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OPEN FOR MORE INFO ♥ Subscribe, its free!!!!!!!! This is my review on the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. My shade is 4.0. CONNECT WITH ME HERE: FACEBOOK…

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  • InsaneGoddess 5 years ago

    It is the best foundation 

  • Leah S 5 years ago

    is it oil free?

  • kapua patacsil 5 years ago

    i’m an extreme novice to make up and i ended up buying this as my first
    coverage make up and like it a lot. i don’t feel like i’m caked under make
    up and looks a lot more natural so it doesn’t freak me out when i look in
    the mirror.

  • sarah clark 5 years ago

    Thanks for this review! Tomorrow is my bday & I’m trying to find my hg
    foundation to go along with my too faced primer :) this is the only review
    I’ve found that has mentioned the combo and I appreciate that SO much! I
    don’t want mega coverage, so this sounds like a good choice for me. I’m
    excited about building up those Ulta points for this month (they have some
    cool deals going on right now)! Keep it up, girly, awesome review!

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago
  • mikkijaymes12 5 years ago

    Is there a specific primer you use with this foundation?

  • Deanna Garcia 5 years ago

    what primer would you recommend with this foundation?

  • Dafne Ruiz 5 years ago

    Would you say you have a yellow or olive undertone? Hope you reply (:

  • Kristen S. 5 years ago


  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Thanks for watching… It depends on which tarte foundation… but this is
    very build-able the only down fall is the wear time. I like it for going to
    work ;)

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Oh that sucks… I didn’t have trouble with breaking out. I really love it
    for every day. I actually had a sucky match with the IQ thing… lol. It
    completely matched me wrong.

  • Janet Cabrera 5 years ago

    I went to sephora and did that color IQ test and it matched me to this same
    foundation in shade 5.0 the girl applied it to my fave and I loved it to
    she also gave me a sample to take home but sad thing is it ended up
    breaking me out.

  • Couture J. Alaniz 5 years ago

    ive heard alot of great things about this foundation :) i really wanna get
    the tarte foundation tho….. the naked covers pretty good :) tfs

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Yup, I usually use my nyx set it don’t fret it which I love ;)

  • Missiemania 5 years ago

    Great review, I heard good things about this foundation and I’ve been
    looking for a weightless foundation with good buildable coverage. I’ll def
    check this out the next time I’m at Sephora. Thanks for the super detailed

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Thanks for watching dol… I’ve been dying to try that new spray from UD
    but waiting for my All nighter to run out…lol. Its not a foundation
    everyone is going to love since it is more natural and not as long wearing

  • Sindly211 5 years ago

    I love the foundation. Thanks for the review

  • beautyreviewsbyG 5 years ago

    thanks for the review!! I was undecided between this foundation or the
    tarte but I went for the tarte powder foundation and love it so far. the
    green concealer trick works the best for me to cover up those annoying red

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Thank you so much… you’ll love it but of course it doesn’t have super
    long wearing but it is great for everyday. :) thanks for the support and
    watching ♥

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    They are both very similar as far as coverage and wear time for me. I
    really like both but I feel they are both for everyday wear. ♥ Thanks for
    watching hon

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Oh thank you so much glad you like them!!! It feels good to get positive
    feedback. Thank you so much, I hope its the type of foundation you are
    looking for. ;) xoxo

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Good for you, I know buying something high end every person expects
    something different. Its good for everyday but not long wearing so it won’t
    be for most people and you’re right the price point doesn’t help. Thanks
    for watching doll

  • Lynette McGhee 5 years ago

    Thumbs up…..I love your reviews you are on point !!!! Great video XoXo

  • LadyAlexcia 5 years ago

    Great review! I love that polish on you!

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Oh wow… that is so cool might have to ask you for shades when I want to
    try a foundation out ;) Thanks for watching ;)

  • Glam Moms 5 years ago

    great review, love all the info! I was on the fence about this… but
    Sephora does have a great set that comes with the UB6 spray so this may
    make it into my Sephora cart lol.. your awesome as always!

  • Jazmin Brown 5 years ago

    Thank you for the review…. And girl your eyebrows are sharp not trying to
    b rude but has anyone ever told you they make you look mean but they suit

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    thanks doll I appreciate the support and glad you liked the review ♥

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Thank you so much hon ;)

  • Beth Graves 5 years ago

    Do you use a setting powder on top of it, if so which one

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Thank you for watching :)

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Thank you doll… yup its better to skip this will slide off …lol xoxo

  • Marielaq81 5 years ago

    Awesome this review Mei Mei!!! I got really oily skin so I may have to skip
    this foundation, thank you saving money on in my pocket, hehehe! besitos!
    Mariela ;-)

  • Melissa Rodriguez 5 years ago

    Thanks for watching… Yeah I’ve heard every comment from really nice ones
    to offensive ones. LOL… I don’t dye them or do anything. On my instagram
    I’ve posted pics of me as a child so people will see I had theses bad boys
    since I was practically born. LOL… I’ve tried altering them ( thinner,
    bleach… etc ) but have decided to embrace them as they are. ;)

  • Charlotte Watson 5 years ago

    Great review I’ve been watching your older videos & I love how detailed &
    well explained they are! I will try & get a sample of this foundation to
    try out Xx

  • kaykaysmakeupbag 5 years ago

    I tried this foundation a few months back and I didn’t feel it was worth
    the price. I bought it thinking since its a high end foundation that it
    would be amazing and not like any foundation I’ve tried but I was wrong.
    And I agree with u on it only lasting about 4-5 hours. I returned this
    foundation and got my money back. I was disappointed with this foundation

  • Jess Curtis 5 years ago

    We match in almost all foundation shades except for this, I wear 5.0 :) I
    love this for every day wear. Although I’m still a revlon cs whipped girl
    for longevity:)