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Hello, my fellow Tingleheads :) This is the first episode of a new idea I’m trying out called “Tutorial Tingles”. In which, I do tutorials and DIY projects t…

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  • Mythical Earth 4 years ago

    You look like you belong in a Clean and Clear or Neutrogena commerical. I
    can just see you splashing water into your face.

  • ItsMeRivy 4 years ago

    This was so relaxing you don’t need makeup though! Did anyone else worry
    her concealer was gonna dry in while she was talking? Haha <3

  • Burrito Jesus 4 years ago

    I came here for stipple 

  • Samm21 4 years ago

    She says “stipple” at 34:40 if you were wondering 

  • LPSmooncharm 4 years ago

    The stipple isn’t all its cracked up to be xD

  • Shoudra Stargleam 4 years ago

    Your eyes are hooded =) A good example of a monolid eye shape would be most
    Asian eye shapes. I have a makeup channel and show myself applying makeup a
    lot if you are interested. I don’t like to blow up other people’s channels
    advertising mine, but I genuinely thought you might be interested. I love
    your videos!

  • Makeup & more 4 years ago

    I just bought a stippling brush, and a dream bouncy blush because of this
    video lol I honestly LOVE them. Thank you for this video!! <3

  • Inge VS 4 years ago

    Your skin is so flawless and moisturized. How do you do it?

  • annaliese jones 4 years ago

    I don’t wear a lot of makeup mostly because my skin is very clear I only
    wear maybe some eyeliner and lip gloss not even most of the time I don’t
    wear makeup 

  • Remco van Veluwen 4 years ago

    Oh my God Ally, you are so beautiful! Must be the single most beautiful
    woman out there to have such a relaxing and sweet voice as well. 

  • Hanna Horn 4 years ago

    U look prettier without makeup if you ask me :3

  • Alex Sanchez 4 years ago

    Your are beautiful with or without makeup : )

  • Bek the Trek 4 years ago

    Ha I love how this video is an HOUR Long

  • Fat Girl Fashion Victim 4 years ago

    You look beautiful! Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone. That
    is a huge deal! Can you tell me what store sells the witch hazel toner?

  • Priscilla Sanchez 4 years ago

    Wish she was my sister

  • Frank Pitochelli 4 years ago

    You have a naturally photogenic face….beautiful with or without makeup..
    although, you have a great way with your make up ,hair, and nails !
    Very classy girl ! cute and funny too.

  • lyndagayemiller 4 years ago

    I enjoy your videos although,just wonder why you speak so “choppily”? Kind
    of sounds like William Shatner! Lol that is my only real complaint

  • Monica Gomez 4 years ago

    I honestly don’t think you need the make up, with mascara and blush you
    can just look amazing!

  • Ben Dover 4 years ago

    What? speak up lass, uncle Ben can’t hear a word yer sayin

  • Orochimaru 大蛇 丸 4 years ago

    Que ricoooo mami.

  • Daisy Chain 4 years ago

    it’s so weird but you sound and act a lot like my mum which I think relaxes
    me and makes me so much more comfortable listening to you than any other
    asmrist, thank you

  • MrTriplej79 4 years ago

    Please make more of these!!!! Your best video!!!

  • Rebecca McIlroy 4 years ago

    You took so long to start blending your concealer, I thought I was gonna
    pass out from high cholesterol or something haha

  • Xhighlander1999 4 years ago

    45:00 you seem so dissaproving of yourself

  • Goldie Rawrz 4 years ago

    You’re perfect without makeup!

  • Fat Girl Fashion Victim 4 years ago

    Haha my friends were on trading spaces. They turned her beautiful clean
    bedroom into the inside of a train car! It was royal blue and HIDEOUS!

  • LifeJunkie 4 years ago

    If I had skin like yours, I would never wear makeup! Flawless.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen 4 years ago

    For years and years people have claimed that the “ring finger” or fourth
    finger is the weakest, and therefore, the most gentle. I don’t buy that.
    I think you can use any finger but do it gently. Also, the “spongy wand”
    is called a “doe foot wand”. ;-) Just thought I’d give you those tips.
    Loved the video!

  • Booboo Bunchkins 4 years ago

    Girl you’re perfect with and without makeup! All I think you would need is
    some concealer and mascara if you wanted to dress it up, but you’re
    naturally beautiful! :) 

  • imsuckingwind 4 years ago

    Im wondering if you have ever went out in public lets say any store and
    starting talking to the clerk and began whispering and forgot where you
    were ?

  • Jasmine Seaman 4 years ago

    I think she doesn’t need make up she’s a beautiful person with and without

  • Aimee Bergeron 4 years ago

    You have the perfect nose!!! 

  • JoAnna Pounds 4 years ago

    You are beautiful without makeup; you look like a young little thing
    without make up- It’s really cute.
    You’re hawt either way =]. Lot’s of love your way <3.

  • allison Johnson 4 years ago

    The pad of your ring finger isn’t the softest necessarily (it depends on
    the person and what fingers they often use) but the ring finger is in fact
    the weakest, which is best for blending makeup around the eyes so that you
    don’t damage the delicate skin.

  • DiBBzGFx 4 years ago

    usually i just close my eyes and relax while watching her videos either
    till i finishes or until i fall asleep, but i opened my eyes due to a major
    distraction and dam! even without makeup on she is naturally beautiful (in
    my honest opinion)

  • John Anderson 4 years ago

    So relaxing! :) I’m a guy. So I don’t need makeup. But I just like to watch
    the video as it makes me feel relaxed.