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The TRUTH behind why whenever you try to grow your hair long, you will almost INEVITABLY encounter some thinning of your ends. This video covers questions li…


Natural Makeup


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  • beth29matthews 2 years ago

    Great video. Thank you for this! 

  • condoz2009 2 years ago

    I am sooo jealous of your hair!

  • CrazyLikeA... 2 years ago

    This makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much! Since 2005, I have been
    struggling with this. I thought that I was doing something wrong to get
    thinner ends and I was driving myself up the wall trying to figure out what
    it was. I treated my hair well and the hairdressers were acting like I was
    doing something wrong because my hair is thinner at the ends.

  • Gentlefire 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for explaining this!!

  • StaringTourists 2 years ago

    a couple of years back i noticed my long hair thinning (stress etc) and i
    decided to chop it all off. ive been taking biotin for about 6 months now
    and my hairs is growing back really quick and healthy.
    except for the hairs where your bangs are supposed to be… the weird thing
    is that the longest layer has really nice thick ends, but the short hairs
    here and there have thinning ends. i cant really cut those hair because i
    dont want bangs
    ive kind of given up hope that the hair around my face will ever be thick
    and long again

  • Idrissa Walker 2 years ago

    WAIT… PUT THOSE SCISSORS DOWN! I learned this back when I went to hair
    school. She explains it perfectly, but I will also add that an individual
    strand of hair grows from thick to pointed thin end if never cut as well.
    Long live fairy tale ends!

  • Denisse De La Llata 2 years ago


  • TengwarSoup 2 years ago


  • Lucy's Corsetry 2 years ago

    The video is supposed to be 8:13 long. If you click on this video and it’s
    shorter than stated, it’s probably not done processing completely.
    Refreshing the screen or coming back to watch it later should solve the

  • Nonnitot 2 years ago

    This is the best and most informative video, on this topic, that I’ve ever
    seen. Thank you for making it.

  • Melody Jensen 2 years ago

    Very interesting and informative video! Can you tell me the best way to
    estimate my terminal length? My hair is classic length now, but I’ve never
    tried to go beyond that, and I wonder how long I can go. Thanks!

  • AGirlFromDownUnder 2 years ago

    Yay SCIENCE!!!

  • Lucy's Corsetry 2 years ago

    That’s awesome! I’m so glad when my videos are made at opportune times. I
    couldn’t tell from your photos that your hair was that long. :) Long hair
    and corsets just go together. ^_^

  • Lucy's Corsetry 2 years ago

    Yes, also true. Although hair at the edges can sometimes appear to remain
    shorter due to pulling/ damage from wearing your hair back, I think they
    also simply grow slower (at least in my case).

  • Lucy's Corsetry 2 years ago

    Each follicle on your head is in a different spot in their hair cycle, so
    unless you go through some kind of drastic life or health change, typically
    your hair will lose and grow hair in a consistent rate – some people do
    experience a periodic “growth spurt” in their hair but not everyone. 10
    inches with trims over two years is actually quite good! Most people’s hair
    grows around 6 inches per year without trims so you’re right on track. Just
    stay consistent with your hair care and good diet. :)

  • David Hazen 2 years ago

    Just for fun, do a Google search for ‘terminal length hair calculator’
    which will give links to web sites and message boards that discusses how to
    obtain a very rough prediction of terminal length based on hair growth
    rate, daily hair loss and number of potentially growing hairs (Please
    remember to omit the comma when entering that number!). .

  • Lucy's Corsetry 2 years ago

    I have a sort of uneven hairline and lots of wispy, curly baby hairs around
    the edges. They do grow slower and are also softer than my other hair –
    it’s not unusual for some parts of your head to grow hair faster than other
    parts. But in my other videos where you see my sort of BSL pieces, those
    are my bangs that were cut in 2011 that are currently growing out. :)

  • Lucy's Corsetry 2 years ago

    It’s my belief (although I personally haven’t proven it to be true) that
    one’s maximum anagen duration is capped by genes – the body *must* have a
    mechanism that controls hair growth given that it’s a low priority function
    (not required for survival) barring warmth/finding a mate. And anecdotally,
    someone with short hair sheds just as many hairs per day as someone with
    long hair. So I’m willing to believe that a follicles’ anagen phase is
    based on duration rather than hair length. :)

  • amyy164 2 years ago

    I’m so glad you cleared this up because my degree is in biology as well and
    people are under the impression that going natural or regularly trimming
    your hair will cause hair to grow faster.

  • ShannonIsNotCool 2 years ago

    ive shaved my hair in july ish time and ive been growing it since
    octoberish time and its about three – four inches long at the back but my
    fringe is longer, recently i bleached it i have had my hair to a upper
    thigh legnth will it grow to that legnth again???? thanks x

  • onereddragonlady 2 years ago

    Wow, Thank you for the info. For the longest time I just thought that was
    using all the wrong shampoo or conditioners. Now I have a full
    understanding that I am doomed with bad dna.. :(

  • Melanie Stark 2 years ago

    So, I was never been able to grow my hair much past my shoulders until 4
    years ago when I got pregnant for the first time. Two years before that, I
    had cut it short. I didn’t cut my hair at all except for occasional trims.
    I thought it was at just about terminal length. Then I got pregnant and my
    hair grew dramatically, and it did not fall out after the baby was born.
    Then I got pregnant again and experienced another growth spurt. Now it’s to
    my waist, and I keep it braided.

  • Lucy's Corsetry 2 years ago

    Anagen is the longest phase that a hair follicle stays in – it’s the phase
    in which the follicle is active and new hair is growing. :) Many people’s
    anagen phase can be much longer than 4 years though. However at some point,
    the hair follicle must “rest” and it temporarily stops growing new hair. It
    sheds the hair (it falls out of the follicle) and remains dormant for a few
    months before the cycle begins anew with a long anagen phase again, when a
    brand new hair starts to grow in its place.

  • Bill M 2 years ago

    Outstanding science and presentation thereof. I love when you make these
    applied science videos. ♥ I do have one question – is the length of the
    anagen phase time purely a function of genes? So a hair is just as likely
    to fall out when one inch long as 4 feet long, assuming the follicle is the
    same age?

  • Lucy's Corsetry 2 years ago

    My childhood best friend was part Native and part Italian, and had such
    thick hair – and every time she went to the hair dresser, they would just
    razor it to ruin! I guess at some point we’ve all wanted what we don’t
    have. I’m glad you’ve come to embrace your naturally thick hair. :) If
    that’s you in your profile pic, you and your hair are absolutely gorgeous!

  • April Elisabeth 2 years ago

    But we dont go bald every 4 years?

  • CrypticElf 2 years ago

    Jep, same here. But they fall out straight with the root and right on the
    hairline they never seem to get long enough to get any damage from pulling
    etc. I once read most people have these hairs and they are called
    “Tamplehair” (hope this makes any sence in english, in german it is
    “Tampelhaare”). I’ve git quite a lot of them. ^^ Luckily, my ends still
    seems to be quite thick. Hope they’ll continue to grow!

  • Lucy's Corsetry 2 years ago

    Anagen is the longest phase that a hair follicle stays in – it’s the phase
    in which the follicle is active and new hair is growing. :) Usually this
    phase lasts for many years before the follicle moves into catagen (where
    the hair is still attached but not growing) and telogen (the rest phase
    when the hair falls out) before anagen starts again and the follicle is
    once again active, growing a new baby hair. :)

  • theoneandonlyolya 2 years ago

    how come my ends are thinning with age, 10 years ago my ends were just as
    thick as the rest of my hair and now, its just as healthy but the ends are