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  • Iran Vatan 4 years ago

    I realized one thing about her, when she has no makeup she acts normal and
    goofy but when she has the makeup on she tries to act more posh and girly

  • takara peach 4 years ago

    you should call it conceler routine , girl that”s too much 

  • Pua Live 4 years ago

    I like the makeup routine but it was too long because she talks too much,
    you don’t have keep repeating that you have dry skin we heard you at first.

  • Jaclyn C 4 years ago

    Is she stupid? Primer is supposed to dry and settle into your skin before
    you apply foundation. 

  • Laura Shirley 4 years ago

    Why are people calling her a cake face? If doing her makeup like that makes
    her feel confident then why should she do her makeup differently because
    some small minded please do not understand that that’s how she wants to her
    makeup. Theres nothing wrong with that

  • karishma sheikh 4 years ago

    Hi if anyone can help me out with the problem I m having around my nose
    area when I apply foundation.. That area looks completely weird ( like
    popped out skin with whitish freckles) so much that I prefer better not to
    put on any makeup on my skin!! If anyone has any suggestions! Thank you. 

  • Aaliyah Saywell 4 years ago

    I think you have really good tips on how to put on foundation and
    concealer. U look really pretty with and without makeup. Where did u get
    that sponge from and what’s it called. 

  • Filipa Matos 4 years ago

    Really like the eyes without makeup 

  • ZacKo CuttlefIsh 4 years ago

    May I know where do you buy all of the foundations set ? As I have a lot of
    pimples . If you don’t mind , may I ask you for the shop name ? 

  • Libstick 4 years ago

    Someone help me out, how should I cover up big brown miles on my face with
    makeup? Which concealer should I use? I need help guys!! I wanna be

  • Sydney Hudson 4 years ago

    When she is talking about how her make up dries fast think shes talking
    about its drying faster then she can pat it into her skin. Im thinking u
    ladies are dumber than her. Its how SHE does her make up not u. Shes
    gorgeous and has her own ways of doing stuff. No one needs to hear your
    opinions on HER videos.. or need to hear u calling her stupid when u
    probably dont know what she is talking about. Opinion not needed… 

  • luxlagerfeld 4 years ago

    GURL. Calm down with the concealer. You can get coverage and highlight
    without using half a tube in one go. Having all that product caked on your
    face is probably clogging your pores and causing breakouts. 

  • lovelykdt 4 years ago

    Who gives a flying f*k if she wears too much makeup. She’s a beauty and us
    girls know how good it feels to be out & about with our makeup done. It’s a
    confidence many don’t understand. At least she looks great with her face
    done, many girls don’t look half as good even WITH makeup on.

  • Marissa B 4 years ago

    you’re soooo pretty!

  • Veronicas Point 4 years ago

    too much! too heavy! You look much better without that all…

  • Ariana DeRiggi 4 years ago

    ive seen alot of comments on here saying shes ugly without the makeup, but
    i think she looks gorgeous natural!!

  • Sarah Esthéticienne 4 years ago

    How old is she ? 

  • Jacqueline Hernandez 4 years ago

    it would be awesome if you made a video for large pores.. like how to
    conceal them, i use porefessional from benefit and its okay, but idk i
    think i need a better routine.. if you made a video for this it would be so

  • Sethrin Tatu 4 years ago

    Try Paulas choice skincare, it is great

  • Macarena Quijada 4 years ago

    You are gorgeus without makeup!!

  • Kelsi Harris 4 years ago

    Ugh! It doesnt matter how I apply my foundation my acne/pores still show. 

  • Kiannah Luce 4 years ago

    She’s one of the total transformation people! Scary..

  • Sarah Cronin 4 years ago

    I literally have watched this 100 Times lol

  • Sunshine Gabi 4 years ago

    That foundation is not for dry skin but for oily skin

  • Destinee Lucio 4 years ago

    hey beauty… what color are your desio contacts in this video? they are so

  • McKenna Preston 4 years ago

    New Video up please please please check it out!!!!! it would mean the world
    to me

  • Hannah Lea. 4 years ago

    isn’t primer supposed to dry before you do your foundation? lmao

  • chinkyizza 4 years ago

    Is it necessary to use a primer, setting spray, and setting powder all the

  • Julia Fumo 4 years ago

    first question how old r u? second you don’t need foundation and
    concealer, at an age like this i know a lot of girls wear it as teens and +
    but seriously.. it makes u look young so when ur 16 wearing foundation u
    don’t need it :/ -_-

  • Sarah Bailey 4 years ago

    I love, love, love your entire face in this video! I’ve been trying
    everything to cover my blemishes and nothing is really working for me. I
    can’t wait to try using concealer first then foundation. Thanks for
    creating and sharing!

  • Ava Marie 4 years ago

    That primer is a bacteria stick! rubbing it on your face like that? not
    hating just thoughts. :/

  • Aaliyah Saywell 4 years ago

    You look very different when u have all ur makeup on. But ur still pretty
    anyway without

  • Jessica Holzer 4 years ago

    i think you wear to much makeup

  • Divergent Beauty 4 years ago

    Makeup just enhances your natural beauty! Ilysm <3

  • mia yarborough 4 years ago

    Omg you’re beautiful 

  • L lee 4 years ago

    You over due your makeup

  • xo19marie95xo 4 years ago

    For people asking if primer is necessary, it’s not but I would highly
    recommend it. It just adds a layer between your face and your makeup,
    acting like a shield from letting the makeup really sink into your pores.
    On that note, it smooths out your skin by covering your pores making your
    foundation easier to blend (again so the makeup doesn’t sink into your
    skin). And you can find different types of primers that work for your skin;
    from redness reducing, to ones that help with acne, etc. 

  • Savannah Bernie 4 years ago

    lol this is why guys have trust issues

  • Emily Chen 4 years ago

    The only reason she looks different or “bad” in yalls opinion, is because
    she has a little bit of redness and acne. But once she gets older and her
    hormones balance out, she will have better skin. She’s gorgeous with or
    without makeup. She has acne so of course her skin will look different. You
    guys need to get a clue and a life while you’re at it. 

  • Cubic Zicronica 4 years ago

    I honestly do not understand some people.I guess people are just stupid
    these days. If you don’t like a youtuber or their videos, simply don’t go
    to the video. And everyone says that her makeup is “too much” but that is
    how she does HER makeup. Not everyone is the same. You don’t like it?
    Simply get off the video. And if you really didn’t like a youtuber or even
    a celeb, you would not even ever talk about them, good or bad…

  • mam dwaoka 4 years ago

    Maybe your skin is so dry because of this nyx conceler?

  • suey turk 4 years ago

    ssssooooo flawlesss

  • Jenny St. John 4 years ago

    I don’t like putting too much makeup on but I have freckles and I want to
    cover them up without putting a lot of foundation. Is there any productions
    out there with good coverage without being too heavy? 

  • Karina Tremillo 4 years ago


  • julie tillett 4 years ago

    Why didn’t you do a full makeup routin.

  • Elizabeth Yoss 4 years ago

    I love how everybody only comments on how she shouldn’t wear makeup on a
    makeup tutorial. Haaha

  • Farrah Khalid 4 years ago

    You kinda look like Jenna Dewan Tatum

  • Rachel Heredia 4 years ago

    Just to let you know water actually dries out your skin (: 

  • Ana Aurora Espejo 4 years ago

    Stunning girl, as always!

  • Zelda Williamson 4 years ago

    so you shouldn’t let your primer dry ? Because I do. I use to not, but I
    recently started doing it.