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pictures and a full list of products used on my website!: Lots of people asked, so I finally caved and did unzipped / zipper …

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  • paolaed89 4 years ago

    are you gay

  • Terri Christian 4 years ago

    your video was very nice & helpful. thankyou.
    as to Queerkiller100, I don’t believe u fought in Vietnam, after looking over your posts, u couldn’t be a day over 12.

  • CrazyJceazer 4 years ago

    IDC if his gay or not! Watch the video, not pick on it! Y do ppl have to make fun of ppl I mean the ppl who said he is gay are the gay ones!

  • Chris Conybear 4 years ago

    Are you gayand goth

  • Haliya23 4 years ago

    This was really cool. I liked how you included the other eye being zipped instead of just the unzipped eye. I also like how you put glitter on the unzipped eye. Really nice! Oh, and I love your hair. n_n

  • sulikay41 4 years ago

    Ru gay

  • adrianna blest 4 years ago

    y are your nailes painted weeered

  • saw82500 4 years ago

    Who gives a shit if this guy is gay or not you don’t have to cyberbully this guy!

    P.S. dear queerkiller100 how about you go to hell

  • drsolaris909 4 years ago


  • Mollie N 4 years ago

    Painted nails , oh

  • enchantedsockz 4 years ago

    People are allowed the right to like/dislike who they want but what’s so different and bad about gays?

  • Queerkiller100 4 years ago

    And who the fuck are you to tell me what to say or do. I can hate niggers and queers all I fucking want .I fought for this country in vietnam so i have the right to hate who the fuck beauty of the US. freedom of speech so i can say any fucking thing I want so if you don’t like what. I say don’t read what i say BITCH.

  • Queerkiller100 4 years ago

    Well you nasty slut if you are 12 you need to stay off this this is for grown up’s. not little snot nose little whores like you . go play with your dolls and mind your fucking business tell your queer dad what i said tell him to say shit about what the fuck i said fuck you & fuck your queer dad you nasty litlle scumbag bitch eat shit bitch

  • TheLunarFX 4 years ago

    I don’t mind that he’s gay, but the nose ring and holes in his ears.. god damn.

  • princesadelaos 4 years ago


  • Angelcupcake44 4 years ago

    It’s a cool look, but ppl can tell that he’s gay

  • Roman Arana 4 years ago

    He is gay people

  • mrwolflobo antiyanos 4 years ago

    Pinche puto…

  • amber halbert 4 years ago

    ah HEM! dear queer killer 100 fuck you okay is this guy hurting you in any way?no so shut up!and if your gonna freak out about being gay,then why don’t you pick on lesbians huh?oh! i know cause you think its SEXY HUH!? yeah that’s it so before you pick on people you don’t even know…think!before you post a million effing comments on how much u hate this hate this guy.i hope you enjoy getting told by a twelve year old freaking girl. :)

  • Queerkiller100 4 years ago

    I have an ideal zip your mouth shut and keep the cocks out of your mouth while your at it zip your ass too. you fucking Queer,

  • Queerkiller100 4 years ago

    he want’s cock not pussy .you stupid ass bitch.

  • Queerkiller100 4 years ago

    that’s not real women they are men dressed like women.

  • Queerkiller100 4 years ago

    That’s because he is .

  • Queerkiller100 4 years ago

    Ding Ding Ding yes he is what does he win johnny.

  • Queerkiller100 4 years ago

    Because he is a fucking Queer that’s why.

  • Queerkiller100 4 years ago

    Can you say Queer.

  • lilpetshopgirl17 4 years ago

    why do you have girls nail polish? and nice zipper eye

  • hayleybugg828 4 years ago

    is he gay ;) 

  • KAM DmanPro 4 years ago

    Nice, but you forgot the zipper pull on your left eye.. so you could never open that side…

  • MOOZIK2NA 4 years ago

    it would be really cool if the open zipper curved over the mouth or went over the nose to the closed zipper eye :D

  • Andrea Bailey 4 years ago

    UMG i LOVE your voice and hair :O

  • simon tse 4 years ago

    cool but talk to much try taping the talking the next time when u do it play it
    just some advice not being mean or anything just advice

  • meangirls167 4 years ago

    he’s cute but he sounds gay

  • ahansen489 4 years ago

    Guys he has pics of girls in the background

  • Alicia Welch 4 years ago


  • Alicia Welch 4 years ago

    your sexy i wana do some thing with you

  • monkey12mb 4 years ago

    I thought that was real

  • monkey12mb 4 years ago

    Wow man just wow

  • TheKrazyScorpio 4 years ago

    I’m just gonna go ahead and say, “You are awesome!!!”

  • alexislewis514 4 years ago

    I like his nails did u do them ur self

  • Alexandra Gordon 4 years ago


  • Ivana Hubálovská 4 years ago

    I am going to do this this week, its awsome!! :) greetings from Czech republic!

  • crazyforanime55 4 years ago

    Dude thats awesome

  • LOVELOVE1198 4 years ago

    Got get a life dumbass!

  • MarieAmy HarrisonBalogova 4 years ago

    fuck u gayboy