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  • Starz Prod 4 years ago

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  • Alanah Fielding 4 years ago

    That was so cool, i might try it!!!

  • Blueeyed Lola 4 years ago

    Wauw, after you have no pikkles animore!

  • lovelywinter98 4 years ago

    You honestly look so gorgeous this makeup look is perfect

  • Amber Hunt 4 years ago

    i love the hair tipi have been looking for one for ages have you got anymore quick and easy ones for teens

  • Kate Williams 4 years ago

    it says on facebook she lives in cork, ireland

  • Unicorndust798 4 years ago

    where are you from? it was so annoying how your accent sounded American and British but penney’s is in Ireland…

  • Kailie Gaskarth 4 years ago

    You’re so naturally beautiful!

  • weifoong wong 4 years ago

    Thanks I would like to try makeup & this is by far the simpliest I ever watch! Thanks a lot and you are really very pretty! :D

  • xomaddyxo19 4 years ago

    Your so pretty!

  • Hayder Hadfi 4 years ago

    you sound french.

  • trixihehn 4 years ago

    Its so cool … defently try this outv

  • Ja Thanawuth 4 years ago

    You’re really pretty :) !!!

  • Julia HÃ¥kansson 4 years ago

    Can so just have your eyelashes? They’re amazing!!

  • Angelife Ca 4 years ago

    I have 54 years old and I love watch your video. Thank you !

  • ishita roy 4 years ago

    You are so beautiful!!!

  • Cecilia Grace 4 years ago

    That’s usually what she does and what I do as well :)

  • Shania Pana 4 years ago

    Hi!!! Please do reply! =)))

    Can I use this type of sequel:?

    Toner – Moisturizer – Primer – Foundation – Concealers – Face Powder?

    (for this kind of make-up?)

  • Shania Pana 4 years ago

    Hi!!! Please do reply! =)))

    Can I use this type of sequel:?

    Toner – Moisturizer – Primer – Foundation – Concealers – Face Powder?

    (for this kind of make-up?)


  • SkeeterK101 4 years ago

    Love your videos, this is really helpful. Thanks :)

  • Franchesca Marie Ogerio 4 years ago

    Can I also use this for simple party events??

  • rya melia 4 years ago

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  • Rachel Chan 4 years ago

    ur face is so flawless and glowy!!!

  • romyleach 4 years ago

    I 3 your concealer

  • Isabella Kayath 4 years ago

    loved that! I’m using it for school

  • Alannah Jones 4 years ago

    You are grgeous, btw im so happy you have brown eyes, because i do too and I can never find tutorials that are great like this for brown eyes

  • Emillie Greening 4 years ago

    Wow ur so good at makeup x

  • Jane Serfaty 4 years ago

    i love the last part, the HAIRRR <333

  • Sara .J 4 years ago

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  • Selena Lasso 4 years ago

    Kiss your hand tens and say your crushed name 15 times posts this on 2 other videos and your crush will ask you out

  • thegreenGIRLsmic30 4 years ago

    Does anyone know where i can get rose water in the U.S.?

  • Eliza Lai 4 years ago

    I’m soo gonna do this look!

  • TheWebkinzbrowndog 4 years ago