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Hey girrrrrrrrl heyyyyy! ;) Tips YOU need to know! Hey baby loves! These are my favorite tricks! I hope you guys enjoyed them. :) I use every single one of t…

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  • LoveMelisaMichelle 4 years ago

    Baby bears!!! I DID NOT TAKE ON ANOTHER SPONSORED video haha. I assumed in
    my previous video you all knew I was with Loreal destination beauty. I have
    a contract with them! I’ve told you guys this numerous times! If you follow
    me on social media you know I post things about my partnership with them!
    I’m slowing down on NEW sponsored content for awhile. I’m putting out
    videos just me so you realize that I do this for you! Brands who want to
    work with me that I love was just a plus!

    Destination beauty is the only one you’ll see for awhile bc well… I
    accepted that contact months and months ago. Not that you need this
    explanation… I just wanted you to know I’m still doing what I said. No
    NEW sponsors. Promise! 

  • KivetteB 4 years ago

    “No need to buy high end like hoola or nars”

    **while holding a nars palette lol!**

  • Erin S 4 years ago

    Kinda looks like a half rolled up condom on your head.. lol

  • Melissa Garcia 4 years ago

    Holy crap! That brow trick is a life changer for me!!!! Mine is not a
    beauty secret but I been using mascara on my brows for like 10 years. Lol.
    The brown kind. People use to think I was nuts and lookie here. Now every
    brand has it. 

  • Brenda Roman 4 years ago

    Dryer sheets for freezy HAIR 

  • Zoka Milo 4 years ago

    whenever I try doing the messy beach waves I end up looking homeless lol

  • Kei-chwan 4 years ago

    GREAT tips, I knew most of them but the spoolie and the shadow…
    brilliant! XD
    BTW in the subject… I couldn’t EVER understand this hype for a “brow
    powder kits”. Like seriously? Can’t you take a reagular brown (or whatever)
    eyeshadow and use it? And clear brow gels? Buy a cheap clear mascara and
    you’re done. XD Even a simple brown mascara is good for substituting those
    expensive tinted ones.
    TIP: you wanna a tinted brow gel in your fav color? Take your fav
    eyeshadow/pigment that looks good on you and scrumble it into a clear
    mascara tube. Mix well. Start with less product, add more if the colour is
    too light. Voila! Works for me like heaven :) 

  • LoveMelisaMichelle 4 years ago

    Hey boos! New Video!!! I hope you enjoy! Some of these tips are life
    changers haha! At least for me. Do you have any beauty secrets? mwahahah
    let us know! Thanks for watching! LOVE YOU

    xoxo MELISA

  • Kari Hostetter 4 years ago

    Think im going to stop following because you never respond or listen to
    what we want to see. You post the same videos all the time. Thought you
    asked what we wanted to see as the viewers. 

  • Vanessa Joy 4 years ago

    Been asking as well as others for Bf tag u ask us what we want to see n u
    disregard it many other subbies have asked got to unsubscribe sorry thought
    u cared about what we wanted to see but I guess u don’t good luck to u !

  • jezibellika 4 years ago

    If Melissa or anyone else could respond to this with helpful info, I’d be
    incredibly grateful.
    I’ve never had a serious relationship. I’m turning 22 in July, and last
    April, I met the guy who became my boyfriend. He made me feel like I was
    some great, beautiful, and lovable human being as opposed to the ugly,
    horrible, worthless person who I thought I was. He’s Indian, and I’m not.
    He recently said that he likes me, but we aren’t what each other is looking
    for. He is everything that in looking for. I love him. So, the issue is
    with me. I feel like I’m worthless again. I’ve always felt that way, but it
    was when we were together that I began to think differently. Now, I don’t
    know what to do. I haven’t texted him in two days, and it hurts. The fact
    that he wants to be friends–that I’m not good enough for a relationship
    anymore–kills me. I’ve cut myself in the past, and I’ve just relapsed.
    Anyone have any tips on how to move on? It just hurts, and I feel like I’ll
    be alone forever.
    Please and thanks 

  • Dianaa Maganaa 4 years ago

    My beauty hack is applying a translucent powder on a lipstick or lipgloss
    to make it matte :D 

  • Liz Pena 4 years ago

    Ive done the eye drops thing for ages ! it works amazingly well, also for
    cream products like the mac paint pots or gel liner that dry out quickly.
    Also mixing up a broken blush with some vaseline can make it into a cream

  • Pretty Casual 4 years ago

    Love these! Love your personality that comes out in your vids!

  • Michelle Morgan 4 years ago

    I was sooo hoping you would tell us how you got your hair like that because
    my hair is the same length and type as yours!! Thank you!!!

  • Jade Laith 4 years ago

    Who Tf would do anything to kill a relationship with this girl she’s
    fucking BEAUTIFUL

  • Melissa Welz 4 years ago

    Love beauty hack number 8. I’ve got a channel too and I loveeeeeee your
    videos! Keep up the great work!

  • jenn sanders 4 years ago

    Omg ur so cute! Luv the bb cream and brow powder idea!!!

  • Nikki M 4 years ago

    I tried the Loreal hair Primer and it is amazing!! Really transforms my
    hair when I blow dry it

  • Anisa T 4 years ago

    OMG i absolutely loved these tips! You didnt offer any overdone or typical
    tips that I usually hear. I used to fill in my roots with an eyeshadow
    brush but will deffo switch to a bigger brush now. Thank you for this vid!

  • Michelle Lopez 4 years ago

    OMG that beauty hack about puttin a eyeshadow that matches your hair color
    to make it look fuller is a life saver! i have such fine and thin hair that
    sometimes it will look like im goin bald n people will ask if im losing
    hair even though it really doesnt fall out and im only 15 years old

  • gthe1abm 4 years ago

    Melissa, Thank you for the tips! I learned few new ones from you today :)
    I have been watching your videos for a while now and I was wondering what
    current acne products you use? Your skin has cleared up so much and looks
    amazing. Im going through a phase right now where my skin is horrible! Im
    in a desperate search for a great acne product that works. Any
    suggestions?! Thanks Melissa xoxo

  • Kristen Jennifer 4 years ago

    One of your best videos! 

  • MsPoochiee 4 years ago

    Girrrrl I don’t understand why you have so many haters on here! You are
    fabulous and honest and put out great content. I watch some of your
    tutorials over and over again. Shake those haters off and keep doing YOU
    boo! The ones that love will still watch sponsored or not! Xoxo

  • e786y 4 years ago

    BEAUTYHACK #3: Using your matt bronzer shade as a CREASE/TRANSITION color,
    even on no eyeshadow days to bring out your browbone. BEAUTY HACK #4: using
    your cheek highlighter as your browbone highlighter and VICE VERSA

  • Megan Okeefe 4 years ago

    Don’t know if this counts or not but b4 I went out & actually purchased a
    spoolie for my brows, I just completely washed a wand from an old mascara I
    was gonna just throw out & it works just the same. The 1 I used was
    actually a little softer! But obviously it has to be a regular 1 not

  • Tia Roach 4 years ago

    I just found you on YouTube and omg how have I not found you before, I am
    ill right now so I can’t sleep and I have a feeling I will be up all night
    watching your videos

  • BeautyTagr 4 years ago

    Flipping amazing, great beauty hacks!!! I don’t care how many sponsored
    videos you do, I know this one wasn’t but, I know you need to raise your
    kids and be there for them. Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, but you have my
    blessings for sponsored videos. I do not think you are a sell out at all.

  • cecilia calderon 4 years ago

    Loved it! Also youtube is your job right? Take on all the sponsorships you
    can! You’re a genuine person so I know you will do the sponsored ones with
    honesty and integrity like you always have. Do your thang boo! Your real
    supporters will always have your back. Love you!

  • Nathalia Lacerda 4 years ago

    perfect amazing video! this is what beauty gurus should be doing! quick,
    informational and just amazing videos <3

  • Emma Hartmann 4 years ago

    This is the BEST video you’ve ever made. LOL! I am absolutely obsessed with
    these tricks and tips and they are totally unlike anything i’ve ever seen
    before. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO!!! <33333

  • toneyafds 4 years ago

    So I was rushing to get ready for work and I did the brow thing and it
    worked like a charm!!! :) ))) thanks girl

  • taramisu 4 years ago

    I’m so jealous Lolita looks like that on you! On me it looks like a dark
    brown wahhhh!! Unless the one I tried was old because it was one of
    sephora’s samples

  • KThaiesha Xo 4 years ago

    ahhh! i love these hacks!!!!!!!! i definitely have done the eyeshadow for
    brows and making my own “bb cream” hahah so glad to know I’m not the only
    one! you should totally do more vids like this i like it :D love ya girl!! 

  • Angel Nguyen 4 years ago

    She sorta reminds me of hazel from Love & Hip Hop 

  • paige covert 4 years ago

    what lip color are you wearing in this video? im innnnn loveeeee with it!!!

  • Elena Graetz 4 years ago

    Your videos are the only ones I press like on just to show support Hun!
    You’re great keep on going! And anyone who doesn’t like loreal it’s easy to
    substitute a hear spray or a powder by another brand so calm down guys!
    Melissa your content and videos are amazing<3

  • angela alanis 4 years ago

    You already have great full nice looking lips you dont need to do that duck
    lip thing all the time. And that was my tip to you, i hope you dont take it
    the wrong way

  • Sabrina Ahmed 4 years ago

    ooh LOVEEED these beauty hacks!!! Every single one of them! Cant wait to
    see more videos from you! :)