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STOP SHAVING YOUR PUBES! Try this simple eyeshadow trick. It will act as your eyeshadow guideline g…

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  • gossmakeupartist 3 years ago

    New Video!

  • Maren Kritz 3 years ago

    I didnt realize ppl didn’t know this trick, hasn’t it been around for quite
    some time? many people use this technique to prevent eyeshadow fall out,
    no disrespect tho just curious! loveu :-*

  • ChantalGuitarNL 3 years ago

    +gossmakeupartist Thank you so much for this! I’ve used this trick the
    other day and it worked like a charm. I’ve had very hooded eyes from birth,
    plus my eyebrows are quite low. I’m the same age as you, so you might
    imagine how difficult it is to get my eye makeup looking right. Your little
    trick enabled me to extend my eyeshadow much better, which really lifted my
    eyelids visually. Thank you! I’m a huge fan of your videos :-) Love from
    the Netherlands <3

  • babygirlmz1 3 years ago

    It’s about time someone address this lol! Although I have been guilty of
    this, in my defense a girl at Sephora told me this was how one
    appropriately draws on eyebrows. My mom was the first to bring it to me
    attention and told me that while they were nicely drawn, they were too much
    for my face. I think that’s really the point, it just depends on our face
    shape, we all just can’t look our best with this style of eyebrow. It is
    what it is. And lastly I don’t know why everyone is getting bent out of
    shape bc of Jaclyn Hills clip being used. Whether it was or not, we all
    love her and at the end of the day that girl could draw her eyebrows on as
    check marks and she’d still look good!

  • gossmakeupartist 3 years ago
  • LisaFreemontStreet 3 years ago

    What about for those with outside laugh lines etc would this still be a
    good trick for us? It seems as though the powder might settle?

  • ShannanLeanneeee 3 years ago

    Hello lovely people! I have been subscribed to Wayne for over 2 years now
    and he’s my favourite Youtube. I mean no disrespect to him.
    I have just started my own Youtube channel and I would really appreciate
    some feedback, I’m still a little camera shy – however I’m improving! I
    have just uploaded a easy inexpensive glittery/sparkly Christmas lip
    tutorial (24 days!!) I would love some feedback? Thank you so much for
    reading this, It really means a lot to me!!
    I mean no disrespect Wayne!! I’m sorry – I’m just struggling xx

  • strgazr04 3 years ago

    What would you suggest for someone with very dry skin who can’t use any
    powder at all (i.e. only sets their makeup with setting spray)? Also, would
    this still work for someone with mature skin or would the powder end up
    settling into creases?

  • Sarah Jones 3 years ago

    AMAZING! I am SO trying this tomorrow. XOXO Sarah

  • MandyDoll 3 years ago

    I like this trick! I have seen the “cooking” done on other areas of the
    face and it always looks pretty. Thank you! :) 

  • Nikkia Joy 3 years ago

    Love this!!

  • Candi Kelly 3 years ago

    G-E-N-I-U-S!!! makes so much sense…thanks for sharing!

  • Nizia Harrison 3 years ago

    Do you have tips on hooded eyes , dark skin care.

  • HighConCannibal 3 years ago

    I skipped in around 1 min to actually get to the point of the video… Then
    I remembered Im watching Wayne’s video and skipped back to the start.. AND
    the point. :D 

  • Darla Allen 3 years ago


  • Ca Frey 3 years ago

    Sorry for my english… It’s before or after doing whole face make up?

  • Dawn Schultz 3 years ago

    This is so Genius!!! I have watched video’s on how drag queens do makeup
    they do a beautiful job, dang it. :) 

  • maricar jellyace Villademosa 3 years ago

    thanks for this info

  • Federica Ferrero 3 years ago

    That’s what I would call…. killing two birds with a stone!!! ;-) )

  • chris green Philly 3 years ago

    This is a cool idea-I’ve seen something similar where people will put alot
    of powder under their eyes to catch fallout, but never out to the side like
    this, & usually I get more fallout there anyway because it’s the dark
    colors I use on my outer V that make the fallout. Though I really don’t
    think this would be quite right for me-I have extremely dry skin, & just a
    normal amount of powder will often make my face look too powdery & cling to
    all the little baby hairs you can’t see with the naked eye, & make them
    visible-usually I’ll have to use setting spray to sort of tone down the
    powdery-ness. So I’m not sure that applying this much would be right for
    me, though there’s always the tape, or card trick, or like you showed in
    your one video, using a little triangle of fabric!

  • Fee mayne 3 years ago

    Or you can just clean it up with concealer after you apply eyeshadow…

  • Phoebe Tickner 3 years ago

    i actually do this every day! it makes my highlight look awesome and my
    eyes look sultry and cat like! love it, ive actually got comments on how
    good it looks! thanks for bringing this technique to people, more people
    need to know about it! i love you!

  • Jachinoy D 3 years ago

    U r so legit! Im going to try this. Visit me in singapore :) 

  • Mona M. 3 years ago

    I see some people use [Scotch] tape as an eyeshadow guideline, as well. But
    while the tape can leave a clean and precise edge to the eyeshadow, it can
    also leave that awful dent on the skin. Hate it when that happens. I’ll be
    using this trick.

  • Denise Kendall 3 years ago

    Wayne PLEASE HELP I’m 45 and I have trouble after powdering my skin(I have
    hyper pigmentation so I need that full coverage powder) trying to make a
    cheekbone highlight show up. I’ve tried a million highlighters they don’t
    look good or luminous and they do not show up I have very fair skin. I
    can’t not powder my skin or use the cream products because I need the
    coverage. What do I do

  • Ida Pedersen 3 years ago

    Great tip! I like to clean up with concealer after eyeshadow application is
    done, but this is great as a guideline, as well as a more natural “clean up”
    Not as sharp or harsh looking as concealer or scotch tape can be. It comes
    down to preference and what look you’re going for, I guess. I said as too
    many times, didn’t I? 

  • Helen Hernandez 3 years ago

    Wow!!! I had forgotten that trick. I recall learning about it in a Janet
    Jackson makeup demo years ago. It truly does work. Thanks for bringing
    those tricks back to life. This is why I am addicted to your channel. Much
    love from Texas!! 

  • J.V. Swailes. 3 years ago

    No, “3 tricks in one” !!!!!

  • Venus Eliyah 3 years ago

    Still confused. Is the trick used before or after applying foundation? 

  • Sammy Langlet 3 years ago

    How do u keep your skin sooo flawless! And please answer ehat is the best
    foundation high end for dry skin i want a high end foundation and am
    feeling very overwhelmed

  • deborah losekelly 3 years ago

    I love your videos!!! I recently started wearing makeup again and it seems
    as if I’m having to relearn how to apply makeup. I’m 55 now and things
    have, well…. Changed! My eyes are hooded now and there are wrinkles on
    lips. Grrr!! Am now also having troubles finding a foundation that doesn’t
    make my pores look larger and that stays on around the nose area in winter.
    I have to be careful what I wear as I do have reactions to certain
    chemicals and to any man made fragrance. Do you have any suggestions or
    tips? Ty!!!

  • Janet Cabrera 3 years ago

    I always do this, but I use a highlighter concealer. Thanks for share.

  • Kirsten Sehested 3 years ago

    Wayne, you have taught me so much from your videos!! Thank you so much for
    posting helpful tips and tricks like this, they really make all the

  • vancitygurl 3 years ago

    Doesn’t sticking a tape does the same thing? Or does that give a harsher or
    dramatic effect?

  • Barbara Angele 3 years ago

    LOVE this tip. Cannot wait to try it tomorrow. I do not use face powder
    and 750,000 people asked you WHAT POWDER you used or what powder is best
    for this trick??? Anyone???

  • TheDopedemon69 3 years ago

    what kind of powder is that ?

  • msmitty1989 3 years ago

    Great video, will def try this trick! I know it’s futile asking because
    you’re so popular but my face has thinned out a lot as I’ve gotten older
    (I’m only 25!!) and when I contour I look scary-skeletal. How would you go
    about making your face look ‘chubbier’ and more round? So many people want
    to thin out their face but what about us skull-looking people!? hahah xoxo

  • dorothysue1 3 years ago

    LOL, I’ve been doing this sense 1975!

  • Anita Just 3 years ago

    Love your mustache trim with the thin “Y” cutout. Nice!