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An Illusion Lab Looks Tutorial showing how you can create your own Dark Vampire makeup for Halloween, Film or theater production. WEBSITE: http://extremesfx….

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  • auroradannon 4 years ago


  • totorino1310 4 years ago


  • extremesfx 4 years ago

    The grease makeup lasts really well! It’s very highly pigmented.  Just re-powder with translucent powder if you start getting shiny. :-)

  • sorcierenblk3000 4 years ago

    How well does the grease makeup last under sweat?

  • Erin Vasey-Cooper 4 years ago

    Now THIS is what a real vampire should look like, not some silly sparkly fairy..

  • Kirashima Blue 4 years ago

    Right? It looks like a Dark Elf Vampire

  • alikamara62 4 years ago

    the dude already look like a vampire…

  • Sarah Elizabeth 4 years ago

    Looks like a cross between a vampire and a dark elf from skyrim

  • michelitasaso 4 years ago

    uau yeah

  • wyllohcrickett 4 years ago

    AMAZING makeup, but at the end, I just wanna yell, “BRO! You got your lipstick all over your fangs!”

  • extremesfx 4 years ago

    Yes, we use Graftobian makeup in all of our tutorials! Under the video is a link to the page on our site where you can see (and of course buy) all the products used in the tutorial.

  • cessymwah 4 years ago

    is that graftobian you’re using?

  • Shea Boo 4 years ago

    He looks like a dark elf in skyrim

  • adam dark 4 years ago

    very good is wonderfoul!

  • nikolasioannidis 4 years ago

    Skyrim dark elf?!

  • rachcandance 4 years ago

    This is fantastic.

  • arianeriv 4 years ago

    Awesome Thanks !!

  • kailey konotopski 4 years ago


  • Jillian Valle 4 years ago

    Awesomeee! Looks like the Buffy vampires!!!!!

  • 000000jojo 4 years ago

    soooo cool!!

  • Wyatt McGraw 4 years ago

    how long did it take you guys to do this

  • maleficentdiva 4 years ago

    AMAZING! that is the magic of makeup!

  • Victoria Myers 4 years ago

    he looks hot both ways, more so with the vampire make up :D i miss buffy the vampire slayer series

  • Laeti Nadege 4 years ago


  • davisfontanes 4 years ago

    He is so HOT!!! <3 great job on the makeup

  • Kendall5199 4 years ago

    When you take the prosthetic off after using the spirit gum, will you be able to use it again?

  • olivazhaze 4 years ago

    he has lipstick on his fangs. lol

  • lauren nelson 4 years ago

    He looks like he should be in Harry potter

  • phillyhippie 4 years ago


  • IceCoolFashion 4 years ago


  • extremesfx 4 years ago

    We do have a female vampire tutorial! You can find her on our channel, she is called the Vampiress. For her we didn’t use a prosthetic, but if you wanted to you totally could! Just follow the instructions on this tutorial for how to apply and color the vampire prosthetic and then switch over to the Vampiress tutorial to watch the instructions on how to do the eye makeup.

  • Laura Miller 4 years ago

    Is there a girl version for this? I’d love to do this for Halloween.

  • Laura Miller 4 years ago

    OMG it looks like a vampire from Buffy! :D

  • MzFoRi3 4 years ago

    Any wax based makeup will do.

  • Fera Parker 4 years ago

    check out my vampire makeup tutorial! <3