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WATCH IT IN HD! I apologize for the bad lighting. I was still adjusting to my new camera when I filmed this tutorial. Enjoy! Read more down here! :) PRODUCTS…

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  • dJOYCEeffect 4 years ago

    Hi, Ms Ana! A fan of your tutorial!!! I hope you’ll have videos for dark color lids well, dark area on the eyes.

  • yhann3 4 years ago

    Hi Ate! Ill be going to Philippines soon and Im looking for a great contour colour.. would you please recommend me one. I am in a shade of honey beige to give you an idea of my skin colour, thankssss! love your tutorials

  • sugaichigo 4 years ago

    OH MY GOODNESS i thought u were michelle phan from the thumbnail!!!! Hahaha

  • sara sterner 4 years ago

    Dont stretch it!!!

  • Ianne Krishia 4 years ago

    You look like Miranda Cosgrove! (: So pretty.

  • Sara Hassan 4 years ago

    You are a very nice girl and I love your videos :)
    How old are u ?

  • dingcaixu yaun 4 years ago

    hi ana :) im a big fan of yours..can you do a wedding make up tutorial pls????? im getting married this month, and i love how you do all your tutorials…pls..tnx and God bless :)

  • yastay1706 4 years ago

    you’re soooo pretty !

  • yastay1706 4 years ago

    are you siberian???

  • tezaworld 4 years ago

    You look like a Bratz doll

  • Paola Castro 4 years ago


  • edesera 4 years ago

    le labbra non mentono mai..

  • callmeENSH 4 years ago

    I sooo love it! :) ♥

  • Fareez Anuaryazid 4 years ago

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  • Daphne D. 4 years ago

    What camera do you use po?

  • aya gonzales 4 years ago

    Hi! Great tutorial! Just wanted to ask how you keep your eyeliner and mascara from running. I usually wear my make up the whole day so I get racoon eyes in the afternoon. Hope you can share a few tricks. Thanks!:)

  • Cinddy Banegas 4 years ago

    subscribe! new makeup tutorial !

  • Madison Kay 4 years ago

    Thanks! I do my makeup like this everyday now

  • genzelkisses 4 years ago

    Thumbs up ana! will definitely do this! ^_^ 

  • E.T Wilson 4 years ago

    Beautiful!!!!! I think you should do a makeup/hair/outfit video :D

  • Sharon Milan 4 years ago

    I swear I got all excited when you said the word “pesos”, I’m Mexican so….I got quite happy! I’m a big fan, cheers from Mexico!

  • 08jamike 4 years ago

    u look like julia montez;)cute btw;)

  • Alyanna Co 4 years ago

    What camera do you use?:D ad where do u edit? Hehe

  • ariananails 4 years ago

    do you still go to school po? Cute Chuubbyy lips ;) )

  • Mariam Jensen saifi 4 years ago

    how old are you? :-)

  • Alyssa Cantor 4 years ago

    This video tutorial is really GREAT, I learned a lot. Vocal dub is very clear which I prefer more than reading subtitles. :)

  • Libbsyboo 4 years ago

    So beautiful. Remind me of Pochahontus! You know, the disney cartoon!?

  • Hannah Hasson 4 years ago


  • Hadley Choi 4 years ago

    She’s 19

  • Dildoshka 4 years ago

    how old are you?)

  • Puteri Zatil Aqmar 4 years ago

    You’re so cute. Love the brows!

    Come check my channel. :p

  • Victoria Hancock 4 years ago

    ahh you’re so cute! I love the braces :)

  • berrypink23 4 years ago

    great tutorial. You’re so good at applying your eyeliner. :)

  • princessscelest 4 years ago

    You’re sooo beautiful !

  • Judi bon 4 years ago

    you’re soooooooo beautiful

  • PrincessSha20 4 years ago

    Can u do a spring makeup tutorial… ? :)

  • Marie Victoria Skjønberg 4 years ago

    Do u live in cebu? I am half filipino and Norwegian and we normaly go to cebu when we are in the phillipinas

  • Charlene Kwon 4 years ago

    how are your eyelashes so long?! :o

  • katherine degula 4 years ago

    no mirror make up challenge pls!

  • MissOkamoto 4 years ago

    Your sooo talented and ur so cute~ ><

  • anavictorin0 4 years ago

    iMovie. :) 

  • anavictorin0 4 years ago

    Thank you so so much for watching my videos! I use the Canon 60D with a 50mm lens. :)

  • anavictorin0 4 years ago

    Oh why? :O You mean the Virignia Olsen brushes?

  • anavictorin0 4 years ago

    No biggie! :)