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  • bonquiqui soundslegit 4 years ago

    I really like the song

  • KaizyDPower 4 years ago

    I came from a country where eating fruits like watermelon, apples, nectarines and more are eaten with vinegar. I grew up drinking vinegar with salt here and there and I love it :D I’

  • Lizzie Galván Álvarez 4 years ago

    In my country we drink vinegar for breakfast!!

  • bonquiqui soundslegit 4 years ago

    why’d they use something that wasn’t a grapefruit when the beauty tip is sniffs grapefruit

  • TheHarpSealPup HasMoreBallsThanYou 4 years ago

    Kristen Stewart

    Don’t Smile! 

  • fatt goat 4 years ago

    what’s stupid is that them celebs giving out beauty tips aren’t even beautiful. Megan Fox is but that’s not just because she’s skinny.

  • Samantha Shannon 4 years ago

    drinking vinegar isnt that bad..

  • awesomelightning 4 years ago

    Just in! A celebrity beauty trick that’s been used since 1988 is going to have its seventh edition come out soon! Just a little application of this product can turn even the ugliest of people into the hottest of people in less than an hour! What is the magical product? Adobe Photoshop.

  • K1MM13K 4 years ago

    That’s a pomelo, not a grapefruit

  • superwoman125 4 years ago

    Hate this bacon commercials!

  • hooversom 4 years ago

    Verdict: i got hungry and ate it. XD

  • Jenna Keesee 4 years ago

    I don’t think they were making fun of them. It’s just that some of the ingredients were slightly bizarre. (:

  • Haley Callahan 4 years ago

    I tried the apple cider vinegar one just a few minutes ago, and literally had to pace around my bathroom chanting “you’re not gonna puke, you’re not gonna puke.” I swear, I can still feel it in my throat. Eulch.

  • Choronick 4 years ago

    0:27 Cyndy Crawfor user other kind of milk,,, you knowwww….

  • Aphroditexx 4 years ago

    I put beer in my hair once every month too. Its amazing. Two eggs and a can of beer, some conditioner and leave it in for 20 minutes.

  • kikicwazy5 4 years ago

    lol! “Milk was a bad choice!”

  • Sykikbiohazrd 4 years ago

    So……. does this mean I can pour beer in a girl’s hair at a party now??? XD

  • Cameron Jefferson 4 years ago

    Its harmful when you spread false information, some people might agree with this fool and do as she says. she should learn and or explain the facts at least so people can actually know, you know?

  • Egle Vai 4 years ago

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  • teccoxetto 4 years ago

    Man Women bathing in beer gets me hot :D

  • bonquiqui soundslegit 4 years ago

    The grapefruit looks like a giant lemon… lol

  • Christina Crockett 4 years ago

    my dad poured beer on my head when i was little. it works!

  • dutzulescu 4 years ago

    The milk on the face was interesting…:)))

  • VortexInLove 4 years ago

    All I saw was her wristband and thought: COACHELLA!!

  • Elyaza Abdeltam 4 years ago

    soda thickens your hair,so does beer,it makes it soft too.

  • Elyaza Abdeltam 4 years ago

    the apple cider fact is true. it does make you lose weight.but your supposed to put some water so that the taste won’t be so tingy,but some people like it straight up,also, if you want to plump your lips,try cayenne pepper,unless you have a coconut, or avocado allergy

  • Sierra Standard 4 years ago

    eeeeew!!!!!! dirty mind…… but, ahahha, kinda funny!

  • taylor hazzers 4 years ago

    Twistys–Brazzers pass—–►bit.ly13QokJt

  • fancyfuckingfaggot 4 years ago

    Ha ha some of those are funny, like the cat litter. But there are quite a few that are common, completely normal, and do wonders! Like milk, olive oil, and ice water :) They are better than harsh chemicals, even though they may not work as efficiently, they still do and they are healthier! :)

  • Ajay Hunt 4 years ago


  • Candygirl Production 4 years ago

    they were supposed to diluted the apple cider :P now their enamels have been deteriorated from its acidic fluids.

  • Aizzy Tan 4 years ago

    It annoys me The girls were so OVERACTING!!! And they are doing it wrong!! No hate though!

  • smokeypapas 4 years ago

    she has a pokemon chart on the wall when she quirts miof in her face

  • SouthBronxAl 4 years ago

    Wrong kind of milk… if you know what I mean. *Mr.Bean meme*

  • Lizzie Anne 4 years ago

    easy she was just making a funny video :) no harm done

  • Gurleen Singh Ahedi 4 years ago

    the beer thing really works

  • 1:13 pussy..