 5 years ago

    Good tutorial.

  • samlollipop 5 years ago

    The eyes were terrible:/ I’m sorry….

  • Queen Taylah 5 years ago

    Loreal True Match is a nice fountation:)

  • Sixteen Jones 5 years ago

    your eyes should be more blended and the eyeliner is not straight. also
    there is a gp between the eyeliner and eyelashes. i like the foundation tho

  • ashlynn sullivan 5 years ago

    bring your foundation down your neck it looks discolored when you dont but
    you dont really need makeup your pretty without it 

  • Lexi Gum 5 years ago

    I know I’m like half your age and everything and I love love love your
    videos but I learned that when you put makeup on you wanna brush up when
    you mix it BC is will help when your older and will help prevent wrinkles

  • Suzanne Bingham 5 years ago

    What’s the difference between foundation and concealer

  • Tyra Roberts 5 years ago

    Your face is clear you dont need makeup!!!

  • Clodagh O' Regan 5 years ago

    Oh my god I have that exact makeup brush set OMG OMG its soooooooooo good

  • Grace Kim 5 years ago

    Your eyebrows look great and it was an inexpensive product as most of the
    products you used are, and I really loved that. I also really liked that
    you used a slightly different contouring method with a different brush! It
    would be cool if you did a new updated version of this vid though because I
    would suggest doing the eyeliner from outside in for a much more completed
    liner look rather than stopping awkwardly there, foundation was not quite
    taken down your neck, try that out maybe? Also try using setting spray
    after applying all your makeup; it helps tremendously! cool video :) 

  • Aimee Gibson 5 years ago

    How much did it cost you for the brushes and were did you get it

  • Allie Fournier 5 years ago

    I have the same brush set!

  • MakeupbyAlyssa 5 years ago

    No offense but that foundation isn’t REALY your color

  • Megan Herron 5 years ago

    nyx stay matte but not flat foundation is amazing

  • Chelsie Taylor 5 years ago

    I have the same brushes! I was soooo excited to see you hold up that brush
    kit :D 

  • Madiha Naaz 5 years ago
  • Kim Rainwater 5 years ago

    Courtney what a breath of fresh air you are. All of the products you used
    are considered inexpensive which I love. I have spent thousands and
    thousands on high end makeup and yes low end but it was so unnecessary and
    a big ole waste of money but I got in this mode that I needed all of these
    high end palettes, foundations, blushes, etc. I do have to say I look at my
    makeup as a collection and I love to play with it, organize it, make out
    with it (kidding). The biggest thing I want to say to you is
    congratulations for showing you can do a complete, beautiful makeup look
    using inexpensive product and simple techniques. Way to go girl and please
    don’t change. xoxo

  • DieOBeasties GamePlay 5 years ago

    Guys pause at 2:03 her face tho

  • Claire Dugan 5 years ago

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a good foundation that gives you really
    good coverage, but looks pretty natural.

  • Crave 5 years ago

    my favorite conceala is hide and cover

  • amberonpizza 5 years ago

    I used to have a Amore Mio foundation power, but I lost it. it was amazing
    and gave me so much coverage with no oily glare

  • Adalie Duncan 5 years ago

    if you really notice her eyes are very pretty! Thanks so much i am a
    beginner and needed help!

  • Paul Stevens 5 years ago

    If you ant good coverage get Younique BB cream foundation. Seriously the
    best mke up ever! No Preservative, absolutely cruelty free, no sulfates,
    its actually certified vegan :) If you want to check out the products feel
    free to do so :) 

  • Dan Hall 5 years ago

    hey can you do a zombie look like put red eyeshadow and stuff like that

  • crysc90 5 years ago

    I know u said u didn’t like the foundation u used in this u used in this
    look because it didn’t give much coverage but I think that amount of
    coverage for u is perfect because your skin looks so pretty and when u were
    done with your look you looked so pretty and natural. Tfs.

  • Kealeys Boutique 5 years ago

    I like cover girl oil control foundation