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this is just a stupid makeup idea i had…sorry if you hate it..i dont think its attractive anymore either. so we have that in common :) well thanks for watc…


Makeup Ideas


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  • Julia Dawn 4 years ago

    I love it and you have really pretty eyes :)

  • ShesDrowningInMusic 4 years ago

    i think this idea is rather creative, yes it needs a tad improvement, but in my opinion everyone does :) thank you for the idea, very greatful

  • Kiera Charp 4 years ago

    i think its cool. whats the song?

  • Alyssa Gerrard 4 years ago

    Omg I love the idea thanks and I have the same hair like the coon taill on the same side alone with my bangs wired o-O but your awesome !!!!

  • paintedg0ddess 4 years ago

    English man, English.

  • paintedg0ddess 4 years ago

    You look like me when I was younger! Xd

  • savannahbrittany22 4 years ago

    Your eyes are so amazing! And you are so gorgeous!

  • Mikayla Finley 4 years ago

    Coontails <3 ! :P

  • Natalie Schutlz 4 years ago

    omg…i love your username(; i hope its twilight related…or else i look stupid haha anyway i thought it actually looked pretty cool so yea

  • Madison Reinhard 4 years ago

    lets see you make a vid of your makeup 0h wait u dont want to bc u know it sucks

  • Tori Harden 4 years ago

    Good eyeliner…where do I get it ?

  • lydalasvegas 4 years ago

    very cool indeed x lovely looks x experimentation is good x

  • Kannibal Kitty 4 years ago

    and you know what u guys being mean and rude is an example of faggots who cnt just leave the video instead of talking shit!!!

  • UrbanMeo 4 years ago

    lol…edward lover.

  • Sydney Mina 4 years ago

    um… the title is misleading…. its supposed to be a lot of pictures of makeup ideas not a little girl doing something ugly

  • SquigglyWiggly1 4 years ago

    love the video u r so insperational

  • KawaiiPandaPen 4 years ago

    Ouch.. I hope you didn’t wear that to school..

  • Jannet Chagoya 4 years ago

    cherry does make a valid point. You might at least want to get straight lines. and sure I guess if telling you the truth means I have to suck your dick then so be it….but you suck dick when it comes to makeup.

  • Megara 4 years ago

    I think it’s cool. I liked it. I’m going to try it on my eyes ^_^

  • Maxie24x7 4 years ago

    Don’t hate, appreciate!

  • ChloAndDais 4 years ago

    she doesnt look that younge and its not like she is playing with it, if thats how she likes and wants her makeup.

  • rifeey223 4 years ago

    i like this style, i do it all the time:) so i definatly love it:D dont put yourself down, smile because jesus loves you:D

  • katiekaylee11 4 years ago

    U emo?

  • babydollgummybear 4 years ago

    lmao that looks horrid XD

  • 1901SarahCullen 4 years ago

    Yo are beautfiul and i love this look! Dont listen to the haters!

  • Elliannharris 4 years ago

    you look like mee when i was in 7th gradde mann! noo joke i had the same hair and i used to do my makeup crazzy wayys too :D D this is soo weird and i had bracess! :D D

  • Dj Thomas 4 years ago

    I think you’re actually super pretty w/o the makeup

  • Emeline Donnelly-Trejo 4 years ago

    And that’s why you will never be taken seriously.

  • Deseree brown 4 years ago

    i love it. i did my make up the next day like that. im looking for new ways to do mine, this girl that i hate, and my friend keed doing it the same way as me, it so anoying. ugggg, thax for ideas

  • brody wyatt 4 years ago

    wip it out!! lol jk I like this! what eye linner do you use?

  • Emiline Eeckelaert 4 years ago

    This is supercute makeup !

  • ClareTaylor101 4 years ago

    wow ur gorgeous! :) i like the makeup 2!

  • jbstealingmyheart 4 years ago

    if you don’t like it dont watch it, but she’s really good at putting on makeup! good job

  • seadooer21 4 years ago

    very pretty :] b4 and aftr

  • Divine Ashes 4 years ago

    u look like the girl from degrassi

  • blossoms256 4 years ago

    i think it looks cool

  • PotatoeTime 4 years ago

    i think it would look nicer if you did it with liquid eyeliner and just a thin line….

  • punkprincesz009 4 years ago

    youre so pretty:) nice:)

  • gerbil heaven 4 years ago

    wow.. that iss well nice can u do like a misty cat eye xx :]

  • tingalingsensation 4 years ago

    Nice!! Very cool! ( :

  • asphyxiate20 4 years ago

    wow your a bitch…prolly cant do it any better. just jelous that she has talent. stfu.

  • mistymoo1505 4 years ago

    i used this look when i went to a concert and i got a lot of compliments thank you soo much :D

  • IMAGEnlj 4 years ago

    i think its absoulutly stunnin hun dont mind those botches there always a bad 1 in a crowd!…jealousy is all i is!!!!!!! xxxx =]

  • xoxofoxilainaxoxo 4 years ago

    you’re really pretty, &&i really like the idea(:

  • DreamTonight1 4 years ago

    Don’t focus the color on the bottom of your eyes, it makes you look as if you have huge circled under your eyes. Especially with blue.
    Even if you don’t use concealor much or at all, you can put a bit of that where your makeup is to keep it from smudging as much.
    I get that it’s easier to apply eyeliner by pulling on the lid, but it’s not good at all. If you must, pull very, VERY, gently upwards on the lid instead of down.

  • Pichurk 4 years ago

    YOU GOT PRETTY FACE AND BEAUTIFULLLL EYES do nottt put make up pleasee….