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  • AshimmerOfTaupe 2 years ago

    Jaclyn – Love watching your videos but I wish you would do some that caters
    to those of us with hooded eyes. So many of your looks are beautiful but
    for me it’s more difficult and cannot do a wing liner. Is there a way to do
    a wing liner with hooded eyes?? Thanks for another great video! OX Laura

  • aymonegirl 2 years ago

    The Love of Jesus is unreal OMG you are wearing my lashes I do not know
    even know where to put myself omg 

  • Christina James 2 years ago

    Everyone does goofy faces. She does alot of tutorials right now, oh well.
    She might of done the same inner corner technique has Nicole but maybe she
    just liked it and wanted to show people who havent seen it. Most makeup
    looks are the SAME THING with different colors. Different eye shapes do
    different things, maybe your eye shape isnt like hers and you get mad she
    doesnt do videos that apply to you. Well thats why theres thousands of
    other beauty gurus who do videos for hooded eyes. Shes not superwoman. I
    dont get why Jacyln gets so much damn hate, just dont watch her.

    Loved the video Jaclyn!

  • Beauty by Sara 2 years ago

    this looks so amazing on you, I’m obsessed! You are a makeup goddess ! 

  • Celeste Johnson 2 years ago

    FYI I ordered from Lena Lashes on 17 November, and she keeps emailing me
    saying they will ship “soon” and nothing….just a warning for those
    considering purchasing these for the holidays…I am not the only one,
    there are several ladies that ordered theirs and have not received their
    orders. She marked mine as shipped on 3 December with no intentions of
    shipping them, at least that’s what she told me via email. She said the
    ones I ordered were out of stock…but they are still available for
    purchase on the website, why would you mark as shipped knowing you dont
    have the product on hand?

  • Makeup Game On Point 2 years ago

    +Lena Lashes brought me here <3 

  • Shawneya Hedrick 2 years ago

    I tried to go purchase the Anastasia Beverly Hills single shadows but I
    couldn’ have to purchase either the 4 well or 8 well palettes. Is
    there a way around this? I have my own z-palettes that I would like to use
    instead of the one it comes with. Any insight would be greatly appreciated ;) 

  • cflowermakeup 2 years ago

    Lol this is my favorite time of year too!!! 

  • Hey Jaclyn, I hope you would take some of our viewers advices and spice up
    your videos a bit more, like first impressions, reviews etc. Or make a new
    series of your own, i do love your make-up tutorials and i know you’ve said
    you do those the best but these tutorials are repetitive, blend, conceal
    powder. I think me and many other views would agree on this

  • PK Creedon 2 years ago

    I think we ALL love the big packages 

  • KateElizabethBeauty 2 years ago

    So much talent Jaclyn! Such a beautiful makeup look, love it! :) xx

  • Kathy Rheault 2 years ago

    Hi Jaclyn! I love your videos, I am only 12 but I love makeup, You have
    inspired me so much, I have learned so much from watching your videos! Not
    only how to do makeup but how to be a better person. You are so beautiful
    inside and out. When I watch your I crack up because you are so goofy and
    P.S don’t stop doing your extras lol! Love ya girl

  • Kaya-Quintana Broekhuijsen 2 years ago

    I love your video’s, I just can not take those little screams and such XD
    It scares me everytime when I use your vid as background music

  • Stephanie Johansen 2 years ago

    +Jaclyn Hill is your “just4jaclyn” code only valid until a certain date? I
    tried it to get 4 lip products for $39 but it says its not valid? Thanks so
    much ♥ xox

  • Lystra Seeram 2 years ago

    Jaclyn, I absolutely love watching your tutorials. I am still having some
    trouble with my concealer. It gets a bit chalky and I hate to see the
    cracking under the eye. Any tips? I love the colors on this video. Also, I
    started using your technique on my eyebrows and I am getting so much
    comments on them (love it!) {in my high pitch voice}

    I see you use so many different foundations and concealers. I have
    combination skin and I do not like to much heavy stuff on my face. Please
    comment and let me know your recommendations.


  • Beril Şen 2 years ago

    You look so beautiful

  • maria espinoza 2 years ago

    Hhahahahhahaha OMG!!!!! I love u jacklyn!!!!!!

  • Sarah Rigney 2 years ago

    Help! So which brushes should I buy? Morphe brushes or Sigma brushes? She
    mentions that she really loves both of the brands. Of course there is a
    huge difference in price and I want to make sure I’m getting the best
    brushes. I’m a beginner when it comes to putting on makeup. 

  • joada211 2 years ago

    Jaclyn I got all the Sigma brushes you recommended and now see your using
    Morphe brushes in your newer videos. I’m confused because Morphe are more
    cost effective but you swore Sigma were your go to brushes. Out of these
    two brands which would you go with? Please help!! Got the Sigma brushes for
    my girlfriend for Christmas and don’t know what to do now :( 

  • Megan Rodricks 2 years ago

    Okay this NEEDS to be said. People need to stop being so harsh on Jackie.
    Constructive criticism is great and I’m sure she appreciates people’s
    feedback because she cares about what we want to see but there is
    absolutely no need to hate and say ‘ugh you only do this’ and ‘why do you
    always use these colours? It’s the same boring shit as always’ – like woah
    why so rude? In case you haven’t realised you don’t pay her to give you
    personalised tutorials (I mean technically your views contribute to her
    income but that’s because YOUTUBE pays her, not your bank account). So calm
    down. Some of you act like you deserve certain things from her or you’re
    entitled to certain things and she has to meet your standards when she’s
    the one providing you with a free service.

  • Ashley Ann Baker 2 years ago

    QUESTION.. Does anyone know if there is a certain permit/”permission
    required” you need to have music at the end of the video like she does
    sometimes in her extras without getting in trouble for copyrighted music?
    I’m curious because i don’t want to put any in mine if it’s not okay or if
    those videos wont be able to be monetized.. if anyone knows any information
    on this i would really appreciate it!!! Thank you :) 

  • Lizz49 2 years ago

    What hair color do you use? :o 

  • Adda Ungaretti 2 years ago

    Jaclyn, I have a question that has been bothering me for such a long long
    time since I have started watching your videos….are your nails real? Just
    out of curiosity, really….xoxo Adda

  • Lauren McCabe 2 years ago

    Yes! Please help us ladies with hooded eyes! I feel like crease contouring
    and winged liner are so much different than the technique you show. Maybe
    you have a client with hooded eyes that you can demo on. Ive seen other
    tutorials on hooded eyes, but your esthetic is so much more my style, so I
    would love to see your take on it. 

  • Ally Gaither 2 years ago

    Girl…just GIRL! This looks absolutely amazing on you..your blue eyes are
    screaming for attention! They look bad…ass…and excuse my language. But
    wow, I just adore this…it works so well with your skin tone, eyes, and
    hair. Just perfect.

  • Julia Burnett 2 years ago

    I love everything about this video! Y’all are so much fun to watch being
    goofy :P I have to ask where you got your outfit! Its amazing! Please let
    me know :D 

  • glittermaven5 2 years ago

    I love that you said “blanc” how you did, because thats how it is suppose
    to be pronounced. People that say blank, need to go back to school because
    it is wrong, blank with a K, blanc with a C… :) hahaha <3 Loved this look
    on my Beautiful Jaclyn!

  • Shelley N 2 years ago

    I loooooove you so much but can you PLEASE do something other than the same
    eye colors you use in almost every single video. They almost ALWAYS have a
    redish/brownish/wine undertone.

  • Perla Toro 2 years ago

    Yes ! I’m obsessed with this look ! Thanksgiving and Christmas are my
    favorite holidays, can’t wait to put my tree up :) so my sephora doesn’t
    have the makeup forever 162 color :( where else can I find it ?

  • AlexaOrchid 2 years ago

    Jacklyn, hello! First of all love what you do and the fact that most of
    your looks are wearable.
    But I really wanna ask you to cut your videos less when you’re applying
    eyeshadow. Because, for instance, in this look darkening the crease looked
    just like one sweep, but I can see that it’s very much cut and you picked
    eyeshadow several times. I need to guess what you did, but it’s not
    convenient at all, ’cause I’m here to learn from you. And I want to see
    what you do exactly.

  • Haley Petterson 2 years ago

    Hello! this is to anyone. I recently purchased lena lashes, bianca and
    olivia. but i need to trim them, they are way too big for my eyes. i have
    never owned a pair of mink eyelashes before so i don’t know if i can trim
    them or if there is a certain way to trim them?

  • Valterra Vii Valencia 2 years ago

    Is Make Up forever still selling that shade 162? I cant seem to find it
    anywhere. if its already outdated, what other brands are the best dupes
    close to it? Btw, love your tutorial Jaclyn.

  • Brii Beautyy 2 years ago

    First tutorial video i watched and your skin without make up is beyond
    flawless! Some beauty gurus I watched their face isn’t as clear cuz of acne
    scars or pimples.. but your is so clear skin routine!! Are u dry or oily
    skin? U look beautiful with make up too :)