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Sorry for the ramble, but I have been thinking about this for a few weeks and it really bothers me. If you are feeling self conscious about your thin hair I …


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  • kriv.19 3 years ago

    I know the feeling I have thinning hair and also some balding: ( I been
    using caboki to cover up spots but also coconut oil and castor oil on my
    scalp. It’s suppose to help with hair growth, and I have noticed my hair is
    growing faster n the gair on my head is a little thicker. Now to get the
    bald spots to.grow in: ( 

  • Sindy Santiago 3 years ago

    Hii Brittany:-) I have the same …..should we call it problem?, as you,
    thin hair. I have a question tho. Do you frequently loose hair or your hair
    just got thin but it doesn’t fall? I had full healthy hair before but two
    years ago I started losing alot of it and the one I still got its pretty
    thin. Even tho its still grows back but it still falls out. Any advice?

  • happykawaiiday 3 years ago

    I have thinner hair than you D: it falls off so much everyday and I’m only

  • Patricia Singh 3 years ago

    Good things are: You only need one ponytailholder, in summer its not so
    heavy so you don’t sweat so much, you feel like a fairy with these thin
    hairs :D ( I always call them fairy hairs ^-^) It’s easier to put a wig on :P yeah these are some good things…i struggle too sometimes with my thin
    hair..but hey in the end it’s just hair ;) There are more important things
    in life than hair…have a good day <3 keep up with these videos <3

  • Ariana Palombo 3 years ago

    Hi I have thin hair and I’m 14 ,I used to have very very thick hair and I
    really don’t know what happend :( but maybe a tip for you and more people
    with the same problem: Hairburst, these pills make your hair grow thicker
    and faster , I’m going to try them, maybe you could to? You videos are
    helping too :) )

  • Brittany Wynn 3 years ago

    I used to have thick hair and after I got sick, over half of it fell out
    and doctors called it telogen effluvium. I cried almost every day. It was
    very thin but I’m slowly growing it back. Sometimes I get very discouraged
    because it’s been almost a year since the new growth started and I’m losing
    a little more now too, but it still is okay. The only thing that makes it
    look thinner is that now it is dry and frizzy. Anyway, thank you for this
    video. I am self conscious but it makes me happy to see women who can deal
    with it and think positively. :) 

  • Emilie Hall 3 years ago

    I’m so happy I found your channel because I actually had a breakdown
    yesterday because of my hair. I’m glad someone finally knows. 

  • Sindy Santiago 3 years ago

    Awwww your so sweet for even taking out of your time to reply!!! :-)
    Thanks! I sure will try it out.

  • BBrady24 3 years ago

    I’m glad i found your youtube,i have thin hair and used to have tons of
    hair in my teens and then i got diagnosed with a thyroid problem and one of
    the symptoms of that is thinning hair, which sucks. I love your positive
    advice, im normally really self conscious about my hair. 

  • Maria Merry 3 years ago

    OMG ….same story as yours plus same hair… I don’t know how to style it.

  • Lola Jasonbreg 3 years ago

    Thank you so much I needed this my hair is so super thin

  • charleneyu09 3 years ago

    I have an extremely thin hair, and I’m 14 :( I have a bald crown, too, and
    IS can’t really hide it by brushing my hair over it since my hair is super
    thin. Do you have any idea how to hide bald crown? :( Lots of people
    already noticed.

  • A Green Disaster 3 years ago

    I have so much hair breakage and thin hair…. :( 

  • agr2789 3 years ago

    So I got the BRILLIANT idea to dye my hair with highlights after having
    dark hair for 7 years just so it could be easy to match my extensions… I
    hate it! I regret even posting a picture because now everyone knows I have
    short hair. I mean why have long hair if I have like 3 hairs… It is
    literally 4:41 am n I couldn’t sleep thinking what am I gonna do to style
    it and make it look at least “ok” with 3 little tips of hair I have :( this
    video made me feel better,,, super cheesy I know but it did. I never write
    on here but it seriously made me think about it differently… Thank you! 

  • Sofia K 3 years ago

    My hair is a lot thinner :( I hate it :( 

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    Wow!! At one point I was on the wrong type of birth control for my body too
    and I think that contributed. It caused a major hormone imbalance. Hahahaha
    Good point! Let’s wig ouuuuuttt! lol

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    Thank you! Yes! I use L’oreal Triple Resist Shampoo, Conditioner and spray
    and it has helped my fallout SO much! I have an older video on it :) I am
    going to film another thin hair style video tomorrow so it should be up
    this weekend or this beginning of next week. Hva eyou been to the dr to ask
    about your hair fallout at all?

  • Yesenia Arce 3 years ago

    I love how your so positive! But I would really like your help I’m a high
    schooler with extremely thin hair and it’s always falling out! I’m scared
    to even touch it because when I do hair falls! Is there any products you
    can recommend? Or things I can do? I hate going to school and seeing my
    friends with there thick hair and me just there with a bun.. Help me

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    That makes me so happy!! I can definitely do that video for you! I’ll have
    it up in the next two weeks! I can tell you though that you’ll want to curl
    your hair BEFORE you tease it so that you’re not pulling the tease out by

  • OriginalBarbie23 3 years ago

    I lost huge amounts of hair from birth control pills they can cause
    Hairloss. If your a woman and on it and losing hair get off thats what I
    did and im recovering my hair now. And hey we can have beyonces hair girl!
    She wears wigs!

  • Brittany Gibson 3 years ago

    I know the feeling, sweet girl! You’re so welcome! Xoxoxoxo!

  • Lizzy BrockBank 3 years ago

    I love this! Thank you for sharing!! It’s easy to think “I’m the only one
    who has thin hair!” So thank you for the support! <3 When I’m feeling
    bummed about my hair, I just think about what my mum would tell me when I
    was little- She said that I had “angel hair” because it is so soft &
    delicate! It may sound silly, but to this day it helps me feel more
    confident & love the hair I was born with! xo

  • 21jen1 3 years ago

    This makes me feel so much more confident in myself!! Thank you. i just
    started teasing and it always comes out crappy tho/. can do you do a video
    on curling your teased hair??

  • Anayeli Rivera 3 years ago

    I feel bad that I have thin hair I hate teasing it evryday:( but thank you
    sooo much love youu!((: