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  • 2013pepsimax 4 years ago

    Yay I got a YouTube account so now I can subscribe to ur channel. I love watching your videos you are such a nice person. And the makeup is good too:)

  • nazmin sharmin 4 years ago

    I think your eyes look naturally big

  • xMayeesha 4 years ago

    love this! :) so simple yet so pretty. teddy kohl is my favourite. :D

  • RyoIsMine 4 years ago

    it is the same thing the Hocus Focus Lotion and moisturiser?

  • MusicandBooksPrnss 4 years ago

    i love how you are explain things! it’s very easy when watching your videos:)

  • thewanderingheartx 4 years ago

    I love your videos and I realized I’ve never said how pretty i thinkyou are!! I love your videos :)

  • Ladybug8597 4 years ago

    Hey, please check out my makeup channel!! I’m a new guru and I would love some views! :)

  • Ladybug8597 4 years ago

    Please check out my makeup channel, your opinions would really mean a lot!

    By the way, this is super duper pretty!

  • Jett1n 4 years ago

    Omg! Where can I get some of that vaseline tinted lip balm?! It’s gorgeous and since your natural lip color is close to mine I bet it would look great on me too! I love in the USA, so I don’t know where to find it here.. :( great video by the way, I’m subbing right now!

  • katiedoc98 4 years ago

    Your so pretty!!

  • Élisabeth Forest 4 years ago

    you are so natural! :) Your skin is so clear and perfect! You definitly look like a model :) I love you’re tutorial and it’s because of you that now, i can put some make up on without looking crazy… haha. so thank u! —- a fan from Quebec, CANADA !

  • TheMikaylaiskool 4 years ago

    i love ur voice its just so soothing u would be great at singing lullybyes plz reply

  • if you dont then well we’re all screwed!! hahaa xxx

  • MsPinchy89 4 years ago

    just do not do your make up while driving :)

  • maggieex02 4 years ago

    your hair is so lush! i’m so jealous! :) x

  • dollygio 4 years ago

    you’re so pretty!! kisses from Italy! ^.^

  • TheRainDontLast 4 years ago

    I think I liked the look of the bb cream from garnier better, the dewy finish. Just saying. but you’re gorgeous either way xD

  • Rose Kimberly 4 years ago


  • Daphne Theroux 4 years ago

    did you find your mac pallet? x

  • LinnElskerEnga 4 years ago

    We have the same CK lipstick and in the same shade. It’s such a good one.
    You look beautiful btw.

  • xoxoxojessica 4 years ago


  • Camille Weeks 4 years ago

    Okay, wait. You can shop online at H&M? How?? Every time I go on their website I absolutely cannot find a way to shop online. I need some help here! haha

  • RavingBeautyx 4 years ago

    Anyone follow me and i will follow you back xxxx
    @MissModelLauren xx
    Follow me xx

  • Stacey Dacosta 4 years ago

    ahh thats cool! was thinking of doing the same (psychology, sociology and english literature) as i’ll be in my first year im also going to take media :) but is sociology and english lit good? can’t decide between language or lit! lol sorry for the questions… :/ xx

  • CosmeticCharlotte 4 years ago

    Ooh thank you! :) x

  • CosmeticCharlotte 4 years ago

    haha! I’m afraid not, but thats sweet to say :) x 

  • Hannah Salisbury 4 years ago

    Oh wow! Goodluck! If your sociology exam is Monday goodluck for that too :) x

  • cursedifistay 4 years ago

    You can fix your lip stick! Watch michelle phan’s lipstick bullet video! It’ll be worth your time!

  • frozenbeans 4 years ago

    that is so weird, cuz i can’t pull off THIN linner cuz myy eyes are too small.. im so used to thicker liner that i cant ever just do mascara or little eye liner cuz then my eyes just look off…

  • Vivian Chui 4 years ago

    This is going to sound soo random, but in the thumbnail pic for this video, you look like a princess xD Tehe!

  • ZeldaGurl123 4 years ago

    you must have so many boys in love with you

  • CosmeticCharlotte 4 years ago

    Oh thank you! I owe it all to Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish :) x

  • CosmeticCharlotte 4 years ago

    No way?! :) haha, no I didn’t, mines next friday! x

  • Hannah Salisbury 4 years ago

    You do the exact same options as me! Did you have a psychology exam today? :)  x