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Before applying your makeup, you can opt to use face primer to make your makeup last all day!! It’s very simple and gives you a finished look and flawless lo…


Primer Makeup


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  • Robyn Withrow 4 years ago

    She sure looks like it :) beautiful girl! Thank you for this vid I’m new to primers

  • Christine Arcega 4 years ago

    are you a filipino?….

  • Bambi Bui 4 years ago

    do you apply this before your moisturizer? or after? HELPPPP

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    Aww, thanks so much! Glad this tutorial helped yoU!!

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    I would say a minute or two! You can put it on right after, primer helps to prepare the skin for foundation by hydrating the skin as well! Hope it helps!

  • Julie Wilson 4 years ago

    How long do you leave the primer on before you put foundation on?

  • Michelle Hall 4 years ago

    Your so cute though. You don’t even need makeup and there for I hate Thanks for the video Im a huge makeup person but Ive NEVER used primer before so I didn’t know how to put I on, Now I do! :D

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    I’m so happy to hear that!! THanks for the feedback!!

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    They are two separate primers, although, I’ve found some primers that works great for face and eyes.  Why not give it a try and see if your eyeshadows crease? Maybe the primer you have will work! But typically, I use eye primer for eyes and a separate face primer..Hope that helps! Thanks for commenting!

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    Thanks so much!!! I appreciate your lovely comment!!

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    Wow, thanks so much, I appreciate that!!

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    You’re so sweet, thanks so much!!

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback…

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    I love the Tea Tree BodyShop primer! Is that the one you use? It’s my fave at the moment :P

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    A primer hydrates the skin and prepares your face for your foundation, you may not need primer if you already have oily skin or try a primer that works well with your skin type…I hope that helps!!

  • TheTen9876 4 years ago

    i use the elf primer and the other primer i got from “the body shop”

  • TheTen9876 4 years ago

    do primers help so that ur skin isnt as oily?? i have used them and i seem to be oilier.. lol maybe im not applying it correctly

  • ronariverah 4 years ago

    You don’t rub primer in your face

  • cynthialove420 4 years ago

    Omg THANK YOU.,You’re so beautiful btw^_^

  • Carlyquack 4 years ago

    Omg your eyes! So perfect!

  • jamiehernandez36 4 years ago

    You Have Really Pretty Hair c: .

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    @bsweetandsimple, I don’t normally do so, but, yes, you can. It also might depend on your face primer. Give it a try and see if it allows your shadows to stick and stay in place throughout the day. If it doesn’t crease, then, you can continue to use it as your face and eye primer. I use eye makeup and usually use the Urban Decay primer potion or my Elf eye primer which only costs $1.00 at your local Target! i hope I’ve helped!!

  • Wendy Maxi 4 years ago

    Is it okay to use a face primer as a eyeshadow primer?

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    @1fanhere, thnks for watching!!! I have about three different smokey eye tutorials, I’d you click on my name and go under “videos” I have a few ;) I hope you find them helpful!!!

  • 1FANHERE 4 years ago

    Can u do a smokeybeye tutorial?

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    @lucasblake90, you are right in the order you mentioned! Primer is first. You can alternate foundation and concealer. Some do foundation then conceal or concealer than foundation. That part is up to you! Last, you can apply pressed powder to areas that are most oily! Thnks so much for watching! Hope it helped ;)

  • Lucasblake90 . 4 years ago

    Ok so i’m new to make up and i’m going somewhere special but which comes first because i’m using all four unless that’s a bad idea but in what order do i use these items: Concealer, Primer, Foundation, Powder. Someone said it was Primer, Concealer, Foundation and then Powder but i’m not sure?

  • GuiavaFruits 4 years ago

    love it… it helped me TONS!!!:)

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    Use your cream or moisturizer first, then use your primer. The primers I use do not have creams. Their purpose is only to help set the foundation and make up in place the whole day. I hope this helps!!

  • Cmommy E 4 years ago

    I have combination skin would i need to put some cream first then the primer or does the primer come with some type of miosturizer?

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    @rselim88, you’re very sweet, thank you so much :) I really appreciate your comment!!

  • ILearnWithMinette 4 years ago

    @sheforeverthebaddest, thanks so much! I appreciate that :)

  • Rselim88 4 years ago

    Did anyone tell you you’re adorable?

  • SheForeverTheBaddest 4 years ago

    You have reallu beautiful eyes! :) Brown eyes unite!! :D