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  • Melissa Guinn 2 years ago

    I love this look to death. It’s so super cute and it is just a great idea
    for Christmas or New Years! I have the Covergirl lipstick that you are
    using and I use it all the time for Fall and Winter, because it is just so
    nice to wear and looks amazing! I’m going to have to try this eye look
    also. I don’t think I have the colors though so I’m going to have to go out
    and get me some new makeup which is fine with me (: Lol. I love watching
    your videos Eman because I always learn something new and I put it to use
    for sure. I have done so many looks that you have shown us in your videos
    and at the end love how they look on me so thank you for all the tutorials
    and the tips and tricks! I can’t wait to watch your next video. Have a
    great rest of the week(:

  • Kim Richards 2 years ago

    This is stunning Eman, I LOVE the colors on your skin tone! Does anyone
    else get wicked pumped when you own all the products (or very similar- like
    I have an eyeshadow crayon from MUFE that’s very similar to the Benefit
    cream shadow, I know nothing ever has to be identical!) that someone uses
    in a tutorial?! I know I do! It’s like instant gratification when you can
    recreate the look on the spot. Also- fun fact- I have EXTREMELY oily
    eyelids and the W&W Fergie primer is the ONLY primer on the market that
    keeps my shadows from creasing. And I’ve tried them ALL- high end to
    drugstore. The Milani primer worked for a few months and then the oils in
    my skin just got immune to it and it stopped working as well. So I was so
    pumped to see you use it, it’s such a hidden gem!

  • Michelle Morgan 2 years ago

    I have that palette…love CG lipsticks, NEED that naked truth palette and
    have a similar eye color! Totally recreating this!! Ahhhh LOVE IT! <3 p.s.
    you are so beautiful!

  • sheisobsessed 2 years ago

    i loooove this look…you’re absolutely beautiful! keep the tutorials

  • MakeupByEman 2 years ago

    New holiday tutorial!! Green brown smokey eye

  • Christine Romero 2 years ago

    Can’t find that lipstick. Is this the right color?

  • angel071 2 years ago

    wow, this is gorg!!! I’d love to do this for my hazel eyes but I’m too pale
    for this look =( 

  • Farah ak 2 years ago

    this eye look is soo pretty, but i dont think it would look good on my
    brown eyes :( u have gorgeous eyes :( 

  • LaReyna Yolie Reyes 2 years ago

    Great look! I’m impressed that the green is so vibrant even though there
    was a slightly darker color underneath. Great video! 

  • D T.B. 2 years ago

    I mean… whith those eyes you can do whatever you want and it will be

  • Haydee Kareena 2 years ago

    I love the CG lipstick !! but it looks similar to MAC verve which i owe …
    I have to make sure is not !!

  • Maha Maven 2 years ago

    this looks amazing on you! love this look

  • Debi5202 2 years ago

    OMGosh, this look was STUNNING on you:) WOW!! Thank you Eman for using
    drugstore products so some of us who are just learning can recreate this
    look on a budget. I hope you have a wonderful weekend:) – Debi

  • PILAR R 2 years ago

    Eman is just gorgerous. hugs from madrid

  • Kathy Murphy 2 years ago

    New sub here, over from Alma. I am checking out your videos and stumbled
    upon this one, WOW!!! It is beautiful!

  • Eveline Strandell 2 years ago

    I must admit that I’m no fan of green eye shadow or maybe I should I WAS no
    fan cos girl, damn that’s stunning!!!!! ;-) 

  • heyeyop1 2 years ago

    Nice combo, love the darker lip, eyeshadows make your eyes look more green.
    Yay now I have use for the comfort zone pallet again!

  • Leesa Rosado 2 years ago

    I was a subscriber a year or so ago and unsubscribed because you never used
    drugstore products. So happy I checked out another one of your videos and
    saw you now using drugstore makeup. Thank you for that. Subscribed once

  • Lisa Billson 2 years ago

    Green is perfect with your eye color! It really brings it out, I love it so
    Just so gorgeous!

  • danielardh 2 years ago


  • Cristina Thueson 2 years ago

    Love how you still get excited when you do makeup looks. It was a gorg
    look. I get so excited when I get a new makeup pallete. I just goy too
    faced chocolate Barr but I meant to get the semi-sweet one. Ohhhh well
    guess I have to go back for one. But since I have that one could you please
    consider doing a makeup look with the chocolate Bar eyeshades pls. If
    you’ve done one can you or someone let me know. Either here or on twitter
    @2blovd.. Thanks have a wonderful holiday. 

  • Jhanyce Wilson 2 years ago


  • Erma Tahiti 2 years ago

    You look like Megan Fox

  • iLaRiettaiLoveYou 2 years ago

    Among all the looks you’ve ever done, this is the most stunning on you!!

  • Prema Latha 2 years ago

    Awesome tutorial.. Thanks gurl.. 

  • Arielle Tan 2 years ago

    You are so gorgeous! The very first makeup video I ever watched on youtube
    was yours (I think it was 3 years ago) it was a brown smokey eye and you
    had really short hair! I’ve been following you since! I love your makeup
    looks <3

  • bonvivant371 2 years ago

    I love everything about this look! Would love to see how you cut and style
    your hair too!

  • Maryam 2 years ago

    Hey Eman, I can’t get over how stunning this looks on you!! The look really
    compliments your eyes and I love the eyes and lips combined! I’m definitely
    going to try this today and I need to get that lipstick, it is gorge!!!
    Thanks for posting this! 

  • airele muscetta 2 years ago

    Yeah finally a tutorial with shadows I have already Lol. stunning! I have
    comfort zone and quite a few wet n wild paletts and I love them being a
    stay at home mom I don’t have the luxury of owning anything beside things I
    can get at the drugstore, so thank you for this tutorial your absolutely

  • Mubeena Madrigal 2 years ago

    Which lashes are these. Stunner✨✨

  • Jerri Alexandrian 2 years ago

    This is amazing! And you look stunning:) your hair is beautiful. So shiny.
    Love this makeup. I almost never buy drugstore makeup anymore but there are
    some exceptions. 

  • eyein ashburn 2 years ago

    Hi Eman, I have a question. Does your skin have mostly freckles or
    blackheads? I can’t tell from the camera though. It looks like I do have
    similar skin type as you but mine are mostly blackheads. Could you share
    your skin care routine? 

  • Linda Tjagvad Kristiansen 2 years ago

    Yeah a palette I have….the comfort zone….and the browns I can find. But
    I have bluegreen eyes so is it still ok to go all in on the green
    colors…..really love this look you did. You look stunning as
    allways…..and the sunny part looks good on you.

  • beeanca13 2 years ago

    This is the most beautiful look you have ever done! I love the lipstick
    color and the green eyes go perfect with it!

  • elvia castro 2 years ago

    Omg hermoso

  • Chelsea Blanchard 2 years ago

    Beautiful, really. May I ask why you put foundation and concealer on after
    your eye makeup?

  • Karin Barber 2 years ago

    LOVE that you are using cruelty free Wet N Wild! 

  • Yazmin Henry 2 years ago

    +MakeupByEman so pretty! Going to try this look soon!!