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Whether you travel coach, business or first class, you should always feel like you are travelling in style! Here’s a few tips that always help me get through…

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  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    5) Bring some healthy snack with you and if you order food on the plane make sure you stick to something healthy such as salads etc and not too much dry food :-) No soda – it contains a lot of sodium and you will be bloated, puffy eyes and etc etc yuck :( (( I hope this helps :-) xoxox

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    Hi Nicole! Think: moisture, vitamins and hydration! 1) So, for skin: moisturizing wipes to clean your skin once in a while on the plane, a good moisturizing face cream suited for your skin type and even a mask – no one cares if you put a clear mask on then wipe it off after 30 min or so, als a good moisturizing mist: Caudelie, or Avene. 2) Hand cream and hand sanitizer. 3) Lip balm 4) Protein Bars, lots of water and your daily vitamins. 

  • Michael Nicole 4 years ago

    hello, i loved your video and your beautiful bag. i will be leaving for dubai the middle east in 8 weeks and i don’t know where to start or wear on the plan. it’s a 14 hour flight ..please help (Nicole)

  • Salmita Ismail 4 years ago

    You are absolutely gorgeous!! :D :3

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    Thank you so much! Hugs from LA :-) I hope it’s getting warm over there too :-) Here summer is almost summer :-) xoxo

  • mengsqmw 4 years ago

    love ur style!new subbie~hi from London ~

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    awe Thank you :-) I love Kim Catrall. I went to The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts, same school she did years before me and some of the acting coaches said the same :-) )) xoxox

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    awe Thank you :-) I love Kim Catrall. I went to The American Academy Of Dramatic arts, same school she did years before me and some of the acting coaches said the same :-) )) xoxox

  • Isadora Tol 4 years ago

    i think the same, she reminds me so much to Kim, she is so classy!!!!!!!!

  • Showermewithflowers 4 years ago

    You are pretty

  • 363262726 4 years ago

    In some way, you look like Kim Catrall. Very beautiful. :)

  • Scarlett Adams 4 years ago

    You are so fabulous I want to be like you when I’m older :) 

  • Luiza Leaghi 4 years ago

    Excellent tips Vio! Will surely follow them! You look fresh and beautiful ! Xo

  • Georgie Chiu 4 years ago

    thanks for the tips! i always take lots of ‘beauty’ stuff with me but everytime im just too lazy to apply them lol… :p

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    Thank you so much :-) )))) You are so sweet! hugs!

  • miree512 4 years ago

    thank you for this video it was really useful I absolutely agree there is no need to wear make up when you have sunglasses btw you’re gorgeous ^^

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for taking the time to watch! Much appreciated :-) xoxo

  • nordicbabexo 4 years ago

    I just found your chanel :-) absolutely love the tips you gave. xoxo

  • Alina Aron 4 years ago

    Sa stii ca era o cutiuta de crema de 50 ml (ciudat nu !!), controlul s-a facut in Romania- Bacau asa ca orice e posibil la noi. Ms de raspuns si simte-te ok raspunzandu-mi in engleza !

    Stii ce ma gandesc acum : oricum cei de la aeroport au controlat in geanta dupa ce aceasta a fost predata pentru a ajunge la cala si au luat cateva pachete de tigari .. asa ca se poate ca asta cu ”nu aveti voie cu crema in avion” sa fie o strategie ca sa le lasi lor crema poate exagerez dar nu m-am mira deloc !

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    :-) Thank you for watching! xoxo

  • Lucy Elizabeth 4 years ago

    Love this! So useful :)

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    Iubita, ai voie sa ai sticlute cu créma sau lichid pana in 100ml (3oz) ! Verifica cu fiecare airline cand calatoresti numarul de sticlute; Probabil mama ta a avut o crema mai mare de 100ml sau au fost ei ‘obraznici” :( Ai voie atatea sticlute de 100ml cate incap intr-o punguta ziplock de 3 quarts – sorry, nu stiu cum se zice in romana… ziplock aceea de marime mica…xoxxo

  • Alina Aron 4 years ago

    intrebare, cum de ai voie cu ele in avion ??? Mama mea avea o crema in geanta si a trebuit sa o lase …i s-a spus ca nu are voie cu asa ceva in avion si ca daca are ceva de luat trebuiesc puse in bagajul de cala !

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    Right? I think sunglasses are the best accessory :-) on any given day! Invest in a beautiful black , classy pair and you are set for years :-) ) xoxoox

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    Let me know how you like it :-) ))

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    welcome :-)  xoxo

  • sikupyte s 4 years ago

    Thanks for the tips!! it was sooooooooo interesting and helpfull!! :) 


    I wanted to try it for the longest time, but first thing in morning tomorrow I will!!!!!!
    Merci you’re so nice!!!! And yes come and visit soon!!!!

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    I didn’t want to mention it in the video without having it , but it’s fantastic, you probably know the brand of course, it;s natural, with grape extract, hydrating , paraben free…. Of course I bought myself another bottle in NY before I left :-) ) You live in Paris, so the pharmacies carry it :-) )) I keep telling my husband that when we go to Paris one day I will have a budget set aside to go shopping in a french pharmacy :-) )) He knows I’m serious :-) ) xoxox

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    My gosh, I was talking to a flight attendant on my way to NY about it! I flew business class so she came and say hi and found out i was a makeup artist so we chatted for a bit.I told her I have been using Eau de Beaute by Caudalie or sometimes MURAD Vitamin C hydrating Mist, but I LOVE CAUDALIE! I spray it very hour or so during my flight, it sets the makeup but also is very hydrating. She was using the same thing but forgot it this time so i gave her mine, thats why I don’t have it in my video


    Love your tips!!!! But I’m a flight attendant so I can’t take off my makeup for sometimes more than 12 hours ( I know it’s disgusting!!!) but would you know a way to stay cute and fresh for that long??? I drink lots water but still it’s so hard!!!! Happy stay NYC!!!!

  • MajaMauschen 4 years ago

    “Sunglasses should be a girls best friend” – SOOOO true!  Thank you for the tips – very fun to watch. :~)

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    I had v bad acne in 2001, and I treated with MURAD Acne treatments! I have been clear ever since, and I’m still using MURAD – their other products. I say give it a try, you have nothing to loose :-) and if you wear makeup on the plane and feel your skin gets dry then spray a hydrating mist: MURAD, Caudalie, every hour or so :-) that way you can still wear foundation but look fresh! Inbox me if you have any other questions :-) xoxo

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    Happy I could help :-) )) xo

  • Violetartistry 4 years ago

    Multumesc! Da, pe viitor :-) ))) pupici!

  • pamfi3451 4 years ago

    a fost ft interesant! :*

  • Ecaterinap19 4 years ago

    Esti atat de frumoasa si ador sa ma uit la videourile tale.sper sa mai faci si in romana.pup