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Wait til the end to see my before & afters! Do you have damaged, unhealthy, thin hair that just won’t grow? Do you wonder how you can change that? For more t…

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  • Rebecca R. Gallo 3 years ago

    You may regrow your hair naturally within 6 months, without spend big money
    for surgery & costly treatment

  • Jessy Jess 3 years ago

    Btw what is your lipstick?

  • CourageKeeper 3 years ago

    I have thin hair and it gets greasy and oily very quickly. So I can pull
    off not washing for a couple days with dry shampoo and blow drying but it
    becomes very “politician wife” looking where it looks as if it’s been
    hairsprayed and teased and over perfect and doesn’t look good at all :/
    I have dyed hair as well so I’m just wondering on what to do to make it
    healthier :/

  • xocutiepiexo13 3 years ago

    This video helped me so much your hair is so long and beautiful 

  • Jessy Jess 3 years ago

    Hellooouuu! First of all you are so pretty and second of all thank you for
    all this informations! Love it but please try and make your videos shorter
    15mins is too long!! But thank you so much for all the tips and tricks!

  • Naidalis1 3 years ago

    your hair is kind of like mine but the shorter version. Thin, dry, damaged,
    breakage, etc. I love how your hair look snow, very beautiful!

  • RisasRizos 3 years ago

    okay so im just watching this so two things. Great and informative video!
    and two, I love the lip color you have on. Is that matte?? So cute! Anyway,
    from one youtuber to another, subscribing!

  • Shiloh Heckman 3 years ago

    I have oily skin and the whole “washing hair less” thing intrigues me. How
    can I do that without not washing for like.. a month lololol.. I feel nasty
    if I don’t wash my hair every other day if not every day.
    Any recommendations?

  • Pebbles Thin 3 years ago

    gosh your hair looks amazing.. i used to have thick and full hair and now
    im starting to lose hair and is thinning… how long does it take for you
    to see the improvement? 

  • Hope Swann 3 years ago

    Only person I’ve found with hair growing tips with similar hair as me and I
    LOVE your tips!! BUT please just cut to the chase!! .. lil too much
    rambling! …heeeadache…

  • Roxanna Ramos 3 years ago

    WOW you’re a wealth of information. I really need to get on a vegetarian
    diet for health and hair reasons. May I ask where you learned how to
    switch? (like recipes, meal plans, food replacements, etc.) It’s super hard
    to know if some foods are truly organic, there’s so many subtexts to being
    able to have the organic stamp. Thanks again for all the info you supply!

  • tara imeish 3 years ago

    one of the best hair vedios! xox very helpful thankyou

  • Erika Cruz 3 years ago

    You’re really pretty omg

  • Hi,
    I saw a video from you you made in 2011 where you were asking for tips to
    grow hair long and healthy and you asked which products to use.
    Well since that video was from so long ago and you clearly accomplished
    your goals ( which I admire lol) I wanted just to say that I use the
    products of Moroccon oil and I fell in love with ARGAN oil and I just
    wanted to say that argan oil would also be very good for your hair! :p

  • Maria Vint 3 years ago

    So you don’t use shampoo? I hear this is meant to be really good for your
    hair but during the adjustment period it can get really greasy. Did this
    happen to you?:)

  • Alma Miles Dei 3 years ago

    lol ur so cute! 

  • Jerusalem Tsige 3 years ago

    I cant imagine you with emo bangs and red hair, or afro hair (in a ball.)

  • ephimeri 3 years ago

    Hello! I have a few questions. You said that you avoid all use of heat – at
    what temperature do you wash your hair? I also noticed that the shampoo you
    recommended has sodium lauryl sulfphate, which I have heard will break down
    hair. What are your thoughts on SLS? Also, do you use coconut and castor
    oil only once a week, pre-wash? :) Thank you for your tips!

  • elviswasmylover 3 years ago

    You are SO pretty and this make up suits you really well

  • Caz S. 3 years ago

    You sound like Selina Gomez!!

  • Vidya B 3 years ago

    Curly hair is actually good! Curly hair looks voluminous. Thats half battle
    won. U have gorgeous hair

  • Valeria L 3 years ago

    hey. I love ur brows girl! Where did u get them done? btw I’m from

  • smartercat 3 years ago

    Its not about metabolism though. Skinnier people don’t have better hair. I
    think the fasstness of hairgrowth is all about the food, the proteins and

  • RiRi Ray 3 years ago

    I pay a lot of money for hair like yours

  • brenetta grayson 3 years ago


  • 19stephany 3 years ago

    your hair is really beautiful!!

  • RiRi Ray 3 years ago

    my hair is so thin :( I love that saying u can have your hair or you can
    have it blonde

  • Farrah Mg 3 years ago

    omg your are so beautiful very unique ! 

  • justjamie7474 3 years ago

    Do you have layers in your hair? It doesnt look like it, but i really cant
    tell, thanks

  • Aisha Atheist 3 years ago

    wow that’s amazing your hair really have been grow fast ,i do everything
    you say except eating vitamin which i will start eat it thank you

  • Alicia Jordan 3 years ago

    Your tips were Awesome!

  • justjamie7474 3 years ago

    LOVE your hair vids, GREAT tips, Hopefully you will keep the vids. coming,
    I hope you make more hair/beauty/diet-nutrition vids. Thanks so much for

  • samiae20 3 years ago

    I love your videos! please make more :) 

  • tiscarocks 3 years ago

    You look and sounds like Selena Gomez :O you’re really pretty <3 thanks for
    the tips.

  • Braxton Payne 3 years ago

    Can you do a video on the hairstyles your wore when you stopped using heat
    because I really want to get my hair healthier but I have a lot of heat
    damage and my hair won’t curl in some spots anymore. I’d really appreciate
    it thanks!