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This hairstyle is one I think you will love simply because it’s not likely one you have seen before, but it’s definitely one that gets attention everywhere y…

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  • Thelma Aziz 6 years ago

    it is so nice i love hairstyles it is easy i like your braid style

  • hwykiddd 6 years ago


  • suresh sundaram 6 years ago

    wow really thats cool

  • Joke Vermanen 6 years ago

    I’ve done this one with my daughter and used clips to secure the braids before putting them together. This is much faster and easier! (and better for my cuticles….)

  • Joke Vermanen 6 years ago

    As long as the hair is long enough to be tied together at the back of the head. And there’s only one way to find out if it is: try it ;-)

  • elizabethavirmed 6 years ago

    Can it be on short hair too!

  • rawan mohamad 6 years ago


  • Giselle Lo 6 years ago

    Undo is a word

  • Kelly Yates 6 years ago

    Hey I think I have this really cool idea but I don’t know if it would work

  • fjyrifuririr 6 years ago


  • Hahadot 6 years ago

    not everyone have this beautiful hair quality so sad T T

  • Contorts214 6 years ago

    Normal do but these don’t

  • shelly johnson 6 years ago

    i thought rubber bands broke your hair

  • Laura Díaz 6 years ago

    peinados muy bonitos

  • Chris Pearson 6 years ago

    can you do a lot more than three ??????

  • maritza campos 6 years ago


  • Stephanie S 6 years ago

    How old is she? She’s so pretty

  • ducktapechick13 6 years ago

    Could you do a tutorial of a mermaid-type side style?

  • Munisha Angalina 6 years ago

    i have like this hair and i will do that now thank you

  • cieyramcney 6 years ago

    I love it:-)

  • daytrue10 6 years ago

    Do u know how to do this on black people hair

  • CherryBomb826 6 years ago

    I wore it and got tons of compliments from both students and teachers :) Thanks, Mindy! :P Keep hairstylin’! <3

  • TheBluelotusblossom 6 years ago

    Again with the mouth opening the elastic. I like your ideas with hair but you really need to work on not using your teeth. That was the first thing we learned in cosmetology.

  • Nicola Downward 6 years ago

    Where do you get your hair elastics?

  • Marian Perez 6 years ago

    Hey! Try clicking the Captions…

  • laylabetancourt 6 years ago

    can you do more hair styles for short hair

  • p Jay 6 years ago

    The background music sounds like the theme song from caillou!! :)

  • Bryan Grant 6 years ago

    i wish i had hair like that

  • meme k.m 6 years ago

    حلوه مشاء الله

  • Ellie McNarry 6 years ago

    Mindy is just like amy from good luck charlie :) 

  • Grace Tomlinson 6 years ago

    How old is mindy?

  • Sweetaslily 6 years ago

    Your comment made me laugh a lot ^^

  • wowitstarlya 6 years ago

    what shampoo and conditioner do you use?

  • Sofia RodRiguez 6 years ago

    Hermoso Ese Peinado Y Mas Esa Niña Y Su Cabello Son Hemos@s

  • BoxingLiamWadman 6 years ago


  • nusrath sultana 6 years ago


  • Angelique Perez 6 years ago

    Damn!! She’s braiding like a ninja!! She braids really fast!!

  • Zsahpup 6 years ago

    Would it look good if you put it in a pony tail at the back?

  • andreitasar 6 years ago

    her eyelashes!!! <3

  • christataccad 6 years ago

    Thanks its so easy

  • fitofgallantry 6 years ago

    reminds me of game of thrones!

  • evii aparicio 6 years ago

    me encanto! esta bueniisimo!!!
    yo aveces cuendo estoy aburrida o cuando me canso de los mismos peinados miro videos ooo invento los mios jaja y al final me terminan gustando!!!

  • SuperBob119 6 years ago

    Could you post a hairstyle that people can actually do?!

  • Haley Hood 6 years ago

    Where do you guys get your elastics at? Mine are always getting stuck and tangle in my hair.