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  • Jazz Girard 5 years ago

    This is my first time looking at your channel! I love everything you stand
    for, it’s very rare to see beauty gurus who follow this healthy, holistic
    lifestyle. Just wondering, have you tried 100% pure? Their products are
    amazing and I highly recommend them. 

  • maeic19671 5 years ago

    Omg your hair is so beautiful

  • Yana K 5 years ago

    Is there a liquid foundation you would recommend for oily/acne prone skin?
    I’m having a hard time finding the natural one that has good reviews. 

  • Kalie Sizemore 5 years ago

    Can you do a makeup tutorial please!! 

  • Vivanne D 5 years ago

    Please do a makeup tutorial :) 

  • Wendy Nichols 5 years ago

    Thanks to you I am on a new mission to use more natural makeup. I am a
    minimalist & like natural looks with pinky lips. Think I’ll be trying lots
    of samples until I find my fit.
    You look radiantly beautiful as always! ❌⭕

  • Serena M ZOU 5 years ago

    really love your jewelries you were wearing in this video, may I ask where
    you got your necklace and ring? xxx

  • Little Mama UK 5 years ago

    I’ve watched a couple of your videos this morning and I’m just so pleased
    to see somebody else promoting healthy beauty. Like you, I’m only
    interested in beauty products that don’t harm my skin/body/hair etc. by any
    chance – are you also vegan? I noticed some healthy eating, dairy/gluten
    free videos but I haven’t checked them out yet.

  • Danielle Jordan 5 years ago

    How did you get rid of your acne and scarring? Mine is really bad but your
    skin is beautiful so I was wondering how you got it so clear.

  • Heather M 5 years ago

    How long will the makeup last since it is all natural? I am so excited to
    try all of your recommendations! Have you done a makeup tutorial with these
    products? I would love to see how you use it all. 

  • Alexis Miley 5 years ago

    I love alima pure! My skin has improved so much because I switched over to
    organic makeup products,so happy I did!

  • firstname lastname 5 years ago

    you’re gorgeous and i’m becoming obsessed with your channel! natural
    products help me feel so much more confident about my makeup and skin

  • velvetnotvelour 5 years ago

    Hey girl! Love your channel. I recently got a bunch of samples of Alima
    Pure’s mineral foundation but it’s just not working for me. By the end of
    the day my face is an oily mess and it has a bad white cast with flash
    photography. I’m so bummed because I’ve heard so many good reviews! Do you
    have any other recommendations for healthy, natural powder foundations?
    Thanks! x

  • DIYholic Su 5 years ago

    Omg!!!! Your so beautiful!! Thank you so much for this video!!!!! I’m so
    buying everyone! So lucky I am same skin tone as you!

  • SuzannaMaria1 5 years ago

    You should do a video on vegan/cruelty free make-up brushes. They vary a
    lot in quality so your opinion would be really useful.

  • Yinjie Shen 5 years ago

    Definitely try Mineral Fusion lip pencil in the color “elegant”! Gorgeous
    nude color with a bit of a tint, lasts forever! And it is super natural as
    well. I got mine at the local Wholefoods here. 

  • Nela Jurenova 5 years ago

    Hi, I realy like your videos and your view of the world is close to mine :-) . I could recommend to you brand name Alverde, Lavera,Urtekram or
    Manufaktura. I love their products, not all of them but most of them :-D . I
    don´t know, if you could buy them there, coz I´m from Czech republic. Many
    products u are tallking about, I can´t get here. You are nice and very
    inpiring women. Sorry, if my english isn´t correct. :-D 

  • Candice Crapo 5 years ago

    Do you curl your lashes? Or do you find that the mascara does a good enough
    job of that?

  • Norel Peace 5 years ago

    Love your videos! Thank you so much for sharing. I had been looking to buy
    more natural minimalistic makeup but didn’t know which brands to go for. I
    trust your opinion so I will be giving a few of these a shot:) Thanks!

  • Katy Munro 5 years ago

    I love the fishtail braid in your hair and this vid is amazing well done

  • Mia Leyva 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for your suggestions on all these products. I’ve been a make
    up girl since I was 10 years old. I never knew just how horrible the
    ingredients where to my face before now and I’m 23 years old! I guess I
    never payed attention to my constant break outs, watery irritated eyes,
    itchy face, I was so clueless

  • Piluttatingeling 5 years ago

    I’m a student -> but the products aren’t THAT expensive. I wish I could
    order these products and the calia shampoos BUT, the shipping is WAAAY to
    expensive. So it’s really hard for me to get a hold of natural products !
    I’m so frustrated and sad …. What to do ! 

  • 7mfpm 5 years ago

    when you are so naturally beautiful you almost need nothing of makeup =)
    but some of us aren’t that bless, i really feel like i need more cover make

  • kokomoinmyheart 5 years ago

    hey, i was wondering what your opinion on lush cosmetics is? xox

  • Melissa Shane 5 years ago

    Hello, can you tell us what stores or websites you prefer to order your
    products from? Thank you!

  • k8innh 5 years ago

    I also LOVE RAL make-up. Their lip sticks are amazing and I just ordered
    some of their eye shadows and the mascara (haven’t used it yet b/c I am
    still using another so I don’t want to open the tube yet). I would suggest
    using the RallyE Balm as a mixing medium to make your eyeliner… it is
    awesome!!!! I also recommend Pacifica Beauty if you haven’t already. New to
    your channel and just subscribed. Great job!

  • Megan Walsh 5 years ago

    do you know of an inexpensive organic/natural makeup brands?

  • sandra sandoval 5 years ago

    Eyeliner always irritates my eyes so thank you for the recommendations!