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Follow me on twitter Hey guys! I got a lot of requests for updo’s so here it is, a few of my everyday updo’s with some variation…


Long Hair Styles


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  • longhairlovermale 4 years ago

    I am a boy 20years old i have long hair of 4.3 feet.i love long hair. my mother want that my hairs grow fast more long.i have no sister and brother so my mom love me very much. but i have no idea for hair care and use simple braid on me i feel boring for this same style my mom also priced my both ears and nose.please tell me some long hair styles buns, braids styles for school and work time even girly styles.i love girly long hair styles also about earing and nose types.thanks.

  • TheGoLdenEyedBeauty 4 years ago

    Wise women with long hair should know how to maintain their growing length of beauty! Absolutely like your opinions! Continue with the positive inspiration of your videos if you must.

  • Xx3Tinkerbellx3X 4 years ago

    I have a video on that on my channel, please feel free to check it out :)

  • hipsterwebkinz 4 years ago

    idk why im watching this cuz my hairs up to my shoulder lol

  • elladouthwaite 4 years ago

    Hi thank god your hear I cant do aanything with my hAIR so long

  • India Black 4 years ago

    I had long hair my whole life,now my hair comes to my hips, i want it to it to grow to my thighs then im done,,i think knee length and beyond is to much for me to handle, i dont want cut mine so i braid my hair in a braid and wrap it around my headthen wear a stocking cap,and wear different wigs, for different styles,

  • Briah Rainbows 4 years ago

    Hello :) Just asking what is your haircare routine you know washing , products etc

  • 1jazkaur 4 years ago

    Even got a YouTube account just to comment – excellent video! I’ve always chosen to keep my hair for the same reasons, but just found myself doing the same hairstyle, so keep up the great ideas! Thank you, really grateful!

  • zoe lim 4 years ago

    I will never cut my hair or my fringe again and leave it to my knee!! My hair is now chest long. Regretted cutting it last time

  • Nirmala Natarajan 4 years ago

    though you speak English well you must speak slowly so that the listeners could get yo. i love your videos… take care..

  • Kathy Mcarthy 4 years ago

    my hair was down to my knees lol then i bleached it died it pink and cut up to my waist <3 I love having long hair

  • DMom549 4 years ago

    Thank you! Your knot bun is the first one I’ve found that actually keeps all my hair up! : D

  • Sarah Tapia 4 years ago

    Girl keep your hair!

  • Sarah Tapia 4 years ago

    I really love you, and your hair! I am trying to grow my hair back out. I made a mistake and went to a hairstylist I didn’t know and she thinned out the bottom of my hair for a moere “modern” look. It looked like a tail. :( It’s getting there. I’ll look to you for inspiration.

  • Brittany White 4 years ago

    i wish i was you and had your hair lol

  • Ayesha Shepherd 4 years ago

    Gorgeous eyebrows!

  • PREETY ANGEL 4 years ago


  • ski54ful 4 years ago

    wonderful hair bun.

  • unique23yes 4 years ago

    Do u ever think about salein ur hair I would buy it

  • shan u 4 years ago

    in LOVE wid U and ur hair…awesome hair…

  • Christine Jump 4 years ago

    Thank you so much! I have hair to mid thigh and “long hair” tutorials don’t even come close. Your bun first variation looks gentler on the hair than the reishi(sp?) knot I’ve used.

  • sherisse thompson 4 years ago

    i wish i didnt cut my hair but i will grow it out now

  • Polina Korchova 4 years ago

    You inspired me! I also have long hair. And I’m 12… so i’m starting to do it on my own. Usually I do a regular braid, but as I watched this video, I learned some new tricks! Thank you so much!!!

  • Alessio Turllizzi 4 years ago

    you are nice girl <3

  • MakeupAlly30 4 years ago

    thank you soooo much! this has helped alot!! I have really long hair aswell and i can never do anything with it apart from ponytails or just leaving it down :/ again, thank you so much, really big help <3

  • faithfulservant03fs 4 years ago

    What religion r u?? Im just interested my religion doesnt allow short hair either

  • MiaStar 4 years ago

    P.S. My hair will not stay in The Knot, nor any of the variations, as when I try to put my loop over the twist, it all just slides apart. I’ve replayed the initial part about 7 times now, and it just will not work for my hair. Oh well. I will just have to employ a hair stick or pin to keep it together. I still enjoy these looks

  • MiaStar 4 years ago

    Love these! I love the look of complicated ‘dos, but really only do the simplest of styles with my classic length hair. You said your tut was rushed but I found your demonstrations to be just right, not too slow, but since the knots are simple there’s no need for extra info on them. Thanks!

  • Terry Gordon 4 years ago

    I’ve enjoyed it. coz I got really long hair too.

  • purpullsee 4 years ago

    This is really cool! These work for my hair (25 inches) but I sometimes need extra clips to secure it x

  • AngelRestivo 4 years ago

    thank you soo much! i have very long hair (goes down to the middle of my thigh when straightened) and i’ve been wondering how to keep it up without thousands of bobby pins, thank you so much for making the video.

  • PooKiiEBuNZ 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for posting these videos. My hair isn’t any where as long or as thick as yours but it is really long and I have a hard time doing anything with it other than a simple bun or flat iron it. Please post more videos :)

  • raDicaLteen1234 4 years ago

    What do you do to keep it so healthy?

  • fabuliz1985 4 years ago

    your hair is stunning and you’re lovely! Thanks so much for making this video! I have hair past my butt and almost cut it off, but now I know the knot and I have an easy, pretty way to wear it!

  • ToXiiCGuY 4 years ago


  • BunnyCutiePie 4 years ago

    thank you so much for having all these tuts for really long hair. im from the same religion and my hair is very long also, but i always have it in a braid. i will try out some of your styles :p

  • Farid Farrouda 4 years ago

    very nice hair. i like your huge bun. but your hair bun could be better and larger if you take more care

  • athompson7 4 years ago

    Are you a Brit w/ Indian ancestry? You are certainly beautiful and your hair is awesome.

  • Sm1ttsxReturns 4 years ago

    Thank you very much! This was VERY helpful with just the first up-do, greatly explained and didn’t do it too fast either. I got it on my 2nd try. of course my hair isn’t knee length, but hip length (i’m 6 ft) Thank you. :) I might make a little tut myself for this one particular bun if you dont mind.

  • Jacutiepie14 4 years ago

    Thank you for this video. :) I’m African American and I’m trying to grow my hair out after it being shoulder length after years and years. I think I used the flat iron too much during that time, but right now I’m aiming for butt length hair lol this video will be very useful once that day comes! …I can’t wait! so far it’s been two months and I see a big difference :D

  • Maurizio Guerzoni 4 years ago

    Hi you are very kidness, and thank you for answer. A beautiful girl and stunning, very stunning long hair. Please dont cut, Please news clip of you and your long hair. Loose hair is best for me. I am crazy for your video ‘braid’, please video of two braid. Thank you veri much from Maurizio from Italy

  • Maurizio Guerzoni 4 years ago

    Hi you are very kidness, and thank you for answer. A beautiful girl and stunning, very stunning long hair. Please dont cut, Please news clip of you and your long hair. Loose hair is best for me. I am crazy for your video ‘braid’, please video of two braid. Thank you veri much from Maurizio from Italy