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This video I show you how to create a thicker look for hair on top using Hair fibers,mascara(for those pesky grays) and clip in extensions… I have tried ev…

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  • dimple dsouza 3 years ago

    June … What so ever you r pretty and this is the first video I have
    watched of yours and I subscribed it …. U r lovely honey …. Impressed
    watching the video …. Thumb up … 

  • Kait O 3 years ago

    Wow, that was so awesome.. xD haha but remember, you’re beautiful both
    before and after :3

  • May Flowers 3 years ago

    is this real hair or synthetic ? – my sister has blonde highlights with a
    light ash brown base – does the hair come in different colors ? 

  • this is the last cookie 3 years ago

    are there extensions for thinning curly hair? Thanks. You look great.

  • lindalovesmusic1 3 years ago

    This was so amazing to watch and you are a lovely person. Your hair ideas
    were perfect!

  • Jessica Reynolds 3 years ago

    i have pcos and thinning hair is the worst. It does shatter your
    confidence. I think you were very brave to share your story and your
    routine! Thank you!

  • Dawn Edwards 3 years ago

    That is amazing and you are so wonderful to do this video for those that
    have this problem! Hopefully I myself do not, however there has to be many
    out there and for especially cancer patients! God Bless you!

  • mapleblackdrums 3 years ago

    shoe polish

  • MsMiche38 3 years ago

    And gurl…you look fabulous! 

  • Pseudonorm 3 years ago

    You are so amazing!! You really are the epitome of “when life gives you
    lemons, make lemonade”
    Cancer survivors are a different type of people to be sure. I know, I was
    an oncology nurse :) 

  • Ashlee Queen 3 years ago

    Your amazing Doll very BEAUITFUL ♥ 

  • Jasmine Smith 3 years ago

    YOU DID THAT!!! I’ve never commented on a video but I had to today. You go

  • Laura Castano 3 years ago

    I think you’re really awesome for sharing this tip with women who suffer
    from this. I don’t have the same issue myself, but I DO have gray hair and
    only in the front…so I’m totally tring the mascara trick!

  • Mellomoon Haze 3 years ago

    Beautiful! I’m so happy for you that you found a way to fix that problem!!
    You looked GREAT even tho you said the colors didn’t match ;) ) I love your
    personality!! Your so positive and funny ;) ) Gob bless you girlfriend!!!

  • Christina Ruszkowski 3 years ago

    I don’t suffer from this but I do have clients that do especially in the
    front hairline. Being women this can be very Unsettling. This was a really
    great trick! Very creative! I just wanted to throw out there that you can
    also but very natural looking partials. Not an entire wig but a filler
    piece that has a built in scalp so you can wear your hair down without
    anyone being able to tell. I can’t really remember the name of what the
    piece is called something like monofilament wig. It’s not an entire head
    covering but just a front, center or back pice with a natural scalp that
    honestly can’t be recognized as fake. They are pretty amazing!

  • Rick Smith 3 years ago

    So brave

  • Tedy V 3 years ago

    wow!…. magic… genius. lol

  • MsMiche38 3 years ago

    Omgg….Thanks so much for sharing this video. I have the same problem.
    ..Definitely going to try this. …♥

  • MARCELAURA 3 years ago

    very clever ,excellent idea!

  • Gary KlunkervilleTown 3 years ago

    Very good job. Glad it works so well for you.

  • Vanessa Liming 3 years ago

    this is an awesome idea!! i’ve been contemplating hair extensions for a
    while now, but like you, i didn’t need the length in back, cuz my hair
    grows like super fast, always has, it was the top thinness that i wanted to
    fill in!
    When i hit puberty, most my hair fell out, and we never really figured out
    why. I have PCOS, but my hair has never thinned since puberty. It grew
    back, but never fully in on top. I hate going to get my hair cut cuz the
    stylists always thinks my hair is really fragile and the are just scared to
    do what i ask. But my hair that i have is fine, always grows well, i just
    don’t have as much on top. It looks best short, because you can move your
    hair forward and such and you wouldn’t really know. But now i’m growing it
    out again for my hubby cuz he likes long hair! My hubby loves me the way i
    am and he’s ok with my chopping it off when i want to, but i like long hair
    too, so when i do grow it out, i notice the thinness more. THis is like the
    answer to my problems!! Unfortunately i may have to be dealing with
    hairloss again soon (the C word), but this is an awesome option for now!
    Great video!!!

  • Alexa Tyler 3 years ago

    Have you ever thought of using henna dye for your hair, it’s got no
    chemicals at all and it’s really good for your hair X

  • Keisha Belnavis 3 years ago

    that is very creative and it actually looks good.

  • Barbie Foreva 3 years ago

    Wow ur amazing, im tired now but watching this vedio laterilly gives me
    hope, i start loving myself, ur amazing, i love ur eyes, ur eyebrows, nose,
    skin, i love u so much, ur strong, cofident, real, just i cant even tell u
    how amazing ur thank u a world

  • Stephanie Call 3 years ago

    “This is my hair on drugs” lol are you selling the extensions?

  • Afia Mapari 3 years ago

    AMAZING!!!!!!! WOW

  • iloirtimusiikista 3 years ago

    Thank you, you are absolutely brilliant! That’s a very creative solution
    and it looks great!

  • S Shah 3 years ago

    Wow! You are so brave to share this with people. I’m sure you have helped
    so many people!!! Thank you

  • Sean Christian 3 years ago

    Wow you’re Amazing June! God bless you! I’ve never seen any of your videos
    and just saw only this one and i think you have a nice personality and wish
    more people were like you. I am proud of you seeing your happiness and you
    being you. Anyway may God bless you very much you are a cool woman and i
    hope your hair grows back soon. Much love and respect!

  • barbara stringer 3 years ago

    Love this, I’ve been fooling around with this problem and wearing synthetic
    bangs that I glued to a hairband and they have been wonderful, but can’t
    wear my hair back like you. So NOW, I will try this little trick and thank
    you so much. You are really cute and perky too, so very enjoyable to
    watch. Thank you.

  • Yuge Yun 3 years ago

    Wow this is amazing. You should become the face of those extensions!

  • Loved your video..awesome…thanks for sharing

  • Machka0 3 years ago

    I heard that castor oil is good for hair regrowth, you should try it if you
    already hadn’t :) 

  • Stephanie Hubert 3 years ago

    I think it’s fantastic that you posted this video. Brave and helpful to
    women dealing with this. You’re beautiful. 

  • Lisa N. 3 years ago

    Way to be confident!

  • Roshni arushi 3 years ago

    U r too good! And so inspiring :) :*

  • Guerita Raga 3 years ago

    Hey june um I was wondering.. How much are those extinctions? Im 22 & I’ve
    actually had sort of the same issue only I dont know why im going bald on
    the top of my head. ;( ive had this issue for probably 4 yrs or so ?it
    makes me really sad& literally made me just like cry while watching ur
    video bc I would never be able to show my issue to people bc im just so
    embarrassed& ugh I just have no words to explain how I feel about it. I
    always put my hair up in a bun to hide my issue but ive been trying to wear
    my hair dwn & just part it to where its kind of hard to see BUT when im
    like taking a drive on a nice windy day it blows my hair & I have to hurry
    & fix it before someone sees it. I really thought I was alone on this I
    wish there was a way I could fix it. :( 

  • misschelle04 3 years ago

    You are such an inspiration…God bless .. 

  • Sakil Kaium 3 years ago

    fake ….
    what are other things are fakes urs lol

  • Diana Norris 3 years ago

    You are my hero. I’m dealing with this same hair loss. Have been wearing
    wigs to work and baseball caps on weekends but looking foe better
    solutions. I would definitely try these hair with clips if you are you g to
    sale them. Please keep me informed Thanks so much. This is great!

  • Monica Barry 3 years ago

    how much are the extensions and do you sell them now? 

  • Silver Mirai 3 years ago

    I’m a guy and I didn’t know that hair matters so much for women, but I
    realized it when my grandmother refused chemotherapy after cancer surgery
    because she was afraid she will lose her hair, she chose to live less and
    have that cancer spread in her, than lose her hair, I was angry at her for
    a while but then I just accepted it because I realized it’s her honor, and
    I understand honor.